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  1. bad thing is i went to gayspy's twitter page it says we've tried rebootin the server restartin the server no luck even in the lobby u can still get connection failure WTH it doesnt say how to reach the dev supposrt or my manager
  2. john u can always get it chipped for more hp and tq for around 400 quid it just needs some rims and tinti and its good to go ;p
  3. needs other tank harder the better
  4. map is ready for release played thru 50+ times no problems multi and lone with and without others no probs good work
  5. both are there played it mutiple times no hiccups at all i think its ready
  6. http://www.december.com/html/spec/colorcodes.html look at the Dec code list hopes this helps u
  7. shootin scoped in any bush any map u will see the blood spray for some reason
  8. desert base maps need progressive spawn points and the mountedgrenadeweapon crash is from the mounted gl launcher being used just remove that prop other than that good work so far
  9. its a map they use to train shootin helis down with m99 and i think its only for the GE clan to use
  10. Digger welcome back to graw 2 moddin will have to catch up sometime
  11. ooh cant wait to try 1.1 glad u got the barrels sorted *DELETED Zero
  12. some died and we had to wait at extraction for them b4 truck came a few times and only one has to get on the truck to end it we've played it 6 or 7 times with diff amounts of ppl with no hang ups other than having to wait on the ones that die at the end
  13. we had 8 - 10 players on the server a couple of times and didnt have any type of problem
  14. Ron there is sniper kit 11 in 2.3 that has the leupold on the mk14
  15. the extraction is in front of the 50cal all u have to do is sit there (all players have to be there to end map)
  16. the crappy one lol j/k coop_bogie_bear_normal_v2 bogie's grin and bear it map and coop_bogie_nitro_hard_v2 bogie's frqblah blah map both are crash happy so dont expect to play them long
  17. go to the local/english/units/weapons folder find the weapon's xml u want to modify then open the xml goto the line <!-- Recoil --> <var name="recoil_normal" value="1.5"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this --> <var name="recoil_zoom" value="1.5"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this --> change the 1.5 to whatever u want Zero
  18. wonder if u could get this on the shotgun (since they make a sight like this for most shottys)
  19. here is what the TAW coop server says on our dedi server these are the lines to look at <message_of_the_day value="Welcome to the TAW Coop Server. Feel free to join us on TS, visit us at www.taw.net to get TS info. Enjoy your stay! And STAY CROTCHED!!"/> <message_of_the_day_interval value="1600"/>
  20. nice vid but music was a big fail ps nice use of the no scope hack lols
  21. adats spawnin late has allways been a problem on this map even with the stock timber map on adat a side i have done it many of times without running its just one of the graw 2 quirks
  22. Congrats on gettin this one finished i know it was a lotta work Zero
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