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  1. I have developed a mapping utility for people who might still be developing GRAW 1 maps (such as myself) -- it might work for GRAW 2 too, but it's completely untested. It's for people who don't own 3D Studio Max and want to quickly create a flat surface and then build a mission on top of that. I found it very time consuming and boring to layout the grid and put walls around it to prevent hapless players from falling to their deaths in the murky black depths below. The utility was developed in and runs within the .Net Framework 2.0. What it does is read a GIF file of any size and, by default, generates a 5m x 5m grassy block for each pixel that isn't transparent. It then scans the image a second time and where-ever there is a "white" pixel it sets up a 3m high wall at the boundary between the white pixel and non-white (or transparent) pixel. The wall logic works if the white of the image is convex, has holes in it, etc. You can also specify a "Z" coordinate and UNIT ID starting number so that you can generate several flat surfaces that are stacked vertically to create a floor of a 3D subterranean adventure. Specifying X/Y offset coordinates allows you to quickly append additional flat areas to an existing surface. Is anybody interested in this utility? If so, I can bundle it up. Thanks, - Crazy Mahone
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