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  1. wow, they are really stretching hard with the trying to keep it authentic tom clancy universe BS. More like they are dragging Tom's name through the mud with every game they come out with since GRAW. They aren't taking any feedback to development, because if they did, they would scrap the entire project and start over with what the fans really want. Sentiment over on the Ubi forums is not anywhere near in favor of this game being what fans want. We ask and demand for the return of the Ghillie Suit since it's removal after GRIT, and their response is to give us an invisibility cloak like something Harry Potter would wear. Not anywhere close to a ghillie suit, but to them, they've brought it back in a futuristic form. They don't give a flying ###### about what fans want.
  2. That's interesting. Looks like people weren't too impressed with FS. Sounds to me like people are seeing this game as just another Halo/GOW rip off attempt. I bet had they stuck with the tradition of Ghost Recon and the squad based gameplay and left out all the future tech, people might have taken notice of this game a bit more.
  3. like a childs castle, that's funny lol Well we do know that Ubisoft is now catering to little kids with the Tom Clancy games with all the easy things they are adding, I call them spoon feeding features. Like Mark and Execute for Conviction. Just a feature to make it easier for the little kids to play the game.
  4. I doubt many will be talking about this game 3 months after release either.
  5. Notice how merely days after the news broke, the only mention of RSE still is from Kimi assuring us that they are involved. It's been almost an entire month, and still no mention of them on the ghostrecon.com page, and even the trailer itself had no mention of them.
  6. That is just the nature of the beast. Ubisoft has always been this way. I think they brought RSE in late in the game. I believe that once the trailer released, and the new page went live at ghostrecon.com talking about GRFS, and there was no mention what so ever about RSE, and the threads started popping up over at the Ubi forums, they finally had a moment of clarity and realised that they really do need RSE to be involved in someway shape or form, or else it would end up being an endless problem with the hardcore fans. I believe that's why we got mention of RSE being involved after the trailer released, and after questions started being asked. the RSE webpage, still has no mention of GRFS, and ghostrecon.com and the trailer still have no mention at all of RSE. It's almost like they sneaked RSE in through the back door at the UBI Paris stuidios, and are saying "oh yeah, they are workin on it, they are playing a big role in the game's development."
  7. I think I'm just gonna keep my hopes up for Rogue Warrior. At least in that game they are going to stay with the style of gameplay from old school recon, but with a more extensive multiplayer experience due to the tile map system Bethesda is working on. Also, I hear in Rogue Warrior we will get to set trip wires to claymores, cell phone activated c4, dragging and hiding of bodies, and a more modern storyline. Ubisoft is taking Recon too far into the future and too fast. I wish they'd slow the storyline down and just give us what we real Recon fans want, and not what all the Galo fans want.
  8. Heard a rumor that Rogue Warrior will be released by holiday season of '09. Looks like if there is a new ghost recon scheduled for '09, they are going to have some very tough competition with Rogue Warrior. We have the Ghost Recon, based on Army Special Forces. With Rogue Warrior, At least we'll finally have a Navy Seal game on the 360. Now we just need a worth while Marine Special Forces game. COD4 doesn't count, since it also has SAS. We need a game solely based on Marine Force Recon now.
  9. There is Rogue Warrior, but it won't be out till 2010. That game is going to have an amazing singleplayer, multiplayer, and coop. Also, the tile system that they are working on for the multiplayer will really add to the amount of time players will spend on the game. Blue team picks a map, Yellow team picks a map, then the server chooses a map, then all three are pieced together. Blue on the left, Server on the center, and Yellw on the right. Imagine all the possiblities of map combinations that could be chosen. The developers have said that so far there are over 200 possible combinations, with the possiblity of close to 400+ when they release more map tiles for DLC after release. You think GRAW2/360 has alot of maps now, wait till Rogue Warrior comes out. Even though it is coming out in 2010, I really do hope that RSE does a very very great job on the next Recon......they will have some major competition very soon after.
  10. I applaud you, Kimi, for making it in before the end of the day. now I look forward to I'm out of here like a
  11. hey oorlogshond, good find. Even that video says it's out. Ubisoft forums are back up now. Oh and they deleted 12 pages of converstation from the co-op content topic.
  12. Any hypotheses why GRAW 2 isn't in there this year after a strong showing in 2006 (#4)? http://www.majornelson.com/archive/2006/12...live-games.aspx GRAW 2 is not good enough to be in there. Although it is a hell of alot better than Lost Planet. That game was stupid.
  13. Well if Kimi is smart, she will at least come in here and say something. If the day ends, she will lose any credibility with the community over there in the Ubi forums, and possibly in here.
  14. I think the content is and always was only intended for Xbox only. They'll release other stuff for PS3 eventually, they've just had alot of problems just trying to get this Xbox content out.
  15. Probably trying to erase anything on the forums that claims 400pts. At least they can't pull the plug on these forums.
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