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  1. u rarely see a brettzies mod server and most u do see are not a dedi server

    we have a rahns mod server up all the time and there are a few others that have one as well

    to disable a mod so u can play on a normal server all u have to do is remove the local folder to the desktop (safe area) or open the local folder and remove the contents

    everything else that comes with a mod can stay (dont affect anticheat)

  2. as long as the guy at the extraction is outa the wall i think its ready for release

    easy fix for the lag issue is to stick together dont go after to many obj at once or spread out on the map at once

    harrylee map doesnt lag like this is b/c u cant spread out on the map u are kept in a relative close spave to one another for the whole map (tho it will lag out and crash if u do the big one alone and dont kill them fast enough) trust me i dont have the 2000+ ai one on our server for this reason (i like to do the 1600 one alone, what can i say i like the practice)

  3. omg everyone makin this out ot be to hard lol

    DONT PRESS ANY BUTTONS ALONE - u get the easy mode


    MORE THAN ONE IN GAME - u get hard mode


    and as to shootin the heli down m99 middle of back window 1 shot

    all other weapons a whole bunch of bullets

    vid shootin the heli (sorry its an old one)



  4. the gun will move around in game no matter how u reduce the recoil or the spread

    changeing the each weapon xml is the best way to see the affects in game

    try adding the line of code that was posted earlier as well as these 2 lines (and these can me adjusted as well)

    <var name="weapon_penetration_type" value="1"/>

    <var name="max_penetration" value="1"/>

    <var name="penetration_chance" value="1"/>

    put this line of code into the firemodes section

    the higher the number of the second and third line the better and farther the penetration and chance will be

    and the penetration and distance of the weapons is represented like this in the xml

    100 = 10feet

    35000 = 350 feet

    hope this helps some


  5. could be the router or it could be the host computer not being powerful enuff to support alot of players

    i know my computer cant handle more than 3 players

    and most on mine get lag or lose connection when there is tanks and helis in the map b/c computer doesnt have enuff resources to support the load and the players

    get with the players u play with and find who has the best computer and use them to host and try that or pool money together and rent a server to play on

    but if its a constant dedi server then it needs to be reset accordin to what gayspy told me

  6. i have found a temp fix for this problem if u are in a game

    we will all have to do this until the problem is solved

    if in a game and u get the connection failure error DO NOT PRESS RESTART

    either wait till an enemy kills u or have a friend shoot u or the admin of the server admin kill u

    once the respawn time has ended u will come back into the game it seems for now this is the only way to continue without restarting a game :(

    hopes this helps some people


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