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  1. Wow nice RSE, more old skool maps! Looks like we're getting some Dessert Siege(pun intended). Kinda weird we had to find out out this way: through the achievement list at Xbox Live account.
  2. I agree. I think Swamp Airfield is the most challenging and fun mission of the whole pack. It's my favorite and the one i keep playing over and over. Love the setting, the green, foggyness and lighting. Camo works very well on this one. Awesome job on this one RSE. The worst of the missions is probably plantation. Too small, easy as hell and low frame rates.
  3. I've only played and completed Railroad Bridge and i can say that the design is very similar and well done but the objectives are totally different. And different should not be bad by definition but it's just too easy. I played it alone on hard with everything turned off that can be turned off(drone, crosscom, markers, classes) and it took me 3 times before i got the 'kickin it old school' and 'Railroad Bridge co-op Perfect' achievements. There is no need for a team, just Rambo your way through is good enough. Don't worry about the two snipers on the bridge because general Martin will warn you in his little video feed. Even right after you killed them. General Martin is a very well informed little ###### but he's also little slow sometimes. Just after i killed the informant General Martin notified me about his presence in the area. Also, enemies will spawn here and there, unlike the original missions where all the enemies were pre-placed. E.g. when i was looking at the base on the other side, while i was standing on the bridge, it was empty but as soon as i got closer it was full of enemies. Well, let's not exaggerate things, there were only 10 or 15 of them... But even with all it's shortcomings it's still a lot better then the on-rail shooter expierence you get from the single player campaign. You can still choose when and wich objective you'll do first, next etc. In short: the original mission is much better and harder but the GFX are great on the new one. Still have to see how the other missions are.
  4. Yeah, i turned the drone off for a reason: NO diamonds! I really don't get it. Who ever designed this at RSE should be working for a car company designing navigation systems, NOT games.
  5. In alphabetic order. Battlefield ** Caves Crash Site * Mountain Base Mountain Falls River Depot Station Swamp Airfield * * extra points for atmosphere/mood (i can walk around in these maps without playing, just enjoying the scenery, sounds etc.). Actually i think Battlefield deserves an extra star. Simply awesome. Pure art. But why on earth did you guys seal off the sewers?
  6. I haven't played them all yet but here is my first impression... I've only played the first 10 minutes of Caves, RR Bridge and Swamp Airfield but it seems to be designed for the mentally challenged among us. You'll get a video feed from General Martin every 10 seconds basically ruining the game for you by explaining and telling you EVERYTHING thats happeing or is about to happen(yes, he can look into the future aswell). You hear a shot and... incoming video: "look out there are snipers in the area!" Really?? Thanks but please let me figure this out by myself. Next you see a armored vehicle coming towards you and right at the moment you start engaging... incoming video: "armored vehicle incoming!" Really?? No ######... General Martin aka captain obvious is not with you on the battlefield yet he is all knowing. General Martin is like the paperclip in MS Word. Just ###### annoying. If you want the good old experience(suspense, strategy, stealth, sweaty hands etc) then it looks like this won't be your thing. RR Bridge for example, in the orignal mission you had to figure out where the enemy was coming from, how many there were and the right order/timing of engaging them. A ######load of soldiers pouring in from different directions and something like 4 tanks plus some more soldiers. It was quite challenging. This is how the new version starts: help your allied soldiers by defeating 10 soldiers and 1 armored vehicle. Apparantly those allied soldiers couldn't handle it without me. I was done, all alone, in a few seconds. And up comes the video feed with General Martin informing you about the next firefight somewhere on the map... Maybe i'm wrong, Maybe when i've played and finished them all... i'll post again General Martin out.
  7. Since the Ubi-forums are down i might aswell start posting here. I got a small and non-official update. I found another co-op DLC trailer, it's longer and has a higher res. http://media.ubi.com/emea/graw2/videos/graw2_dlc_SD.wmv
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