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  1. There's a wide variety of good maps but if you are new to this on multiplayer, then you might want to aquaint yourself with the maps in coop mode first....you will be going after AI tangos and no-one is bent on taking you out right away so it gives you the opportunity to tour the maps without having to worry about respawning every 5 seconds (depending on the difficulty settings). You can start out with these maps: Sierra (day) Hacienda Castle Dam CrashSite (v2) Nowhere (v5) Estrada Fort (v2) These should be good to get you started but remember this...you can be playing on a server if you have the current map in your custom_levels folder but as soon as the server loads a map you don't have, you'll be booted. Just make a note of the map you're missing and go and get it. Sooner or later you'll find that you're no longer constantly being booted from servers because of missing maps. If you're especially anxious to get on a particular server but need the maps it plays, the server list has the currently played map for each server listed. Click on the server information on the bottom right of the server list and note the maps you need; you will find them at the same sites listed above.
  2. There's plenty wrong with it...actual gameplay aside. The game crashes are horrendous. I don't believe there's been a single night of online play that I haven't seen someone crash because of stack errors or the like. There's an entire thread on here that will give you just about the complete list of different crashes.
  3. I'll add my thanks too...and to all at GRiN for making this thing happen. There are still a few that are complaining but I think the majority of the problems have been rectified. We'll see how it runs come Wednesday. Cheers to you!
  4. Thought I would retract my statement (to a very small degree) after reading the UBI 3rd Quarterly report. I can see what's happening with their decision-making process...in the 3rd quarter, their sales on the PC platform went from 14% to 6% (pretty considerable drop) The XBox 360 platform went from 28% to 29% and the Nintendo DS went from 9% to 28%...it's pretty obvious where the money is and where they should concentrate their efforts. That still doesn't mean that they should be neglecting the PC platform...rather they should be nurturing it and building that client base back up. This means maintaining support for their products, regardless of the platform.
  5. UH...what exactly is the point of gaming on a PC if you're just going to use a control pad anyway? Why don't you just get a console and use the PC for what it was meant for...Internet Porn!!
  6. Does this mean GRAW2 PC is not pc? Maybe they were looking to cater to a kinder, gentler gamer with console players. PC gamers are a hardy lot and don't take kindly to pandering!
  7. Those are the epileptic tangos...they'll hire anybody these days
  8. Ok...back to the support thing...I don't think it presumptuous at all for a gamer (or any consumer period) to expect support for a product that some paid an exhorbitabtly large sum of money (in relation to the quality of product) for. If a company produces a product then they should stand by it. If a company doesn't furnish support for their product, it sends a blaring message to the consumer- WE DON'T STAND BY OUR PRODUCT AND WE DON'T CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS!! This is bad business...very bad business. I guess UBI believes that the average consumer of their product is a brain-dead teenage punk and not worth the effort.
  9. Not really puzzling...that's the nature of the corporate beast. UBI is merely thinking like a corporation and going where the money sits...and it ain't the PC platform. What's really puzzling is why people are getting so bent out of shape about a patch for a game that should never have been put out on the market in its present form. The game hasn't even been out that long and people are looking for another patch for it already. I still think UBI (and Grin) should have been putting more thought into R.&D.
  10. This is still an on-going problem. Patch 1.04 has obviously not addressed this issue as I've still seen it happening and it does still happen to me on occasion. Hopefully 1.05 will take care of it and all those other crash errors that appear to be happening with :AW2. It surprises me that this game was put out on the market with so many issues unaddressed...I mean, given the game is pretty awesome, it has some pretty serious flaws that should have been given a closer look at in R&D.
  11. Did this thread really start out by someone wanting to know how to take out tanks? No wonder this forum gets so disorganized.
  12. You'll have to remember too...there are several different versions and the server you try to join may have a slightly different version (coop_fort_day, fort_day,fort, fort_night...). You'll have to make sure that the map you're trying to find is the correct one for the server you're trying to join.
  13. I already know how to create ascii character sets and it does work in certain games (like [GR] for example)...that isn't what I needed to know. The charmap doesn't work either...I've already tried that route. I was under the assumption that it wasn't possible in GRAW2, until I saw it being done. Someone has obviously found a workaround for this but they aren't devulging their, apparently, "closely guarded secret". You would think that they were guarding the secret location of the holy grail or something. This just adds to the frustration of GRAW2 because it's just another feature that should have been included in final release. It's small and insignificant but you know about that proverbial straw...sooner or later there will be enough on that camel to drop it regardless of how awesome the AI and graphics are...but I digress... There's obviously some way of inserting ascii in the game...I would just like to know how it's done. Thanks for the help.
  14. The chat content was all english but then these ASCII characters appeared in someone's chat line (their language was english). I thought at first it might be a glitch in the program, but when I asked about it, they acknowledged that it was intentional and showed me other characters but weren't prepared to explain how it was done. Maybe they had done some scripting or something to allow their program to do this but then I would imagine that they would have got an "altered game files" error.
  15. I had this happen to me before on coop_estrada. We were very near the end of the game and I was in the middle of the compound when, all of a sudden, I dropped right through the map. It was kinda surreal as I looked up and found that I could see the map way above me with the game still in progress (explosions happening and such). I was on Vent at the time with a team-mate and we tested what I was seeing: I told him to launch nades at certain areas of the map and I could see the nades going off exactly where told him to launch them. I couldn't see too much as it looked like I had fallen a good distance below the map and I wasn't able to shoot or scope or anything...I could only observe what was going on above me. It seemed kinda amusing at the time and I'm still kicking myself for not getting a screen shot of the whole ordeal.
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