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  1. Same here Rocky, tried the drivers on my 9800GTX and I am getting around 20 fps Oh well it looks awesome lol
  2. I've now put my sights on Blackfoot Studios and am waiting for Ground Branch. That studio has a lot more potential to make something decent than does UBI Soft. I'm not blaming GRIN. It's ALL UBI's fault. Agreed! It's obvious that Ubi wants to take control of every publication it makes. At the least Ubisoft could of at least given GRIN a short list of what the tac shooter community wants instead of letting GRIN on its own.
  3. I dl'd it from filefront.com By the way, what does the x16 and x32 mean at the end of the resolution? Is it bits per pixel?
  4. Well, before I make the GR purchase on STEAM I decided to dl the demo just to get the feel of [GR] again. O Boy Here are my computer specs: Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ (2 CPUs), ~2.6GHz Memory: 2048MB RAM Hard Drive: 320 GB Video Card: GeForce 9800 GTX Monitor: HP w1907 Wide LCD Monitor Sound Card: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) Speakers/Headphones: Speakers (2.1 system) Keyboard: USB Root Hub Mouse: USB Root Hub Mouse Surface: Operating System: Windows Vistaâ„¢ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.longhorn_rtm.080118-1840) Motherboard: nForce 430a I have everything maxed out and my res is 1440x900x16 and I'm getting lag (Max 30fps). I put it to 1440x900x32 and I get a max of like 10fps. Please tell me why a completely new rig can't run a seven year old game
  5. My only recommendation for the DVD graphic is to take the Ubisoft logo out Or you could replace the Ubisoft logo with the words "Hippocrates Incorporated" jk jk, the CD looks AWESOME
  6. Does the Steam version allow you to play with users who have boxed versions/hard copies of the game?
  7. Should I buy the 3 GR Games from STEAM? I have a steam account with CSS, DoD:S on it, but they were purchased from the store. If I just buy GR1 and the 2 expansion packs its around 20 dollars, or should I actually purchase a hard copy? BTW, do people still play [GR] online? Been a while, lost my [GR] disc while moving from my house to a college apartment lol.
  8. What about the lib/managers/ghost_template.xml he talks about? What happens to that file?
  9. I agree, I also think the reason GRAW/GRAW2 isn't so popular within the tactical shooter community or the larger market (CoD4, Counter Strike, etc) is because it, in my opinion stands a middle ground between the two genres, leaning more to the tac side. Also, GRAW/GRAW2 is harder than the [Ghost Recon] to play in some aspects, notably the last mission in the GRAW2 campaign where there are rebels with machine gun nests that have sharpshooter accuracy, and the lack of an effective friendly AI. But then again, I don't think we would get a true GR or R6 game from RSE these days. Just look at GRAW/GRAW2 for the consoles...Those things play like HALO IMO, more emphasis on action then tactics. In short, my opinion is that if friendly AI were a bit better and you could have regenerative health CoD4 style, than sales would go way up ). But thats not what GR is, is it? BTW, Kudos to the GRIN team who still are users on the forums here BTW...I know GRIN learned a lot these past 2 years devloping GR for us ....If GRIN/Ubi decide to make another GR, I think they would be willing to listen instead of having Ubi control everything, and that they would have a much better idea of what we want. They should follow Black Foot Studios' Example. Until then I'll be playing CoD4.
  10. So I just copy JUST the units\beings folder from the extracted bundle into the english folder and then delete the Data folder it was originally from? In short, should I keep the entire "data" folder or just the unzipped english\units folder on my Harddrive (In unzipped formed of course!) Thanx for the reply
  11. Hey you guys , I unzipped the quick and patch.bundle files into a folder I created called "data" in the "Public_tools" folder in the main GRAW2 directory. Then I edited the files accordingly with this guide: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...amp;hl=god+mode The God mode won't work, so is the "Data" folder supposed to be in another location?
