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  1. were the players and the ai suppose to look black? played with vanilla and chocolate weapons and the ai is still hella dumb and or walkin into random walls and some places in the map are just to barren
  2. i think the no diamonds are fine and so are the kits to a point. i dont think all new maps need different kits . as far as the increased ai , that is fine as long as u can keep the crashes at bay (which i think is impossible) as they happen more and more with the ai above 600. i think 600 ai on a map no matter how big the map is is plenty. maybe make some more narcoms with new voices and keep these to a few as possible on a map (or none at all) and i think the maps should be made able to finish on 1 life (just like the missions) or add a mule to high ai maps (most ppl know what the crashes are now so having a mule in game would be nice for a change) maybe have a map that has mostly snipers (like a sniper hunt) ps its still and will always be a competition for the AI kill later Zero
  3. the hivebrain crash is cause of the heli not the weapons as it happens on all maps with a heli in it its a normal crash and it sucks to get it every once in a while
  4. hope ya feel better soon mission is a go from us as well cant wait for the next map
  5. are we suppose to spawn on top of the 2 story crates in the tunnel or in between them? 9 times out of 10 we spawned up there little lag but not to bad great map later
  6. so u are saying thats its impossible to having 2 versions of this map?
  7. still rather have my own kits in brettzies not the bogie vanilla ones (never liked vanilla always liked the other flavors) so please bring back the other kits
  8. no diamonds on this map is fine and showing the tk's is also but the kit choices are horrible either add a mule (which noone seems to be able to do on any map for fear of crashes or have a different version for ones who like the vanilla kits and the brettzies kits as far as makin it challenging i thought the whole issue of 2000+ ai did that and if u want a bigger challenge play lonewolf
  9. the game allready punishes u for tk'in it deducts one kill for each tk
  10. wish my map took 6 hours to do lightmaps try 22 hours
  11. the hold weapon crash ahs been happening alot on the new maps maybe cause of the ai?
  12. nice gonna test it with the crew tonite
  13. lol just when i get the spawnin ai locations memorized u switch it up o well back to the drawin board just wish there was a mule dont like dying to get a good weapon 2000 ai is a good challenge lonewolf the slower the better on this map for a long life keep up the good work bogie
  14. congrats on the release now.. get back to work lol
  15. that "glitch" has been there since the beginning of the game its on all versions of quarry lol guess i will just have to keep my secrets to myself till after the release of a map from now on lol
  16. when is the demo out? and what machine specs do u need to play?
  17. just played the map again and one of us spawned on top of the tower it only happened once gonna try the new version later tonite
  18. needs a mule for u vanilla folks but other than that great map cant wait to play tonite ps could have watch that movie at home for free on the nets so the map could come out sooner lol
  19. great map good for practice esp. lonewolf we did have a problem with the 2nd spawn .. goose spawned in the rock pile and had to be killed to get out but other than that great map look forward to new betas ps add mines
  20. great map loved it is it possible to add a obj at the top of the cliff (missed goin to that area) maybe make it a command center of sorts? later zero
  21. goto create account change ur name keep email and password the same keep location the same login as ur new name
  22. u can change ur mp name as many times as u want with the SAME email and password every time for instance i have 30 or 40 different names i use
  23. barking spider runs theirs in mod form often some of my fellow squad members run brettzies often u just have to look at server info to see whats what
  24. there WAS a day version of this map in graw 1 ive played it hundreds of times
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