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  1. Personally I am going to hold off pre-ordering for the time being, it was good to see Play having it relisted though. As we move closer to a release I am sure we will see deals like exclusive weapons etc, but I am hoping that there is a face plate offer, had to get my GRAW and GRAW 2 faceplates from Australia. I just hope and pray that they learnt from the exclusive map (Nowhere) from last time, seemed pretty stupid dividing the community on day one...
  2. 1. When searching for games sometimes none are found even though someone else searching will pull up a whole list of games. 2. Although not a technical issue as such some form of message stating how many you can host would be good like Rainbow. Too many people on GRAW are trying to over host.
  3. A map editor would be good for the majority of us I agree, I just dread having to go through 100's of bad maps before finding the peach. If they did they could provide extra items as DLC, now that would be good. Personally I would love to see a map editor for co-op and other missions, I think a lot of us on GRAW2 had a good time on co-op and would love to see us able to make our own missions or even a random mission generator, that would be interesting. Imagine loading up a online co-op campaign and not actually knowing what the mission is as such, the possibilites are endless. I will use the crash map as an example as it's fairly large. It would be good if you loaded up that map and set mission to random, then when you launch and the game starts it gives you your brief. Possible missions on that map could include. 1. Demo something important inside the crashed aircraft. 2. Assasinate a general in the huts on the waters edge. 3. Rescue a prisoner in the town complex. 4. Locate and extract the wounded pilots from the aircraft, clearing a suitable LZ for the chopper. 5. Insert by the water and get to the crashed plane undetected, then hold the area until extraction. Maybe not the best examples of missions but you can see where I am going with this eh, enemy patrols could be random and range from 4 man patrols to larger troop movements with armour. Again with random secondary missions. Personally I think this feature would well be worth the extra development time as the game would be fresh everytime you turn it on and play, of course all of these missions could be included in a team based game as well where humans play on the opposite sides of the missions, so where one team has to find and protect the other has to destroy at all costs. Couple this up with the dynamic time of day and weather and I personally think your on a winner of a game that fans will continue playing for a very long time. It would also make kit selection important, on desert gulch for example you get 16 would be Rambos all running around with heavy machine guns, but if you didnt actually know what your mission was going to be you would have to have a good selection of all classes in the team, this would allow a player to specialise in a certain area rather than having to be a jack of all trades as it is right now. Anyway enough from me, just spit balling some ideas...
  4. For me personally I consider the following essential in any future games. 1. A decent party system (COD system works really well). Makes it a whole heap easier to find a game. 2. Both team have different uniforms. Yes it would be good to an extent to choose your clothing but everyone will be different and it will be a bit messy I feel. For this reason I would personally leave any customisation to just weapons. I know it sound boring but you need to be able to tell if their friend or foe on how they look. 3. The use of modded controllers to be adressed before launch. 4. FPWV, OTS belongs in specting mode only IMO. 5. No drones or vehicles, ok maybe the odd jet passing overhead or choppers but no player controlled units. 6. The anti spawn camping system improved, it was better in GRAW 2 but still needs work. Other things which would make the icing on the cake. 1. Dynamic time of day and weather settings. Be good if this was just totally random and not player set. 2. Larger maps with more players. (several games have promised more than the standard 16 players and failed to deliever). 3. Dynamic maps which react to the amount of players in the game. For example take temple from GRAW. The co-op map was huge and yet the MP map was a small part of it. Imagine if for example you had 20 players, this would allow the whole map to be used and if you only had 10 some routes were blocked off to make the map smaller. 4. Random maps, get real boring when everyone wants to play the same old map over and over again. Anyone can play headquarters and get good at it, but fail when they are forced to play something different. 5. Proper clan support with integrated leader board. 6. The ability to hear the other team when in close proximity. I could go on and on bit to be honest I think Paladin has suggested most of what I would like to see. The other real failing of GRAW was to keep divding the community with download content, this wont stop but please no more maps for linking your Ubi account, nowhere split the community from day one as some couldnt get it, some didnt want it and others had it, but you couldnt play each other with out turning it off.
  5. Has anyone else noticed that they seem to off adjusted weapon accuracy/power over long distance. Previously I could take my 468SD, put it on single shot and normally get the kill in 1 or 2 shots at long range. Now it takes a few more and not everyone hits. At first I thought it was just me being rusty but someone else mentioned it in a room. LOL @ Ghostrecon for dummies, these missions seem loads easier than the orignals (Railroad, Battlefield etc) and easier than some of the GRAW 2 missions (and whats with the missing cave or the thunderous airsupport at the begining of battlefield??). AI seems to of gone dumber in places, you can almost walk up on some AI before they even move... To me this shows how the series has gone backwards, the first time I played the original Railroad I almost pulled my hair out, this one seems like a Lite version. Maybe thats how we should refer to GRAW (GhostreconLITE). On a plus side the graphics have obviously been tweeked and are looking very pretty, now what we need to do as a community is play the hell out of the bigger maps before they get it into their heads that we all like headquaters size maps. Ignoring the items already mentioned like base locations, camo too light and bright, not so AI etc I personally think the content was worth the 800 points (Maybe even 1200). If they take a few more pointers from the fans the next game in the series could be something really special.
  6. Yeah me too. Remember with Chapter 2 how the achievements were visable on game cards a couple of days beforehand, well I dont see any new ones. Just wondering if they decided to scrap them.
  7. I am sure you right mate, I posted on gr.com saying this I am sure I was on a night shift and called the Mrs to download them for me. Fingers crossed Also Ubi have announced yet another community manager who's sole purpose is to keep us loyal paying customers up to date with information.... Sorry, thought having a laugh would break the tension a little...lol
  8. I would quite literally wet my pants if after all this aggro we turned around and said we didnt want the maps anymore...lol
  9. Do you know I am actually starting to see the funny side of this now. I bet there are some managers throwing fits at Ubi right now. Can anything else possibly go wrong for them?? I better hold this thought until after I have downloaded the content, with the way things are going I will pay for and download the Co-op map pack only to find it's actually additional memories for Assasins creed (maybe I shouldnt joke).
  10. I had the email and it states 400MP and I am in the UK, I thought we were going to see the news first here (Well on this and ghostrecon.com forums) not via email. Hopefully it's just a Ubiglitch as they seem to have and the maps will appear in the next few hours, is it possible that the maps will be added at say 1700 in the US which would make it later here in the UK but we all got sent the email at the same time.. Also has anyone seen any official response from the powers that be??
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