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  1. at the level <the last stand>, has anyone got out alive from the missile silo?? THX
  2. I have a little problem with it, I saved game with a empty M14 guns and went back to load it, can't fire or change magazine either.
  3. and I play it for 3 month and I just realize that yesterday. and I just realize other ghosts can use heavy machine gun and I play GRAW1 for a year I just realize you can order other ghosts go on board first. alway waiting for them on choopers like idiot.
  4. I think is possible, I tried to shoot those helicopters down with guns, almost finished 20 SAW magazines the chopper started to burn and smoke, mostly looked like it’s going down just needed a bit more touch, but I was killed later…… And I tried those RPG7s, not working with choppers.
  5. the game sound is very noisy if I set sound Hardware acceleration to full, some kind of crackle sound really annoying . any one had this experience? I'm using Intel 945 motherboard with on-board sound card, but not clear what type really. thanks
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