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  1. it was also the first Ghost Recon ccop map mayday mayday that was a daytime map
  2. did notice while i was on goose server the CH47 helicopter at the end was gone (and sound as well) only goose saw and heard the heli
  3. no blue diamonds map needs more snipers or rpgs up high and maybe mines all over not just at adat c gonna test it with the other members now check back in a few
  4. played this 2 or 3 times yesterday with the rest of the TAW testers love the additions in map area did have a ai spawn under steps at the mule (only happened once) wish i knew the howitzer was another spawn place b4 i played lol that was one of the last places we went to keep up the good work later zero
  5. digital camo for all weapons (regular and brettzies) like what is on the RX4
  6. great map brought back lots of memories i think it needs more ai on the castle balcony and snipers of course all over and maybe a moving tank or some moving trucks did notice lag only when i had lots of trees on screen or when i scoped in with trees in view (not to bad tho) great map overall and it looks better than orignal later zero
  7. im sure TAW would like to test as well just need the password
  8. nice hope to test tonite with the taw boys
  9. i played on goose server tonite and he asked me about the sky but mine was fine (didnt have anything like the pic) did notice hardly any ai on the left side maybe want to add more over there as well
  10. me goose and rahnman played this last night did have one ai stuck in a wall on the left side (if u are facing) tequilla factory at the stack of pallets against the pillar (sry for no pic) but other than that great map wish u could open the tunnel up and add some more ai at extract think the map is missing something but dunno what keep up the good work
  11. pm me ur email and ill send u the xml if u want it goes in local/english/units/weapons folder
  12. to add more ammo to weapons go into Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Local\English\units\weapons folder pick the weapon and add ammo like rahn said to add gl ammo go into same folder and find the addons.xml and scroll down till u see the grenade launchers find this line in each <var name="clip_max" value="1"/> changin this to 99 for example u will have 99 gl per reload note modding this xml ive noticed in the past the ai seem to be dumbed down after for some reason also in addons.xml u can adjust the zoom for scopes and ironsights as well hope this helps
  13. i do seem to remember right b4 everyone crashin nades being thrown in the ghini's direction
  14. had the same crash last night on goose server 5 of us in there and everyone crashed but me lol
  15. post one is corrupted get the map from post 11 and new version is 1.4 not 1.2 has been updated
  16. wow great map as always very tuff goin at it alone (with all the mortars goin off) ok where to start... trench at start needs to be covered or have a fence around it 3rd spawn area needs to be protected a little more (dunno if the tank is suppose to patrol or not but it stayed new the spawn might be tuff for some) at the new map area i think the down ramp needs to stretch across to the other side (instead of being limited to one side) very cool comin around the corner and seeing the buildn reminds me of the indiana jones and the last crusade movie move the tele poles to other side of the road (i never spawned on them but others have) needs more cover junk in the market and more ai (possibly more snipers) at the final extraction i did notice one truck full of ai never moved (one came to top of hill but other just sat in the mini canyon entrance) might be my new fav map (tie between this and icaro) cant wait for the new version later zero
  17. i know its possible cause i saw it in a post a long time ago on how to do it and i didnt save it
  18. i like the havoc at the beginning and a tank blowing up at the beginning would be great as well map gets really laggy with more than 3 ppl esp if everyone spreads out (to many triggers) need to change the adat a spawn point spawning in the roof is a pain esp when mutli ppl spawn at the same time other than that great map narcoms could be reduced a little (really annoying when u are tryin not to be killed)
  19. great map bogie but i think something is wrong with the final version me goose rahnman batwing and martyr played last night and we kept spawning in random areas like we died in the tunnels and then spawned under the bridge we kept jumping between the different spawn sites all the way up to the end of the map we never knew where we would spawn when we died and sometimes it would put us in the correct place but it was completely random i dont know if it was suppose to do that or not i think we are gonna try the map again tonite around 10pm est if u want to join us later zero
  20. yes crashes often so save after u do each thing
  21. http://graw2.pbworks.com/ to get u started and to block the spawn u can use pretty much anything u want to prevent them from entering like even a slanted wall
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