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  1. i know how to make them shoot faster but as far as the reload speed i havent been able to change
  2. whoever hosts the server give them the .xml files and all will have the same kits of weapons
  3. great new version of the map everything works great no problems or lag and mine placement is on point keep up the good work
  4. ye i didnt get a crash i just lost connection but it could have been my xfire that caused it or sometimes pressin shift to run and changein firemodes i will get that crash dunno just another graw 2 crash
  5. industrial war is the name of the map
  6. gonna try to test tonite if the cableman gets my modem fixed (been losing the nets alot the pass couple of days )
  7. anni has made lots of maps for graw 1 (i should know ive tested a few for him b4) he is italian so he may not write good english to post alot
  8. agreed the new maps are horrible period. need to be redone
  9. i know its possible to do cuz ive done it i cant remember what xml it is ill keep lookin just know if u change it to big it becomes a hand held nuke and u have to hide behind a wall after u throw it or u die as well
  10. if u need some music for the movie (great preview btw) i have some at this link for all to enjoy (what i listen to while i play) http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=9c883ea...be6ba49b5870170
  11. ive been testin also and so has goose sight goes into lots of detail in his post and i felt i didnt need to say the same thing again
  12. i use ff and ie and ive never had a warning of any sort could be the north korean hackers that cnn talkin about lol
  13. need to bring back the dav mines other than that everything running fine no lag for me
  14. i think all u have to do to change the language in the game is to go into the Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 main folder, find the context.xml file open it find the line <context> <script base="data" exec="Menu/Menu" editor="false" language="french"/> (should be at the top) and change it to "english"
  15. yes u can make a fly thru of whatever map u want in the editor all the info on how to do this is here http://graw2.pbworks.com/ here is a map im currently working on that i did a fly thru in the editor http://www.xfire.com/video/cee42/ great intro btw later *Zero*
  16. ready for the new beta when its ready as always
  17. The chopper at the end didn't land and I wasn't able to extract and it came in backwards and the the tree thats close to the platform then hovered in the wrong area see pic (and yes 3ppl beat the map in 15 min) did also get stuck near the platform see pic (i was tryin to hide in fear for my life) second spawn area sucks if u are alone maybe place it at the Fuel Supply B and or add a little fence would also like to get up onto the building at the fuel supply A to snipe if this is possible but other than that great map not to laggy for me (even with others on my server) and i didnt really see anyone appear(good bush placement for that) cant wait for the next version
  18. i heard he died from eatin 12 yr old nuts
  19. me and eb has gotten this crash on the previous version a couple of times but not on the latest version i thought that crash was casue ai were fallen thru the map or the ai couldnt find the ai graph (like they go to a part that doesnt have the graph)
  20. love the new extraction plays fine no lag keep up the good work i go to bed now later
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