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  1. I play both co-op and TvT, both provide alot of fun in my opinion. Though I prefer TvT over co-op play...
  2. At the moment I'm into CKY, Lostprophets, Papa roach, HIM, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Offspring and a few others who I listen to occasionally...
  3. Thats the stupidest, yet funniest thing I've ever seen! Lol!
  4. All I see is two dots. Any way an Anime mod sounds like it would be cool. Is it based on anything in paticular?
  5. T H I S I S V E R Y W E I R D L O L !
  6. Yeah I've seen them a few times. They sell them in a shop in Durham (Or did when I went there last week). They're pretty good too . Didn't but them though lol!
  7. Riku

    Splinter Cell...

    Wow, online multiplayer! Wonder how they're gonna pull that off. Dang, I'll be buying it for PS2 (Like I did for the first one), unless I get my PC upgraded. Not going to be getting the internet for my PS2 when its out over here. Oh well, at least it still has the single player mode in there. Hope this ones longer, the first one was just too short.
  8. Distance: 83.9973 Altitude: 0.0000 Max Altitude: 18.0000 Revolutions: 2.0313 Time Aloft: 7.7500 That was my first go. Think I'll keep playing this . Edit: Just got: Distance: 88.1197 Max Altitude: 28.9167 Revolutions: 0.0871 Time Aloft: 2.5000 Think I'll stop playing now.
  9. Look good. Like the Will Jacobs one the best . Just love that view point its taken from. Think I'll stick with my FFX theme though .
  10. Riku


    Ok, I just signed in, to find 4 people have added me. I knew one from school so that was ok, the rest I don't have a clue who they are, and they aren't signed on. Then another person just added me. He/she wont even talk to me . They refilled the space I've just freed up. Lol. I'll probably just end up deleting them. Defintaly not opening any e-mails, or accepting files from them. It's very annoying when people you don't know just add you .
  11. We've got a WWII mod, so why nto a WWI mod, sounds like a good idea to me. Wish I was a decent modder, I'd do it my self lol.
  12. This game is meant to be rubbish. I haven't played it my self, so I can't judge. I'm just going by a few reviews I read. In one review it said that it's really easy, and any novice gamer wouldn't have any trouble with it. Is that true?? I was thinking of buying the game, until I read the reviews. Just want another gamers insight? It looks really good, but seems like its nothing but a blood fest...
  13. They only finished making the game something like a week before a it's official release. So I'm hardly surprised it has got bugs! By it for PS2 much better!
  14. Riku

    Gotta love web games

    Thats a surprisingly fun game .
  15. Riku

    New Sentry

    Funny. Can't see it happening in real life. Who'd be that dumb lol?
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