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  1. graw support also the parallax bump mapping if you want you can use this "special material/shader" to make more realistic surfaces. The mark of bullet hit on some wall can show this beauty effect(decal_material="concrete"). If you want you can setup a material.xml and his texture to make some wall and other thing more realistic with the parallax. I do not have tryed in graw but can be possible Bye
  2. Hi search for: A8L8 and V8U8 Formats in this page: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/2496...niques_and_.php To compose an A8L8 image you can use atlasgen.exe in game/tools folder or DirectX Texture Tool of the DirectX SDK. First we have to change the bump map of the material1 in this max scene http://files.filefront.com/bumprar/;10480949;/fileinfo.html than render. The output will be 2 texture named bump0000.bmp and bump0001.bmp. Open the bump0001 with directx texture tool, change surface format to A8L8, now go in the menù file and click open onto alpha channel of this texture and chose the bump0000 image. Save, make the tdb_, and try. Note: if you need to change the scene remember to render always sqare image example 1024x1024 for ati board compatibility. For the alpha image is almost the same thing but don't need max . Open a diffuse texture with a image editor, decrease the luminosity and increase the contrast until the image appear nearly black, save into desktop with another name respect the diffuse texture. Open the diffuse texture with directx texture tool, change surface format to four cc 8 bit dxt5, now menù file and open onto alpha channel of this surface, chose the image that you have darked. Save, make the tdb_, and try. Note: remember to make always sqare image example 1024x1024 for ati board compatibility. Good luck
  3. Hi this rar contain a simple model to show the unwrap editor in max and 3 screenshot http://files.filefront.com/unwrap+channel+...;/fileinfo.html if you see some defect in the lightmap rendered along the hard edges of your model you can increase the "spacing value" in the "flatten mapping..." window or increase the resolution of lightmap inside torre.xml(i prefear the first solution to keep low the render time).
  4. if the problem is present only in mp 90% of case is the anticheat to much severe change server First of all update all drivers that can resolve overtemperature/undervoltage in many systems and clean the fun coolers Bye
  5. Hi you have to install virtual machine and use server proxy that can pass through gamespy bridge/login server maybe needed 2 installation code(for 2 legal server!). If a your friend want share his code you can mount 2 server Bye
  6. HI <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <dynamic_object xmlns:xi="x"> <diesel file="/data/objects/props/torre/torre.diesel" orientation_object="root_point" materials="/data/objects/props/torre/materials.xml"/> <body editable="true" name="torre" tag="concrete" template="static"> <object name="root_point"/> <object name="torre" collision_type="mesh_mopp" hidden="false" material="stone" shadow_caster="true"/> </body> <decal_surfaces static="true"> <ds_mesh object="torre"/> </decal_surfaces> <lightmap> <object name="torre" height="512" width="512"/> </lightmap> </dynamic_object> shadow_caster="true" isn't nedeed if you place some ambient point around and inside the torre for the lightmap you have to create the uvw in channel 4 in max and edit it to remove polygons overlap(unfolding). the lightmap is the only method to have best result Bye
  7. hi Davide, i have lost that video so i have made another new with this files included: videos, max model, shader, an example map, and the files of map unbundled. I hope that you find what you need in this videos. Bye http://files.filefront.com/tutorialrar/;10...;/fileinfo.html
  8. http://files.filefront.com/worldrar/;10080364;/fileinfo.html A very giant map (154.15 KB) to show a workaround for the rain indor.
  9. Still in need of assistance in converting a wav back to a bank file. Not looked into it tbh. Will make it a nice touch. Hi Yes ok you can make what you want For wave ask to BRETTZIES, he can help you, the map will become a mod. Ps. Ciao papo
  10. Yes, I don't know how is possible make clip the particles with a custom geometry, however if you want you can change the lifetime so the particles disappear before enter into the buildings but is difficoult. Another way is to use the same geometry, of aff all objects + the landscape, as an emitter then after the placement you have to increase the z level. All the polys of the plane of emission must have the same area. Before all ask to wolfsong how you can clip the particles with a custom geometry, is the way most easy. Sorry for my very bad english
  11. http://files.filefront.com/carar/;10076967;/fileinfo.html Calavera with a new environment and rain effect. It's only an example and can be expanded by add lightning and custom sound. Bye
  12. run: G:\3dsMax8\3dsmax.exe -h where G:\3dsMax8\ is the installation path chose directx9 not 8.1 or software bye
  13. After max scene reloading all the directx9 materials must be reloaded to view the job done before the exit.
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