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  1. who has a gl with 200 rounds? i want to use that
  2. we have a brettzies dedi server and its up all the time
  3. sounds like some ppl are scared to play maps with mines...awww just think of it this way ... the mines u cat see are IED's that the terrorists remotely blow when u get near them i still think the map needs a little more mines and ai just think about where u would place mines mines at when u play and u should be able to miss them (or let others go ahead of u , or take the same path every time u die) keep up the good work digger
  4. yup its one of those nightly graw 2 crashes
  5. thats a normal graw 2 crash i think its pressin the weapon select button as u respawn that causes that
  6. u keep makin them and i will put them on the taw server for all to enjoy
  7. i got the current version on our server and we will be practicing tonite around 10 pm est u are more than welcome to join us to play the map u can join us on ts if u have it as well later Zero
  8. same goes for the guys here at TAW im adding it to the server list now later Zero
  9. just tried to play the map and notice gameplay is really jerky (wasnt like this b4) gave up after tryin to play this way for 20 min reinstalled map and everything is fine now lol
  10. yes u can have to many maps in custom levels folder the max maps in the folder is 450 450 maps not bundles example harry lee bundle has 20 maps or so in that bundle my squad mate had the same problem and this is what he found out after he added another bundle in his list and john this issue is gonna happen more and more if the map makers continue to bundle a bunch of maps together so i think all the modders should know about this later Zero hope this helps u
  11. we have had the problem of not being able to place c4 either when we join the server later but if we all start at the same time then it works fine
  12. we are all here waitn for the beta ...i cant wait and neither can the rest of the TAW squad we will be here if u need us later Zero
  13. he took the map out and was able to start a server then put the map back in and still got a crash it weird that its doin that i sent him my copy that i dl'd (it works for me) and is still gettin the problem i dunno whats the deal
  14. this map is 99% inside so give this a try http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php...iew&id=1076 its called bogie's STRATEGIC ERADICATION later Zero
  15. john we will be testin this tonite if u want to join us practice is at 10 pm est keep up the good work zero
  16. works fine for us keep up the good work and i cant wait to go to the supermarket later zero
  17. bogie u have never seen us as a group play we DONT run and gun and we do use our kits that are very realistic. maybe u need to talk to ppl that have been in a war to see what all can be a person at any given time. as far as a realistic kit ... who in there right mind goes into a war with just a handgun??? soc kits are wack bring back the support kits i rather have them than a pea shooter
  18. awww i liked gettin on the roof instead of everyone lineing up behind cover but o well lol
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