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  1. i want to change the weapons in the coop [GR] weapons kit mod that was made by =EP_Geez , i cant seem to get a hold of him to ask if he had a problem of me using his code.... if there isnt a problem can anyone give me pointers on extracting ther file and making changes to the coop_templates xml file and anywhere else that might have to be changed to make it work. any help contacting =EP_Geez of help doing the changes would be great thanks
  2. alright i'm not sure if this goes here but i couldn't fins any where else to put it... is it possible to make the co-op weapons screen like the single player weapons screen. So you have the ability to chose any primary and any secondary ... and so on load out you want?
  3. I haven't been on a dev team for a few years now.... well 9 years since dynamix went under but. but it cant be that hard to do coop if ghost recon was able to do it years ago. I personnally look for coop in a game before i buy it, if there is none i wait for the price to come down and play it well after everyone has moved on to the next thing. I know alot of my gaming friends do the same. Game developers are missing alot of revinue from gamers that look for coop support in a game.
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