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  1. Ron its a rented server like Ebk's and splittin the map would work in the future
  2. hmm and our server is located in ohio and =ge= server is in the uk should have been the opp. since u would have a lower ping on theirs
  3. yup pretty much the ai will have no problem shootin u thru the leaves IF he sees u.. some of the props in graw 2 are like this (have an invisible barrier around them) once u learn what props are like this it will get easier. Just know 99% of the trees are like this and one or two bushes as well.
  4. Ron if u have the Rahnmans mod u are more than welcome to join us on our server when we test it
  5. is this game like the grand theft series ? or more like fallout 3 or borderlands?
  6. everyone has to stay together as a group (use teamwork) or run the risk of dumb ai
  7. u can play this alone just the very beginning will be the hard part alone
  8. yes great show deff. have to watch from beginning to understand it
  9. i like unstoppable reminds me of music from movies
  10. maybe could u skin it in digital camo like the rx4
  11. standard weapons brettzies mod rahnmans mod snowfellow mod magpul mod
  12. john maybe add a spawnpoint in or at the first tower in front of the depot
  13. ya Ghostsoldiers elite is a uk based server that would be a good server to start on seeing that they use the standard weapons just pm ebk52 thats his server and he can tell u when he is on playin ps hes a great player to learn from Zero
  14. spend a day installin most of the maps on the dl page and check out the weapon mods from brettzies and rahnman (some servers run these) and u are more than welcome to come to the TAW coop server (u just need rahnman mod) to play we will be more than welcome to show u the ropes if u want to play just pm me and i can send u the map list for the server later Zero
  15. kicking ass and takin names

  16. i think this is ready to be released
  17. effin great ive been waitin to play this for ever glad u didnt give up on this and cant wait to play the coop version later Zero
  18. sp is also the lonewolf versions of bogie's maps i think
  19. that cubby hole is on the transmitter level b4 the door and it has sandbags in there actin like steps but if a nade or gl blows them u will be stuck that was a problem left over from the orignal map
  20. aww aint that sweet dont get into trouble now
  21. wooow great pics as always how scary is the game? and how is the shootin aspect?
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