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  1. That's very intersting.... I wonder how they made there way onto the server? Thanks Blind for looking into that for me. Guess I'll have to make those changes to the list again and pull them out. Thanks again!
  2. I hope someone has had this issue and can help....I am at a loss so far. Here's the problem, Running a coop server I go into the game and log in. I pull up the map cycle and it shows the maps in the rotation. That is all except for four (4) of the maps. The missing maps are in the custom levels folder, but will not show up in the map cycle, nor will thay load and play at their point of rotation. I have even tried and cleared the coop server xml file where the mps are listed. Nothing. These maps still won't show up. The maps in question are; Badger's Den, city street large, city of i
  3. Try exporting in the "windowed" video mode and not full screen video mode. I had the same issue with larger maps running out of memory. Once I unchecked the "full screen" box, it went smoothly. Just a thought.
  4. What if I am trying to blow up a stack of crates I am using to block an access? I have tried the script you posted, but I get this error: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35 data\lib\units\types\weapons\c4.dsf(-1): cant find member: activate in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\units\types\beings\mods_human\playeronfoot.dsf(0) Not sure what this means........any help would be good as this is the only thing holding me up from finishing my map! Thanks.
  5. Are the invisible walls generally the same height on all terrains? One of the terrains I am trying to use is the one from Hocaga Beach…. I see where the wall height would be at the top of the mound in the center, where the bridge has been placed. But the other terrain doesn’t seem to be at the same height as when I continue the bridge from the Hocaga Beach terrain to the other terrain, I can’t get across. Guess it will be trial and error…. LOL Thanks for the info!!
  6. I was editing after export and in the work/temp folder not in the regular work folder. But I didn't export it correctly before I bundled it. Now I have the "quick bundler" code it goes a lot faster (thanks to Am_Eye_Blind). It's currently working and I don't have the blue and yellow any more (as long as I don't forget to change the file first). Never thought about changing it to read only.....gonna have to try that. The only problem I have now is getting two terrains to work together so you can cross them with out running into invisible walls at the edge of the terrain. I don't think it's pos
  7. I found that file, it has the lines and I copied them to the scope.xml in my map folder. Still didn't work. Not sure what I am doing wrong. PM sent.
  8. Not sure where to find that? In the Data\textures\custom_levels\(mapname)\ligtmaps\ folder, I have a two folders (atlas0 and atals1) and an atlas.xml file. In the Data\levels\custom_levels\(mapname)\ folder I have the .diesel, .dsf, .gph, scope.xml, world.xml, materials.xml, and description.xml files along with the XML folder which has zones and world xml files, massunit and ambient_cubes bin files. I didn't see any texture_scope.xml files anywhere. Someone told me I had to render the map at a highr resolution, but that didn't work either. I'm at a loss here and would really like to use
  9. OK, I've searched the forums and even used the "advanced search" and have found very little about how to import a landscape from an unbundled map (or am I just not looking in the right place?). I want to use a specific map I play to create a new map. I unbundled the map and put the files into my "\custom levels\work" folder. Opened the editor and started working. Everything looked good in the editor but when I rendered the map and tried to play it, all the landscape was the dreaded blue and yellow checkerboard. The "xi include" has all the pointers included, and I can't figure out why it w
  10. Thanks for the help guys......NOT! I have never known a so called "support group" to be so non-responsive. Your contact section claims, and I quote, "If you are looking for help or have a question the fastest and most reliable way for results is to use our forums or our FAQ - really, this IS the fastest way to get help! " It amazes me that with so many modders here that no one would try to help out and answer quetions from a noob map maker. Just goes to show how much help you can actually get.....thanks, but thanks anyway as I figured it out by trial and error on my own. Thanks f
  11. I am having trouble with getting my vehicles to spawn in when triggered. When I set the vehicles to "sequence_spawn" they never show up. However, they are all there, the troops spawn in and the vehicles move correctly when I don't set them to "sequence_spawn". The problem there is you can hear the vehicles before you get to them. Not a good thing for me. Any ideas on how to fix this would be great! I was hoping to get this map done for public play this weekend. Thanks! Mission script: <event name="activate_vh1"> <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="vh1" start_time="0.1"
  12. I am making a map where I put in a BlackHawk that shows up at extraction. The problem is that only one drop crew guy comes down the rope. The other three just sit there. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Oh yeah, at what makes the one guy that does drop try to go back to where the Heli comes from? Even when I put the coordinates into the "order" section. Also, what is the script (and where do you put it) to make the Heli rotate direction in position or for a move? Thanks. Callaway
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