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  1. Hi ICK, We have a team that would be interested in the next tourny. Please let us know. http://www.OldGhostClan.com OGC
  2. Time to play Online 1.05 patch http://www.oldghostclan.com
  3. Not that I've seen, but we should find out in a few hours... Can you FlimFlam be any more negative? Live Happy.
  4. wed patch- 1.05 plus - latency speeds cause online probs http://www.OldGhostClan.com
  5. Long Live Ghost Recon! Thank you GRIN for the 1.05 patch and future program interests in the GR Series! Keep up the good work! http://www.OldGhostClan.com
  6. Gamespy servers were down several times today. 1.05 London server online with patch being tested now. Hopefully the patch release is soon.
  7. 1.05 London Testing now Feb 2nd. Gamespy graw servers were down today due to testing, possibly. Hopefully almost complete. We are looking forward to it here at OGC. Campaign Online/Coop/Teamspeak/dedicated Long Live the Ghost Recon Series http://www.OldGhostClan.com
  8. I like it, looks real good. D http://www.OldGhostClan.com
  9. More RAM! Great game if you can get your specs up... Daxt http://www.OldGhostClan.com
  10. I don't think Coop needs much more open maps then MP. It's all about the way people want to play. Those who want to snipe much want more open maps then those who like to run between covers as a team. Oh, and the map I'm building is about 400x340. I like the sound of that map size. Daxt http://www.OldGhostClan.com
  11. Thanks for the league info: USA site http://www.OldGhostClan.com
  12. Light up the sky! Strategy rules! 'Long Live the Ghost Series' http://www.OldGhostClan.com
  13. They work. But the RPG7 is tricky. As they are not one shot one kill like the Predator, they have to do damage, and I've noticed they do more damage the closer to the center (pivot point) you hit the vehicle. Thank you for the post Wolfsong. GRAW2 Campaign is one of my fav. most played games. Awesome work! http://www.OldGhostClan.com
  14. Deco147, Can you please give us a link to your source for this information? Where did this number come from? I hope this is verifiable via a reliable and accurate source and not just rumor. This link only shows console games, and they are low. http://www.thesimexchange.com/company.php?symbol=UBI.PA
  15. The Campaign maps online are still awesome. The few we avoid are Mission 4, nice map but to many load glitches. Mission 10 with load times and needs 1.05 patch. We restart the server after every mission, 1 map at a time works fine with Campaign online as long as the host resets the server and has the power to run it. Long Live the Ghost Series http://www.OldGhostClan.com
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