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  1. cant wait till i can buy this for the 360 and if anyone finds a free dl of an ENGLSIH version of the audiobook on the nets plz post it here
  2. if u have a xml editor like xml marker (free dl) go into game folder and find the context.xml and open it find the line <script base="data" exec="Menu/Menu" editor="false" language="english"/> should be the top line change english to german there u go here is the link to the xml marker download if u need it http://symbolclick.com/download.htm
  3. played it 30 times no problems with it its ready to publish ppl not postin cuz there is no problems with it quit worryin keep churnin them out the TAW squad will continue to play them
  4. wow thx lemme know if u need help with any areas of the game ive completed it 100% after a week of play thru post a computer pic plz
  5. can u make one with altair armor standin in front of the final assassins tomb
  6. Bob that ai that goose took a pic of was stuck in between the 2 buildings and will need to be moved or sometimes he will spawn inside the wall
  7. still gonna get the game and want to read the book but havin a hard time findin a english copy here
  8. no obj boxes ever showed on my screen or gooses when us 2 played the map
  9. bogies levantmentio map has 2 landscapes in it
  10. ive played it thru 3 times so far every time after u get to checkpoint 2 no obj show up and map will not end and u constantly spawn on top of buildn there but other than that hardly to no lag thru keep up the good work
  11. great for ur first map hope to see many more by u keep up the good work Zero
  12. free japanese language podcasts on itunes as well as customs and such thats what im learning from for my trip there in a couple months
  13. i can remember in the past that the trees that have a big vine on them has caused problems u may want to replace with a different tree from the list
  14. sweet lookin so far go luck ps i really like the mkv model
  15. naked geese? and im suprised i didnt see any milk carton ied's laters Zero
  16. mendoza buildn is a wash if they are 15 feet away u cant see them same goes in the chem buildn
  17. need to know are u using a mod ie brettzies, rahns, or another? is the crash in the same spot/time everytime?
  18. no way to fix that on a dedi server but it will stay on that map if u leave at the weapon selection screen
  19. did u see the car? did u hear the car? pure sex
  20. graw 1 has more map and tougher ai but online mp is dead (maybe 5players a nite total) graw 2 ai is alittle easier tons on mp and new maps comin out regularly weapons mods for both graphics a little better on graw 2 hope this helps Zero
  21. try here http://www.armysurplusworld.com/display.as...epartmentID=158
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