  12. Now that Nvidia has released the actual 8.06.12, I downloaded that and selected Gforce PhysX but my CPU usage is still at 50-52% and I still cannot access the PhysX high and Extreme options in GRAW2. Does GRAW2 require a patch or something? The PhysX driver is here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx_8.06.12_whql.html thanks in advance
  13. Alright so I dl's Forceware 177.39 (Which is a leaked driver, google it and u can see what it is) and the physx driver 8.06.12(Also leaked). When I go to settings tab in the physx panel it says geforce physx option selected. But when I run the demos my CPU is at 50-54% load. Also when I run Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Advanced Warfighter 2 the PhysX settings are greyed out. Solution?
  14. Hey you guys, I read a post about 2 months back where a guy playing GRAW2 was able to get a perfect mission. Heres my try: What do you guys think?
  15. I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ with a 8800GTS 512mb and my CPU certainly isn't 4800GHZ. Who has a CPU that is that fast besides wolfsong? Athlon 64 X2 6400 is about the equivalent of an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 I think you mean 4800Mhz dual core meaning an Athlon 64 X2 4800 clocked at 2.4Ghz lol. In response to big ol brain, you can still try out CoD4 mp and GRAW2 coop. You can ask around if some of the people would like to play Coop with you. Happy hunting. -Playing Crysis and CoD4 while waiting for a few MONTHS on one patch for GRAW2, drools when seeing what the Xbox360, PS3 gamers get for free compared to us PC gamers get in the Tom clancy titles- Dang I hate Ubi
  16. Wrong about the Sidewinder. It is used on the MIM-72 / M48 Chaparral Forward Area Air-Defense System [FAADS] antiair weapon system though it has been deactivated for some time. Wrong about the Sidewinder. It is used on the MIM-72 / M48 Chaparral Forward Area Air-Defense System [FAADS] antiair weapon system though it has been deactivated for some time. Also: AGM-123 Skipper II (rocket assisted Paveway II, US Navy only). Sorry mate . You do have a point though. But then again, this is hardly going to be the most realistic portrayal of modern air war ever seen... Respectfully krise madsen Why would Ubi include an outdated weapon system in their game when it takes place in like 2014 And the Emerson Electric is for the US Navy only...Or is it exported to those french guys flying Rafales now? Oh yeah the guys shout "rifle one" when they release the Paveways. Rifle One is the designation for the AGM-65 Maverick and the correct saying would be "GBU's Away" And since when could Private Military companies like in this game afford to start a war....ughhh Ubi!!!
  17. I understand it being a French plane but isn't only the US getting attacked...or is NATO in it to. Time to read the plot again
  18. Hi you guys I've been playing GR for a long time and just picked up GRAW and GRAW2 Alright...First I am a flight sim nerd playing FSX and Falcon 4.0 Allied force an Lock On. I just HAD to point out some innacuracies in the video. You see that plane? That is a Dassault Raffel, used by the French Air Force to support ground operations. It's either that pilot has high security class or another screw up by Ubi. Then you see him having a missle flying at him from the ground. It looks like a sidewinder which is purely launched from air to shoot down other aircraft. So why is it being fired from the ground? Finally he drops his bombs to support the Ghosts and he drops a GBU Paveway series Laser guided bomb. Then what I saw next made me laugh hard..It was rocket assisted. Ubi, if you haven't noticed Paveway's are free fall bombs. Oh well Time to get Ground Branch
  19. mp mp mp mp mp mp maps...come on ubi breathe some life into this game
  20. sry wolfsong, searched and wasn't able to find it. Ill ask my friend who works at a local electronics store thnx for ur replies tho
  21. Kind of like that. There are no shortcuts in Start or on the main window. There are also no files in Program Files, but when i insert GRAW2 disc all i have to do is click play and the .exe starts and i can play... kind of confusing lol
  22. Yeah no file directories or shortcuts. Thnx in advance
  23. Hi you guys. This is my first post so yeah.... Ive been playing GR thru its years and have played since the original. But i hav a stupid little prob. GRAW installs perfectly for me with all shortcuts and file directories, but GRAW2 doesnt seem to want to cooperate. Whenever i install everything EXCEPT the shortcuts and file directories are there AMD Athlon X2 5200+ 2.6ghz Nvidia 8800GTS 512mb 2gb 667mhz RAM Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit A solution would be nice.... Sry Not*
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