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  1. I would try nhancer, and set prerender to 1. that solved my problem. Doubletap was right on the money with that fix. I am using 1 gig ram with a 7600gs card and the game was always crashing, try Nhancer it works.
  2. Sorry I didn't give you this link before, I had forgotten I even posted this: Nhancer info any profile with a Prerender setting which varies from the default driver setting will be required to be manually activated (it's quite simple really). Doubletap I have to thank you again, I beat the game without any crashes. It was a pleasure making big progress without worring if the game was going to crash before the next save. I will try to pass this fix on to other gamers who are having the same problem.
  3. Doubletap your one smart dude. I installed nhancer. With a little searching I found render and set it to 1 and applied it to graw2. I keep getting killed but the game does not crash. I made it to the other side of the bridge , Alot of bad guys there. Give yourself a big pat on the back from me. Hopefully I will beat this game soon. This fix should be under important topics. Thanks again Jgunz2007 Ps. Keep up the good work
  4. I have reached the last stand. I keep trying to cross the bridge, but game keeps crashing in the middle of the bridge. This is the second disc I have used. I returned the first one thinking it was bad. first disk had a F5 save. the second disk has a K save. ###### ?? I have a core 2 2.14, Asus p5ne sli, nvida 7600gs 512 ,1 gig ram. This is the only game that I have a problem with. I have been stuck on that dam bridge since 10/24. The K save is the only reason I made it that far. I crashed at least 100 times to get there, and thats no lie. I did everything from patches to update new drivers. I have tried every video setting in options. All the help forums I have been to are reporting the same problems with the crashes that I have. I am so close to beating this game . If ubisoft really cares about us gamers, They would find a fix. I paid $50.00 for a case of hearburn, It's not fair. If anyone has a fix please help. grin should have tested this game better. jgunz2007
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