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  1. I've already tried starting the game using all the disks but all of them just give me the same message. there arent really any problems with any of the disks. I even explored all 3 of them to find out if a 1.4 patch is already included but no luck. gamespot, i believe. DVD RW. That's the only drive I have for using CDs though so if that's the case then I'm pretty much screwed. I have daemon but i never really activate it if i'm not gonna use it. Even more so if I'm gonna use my actual CD drive.
  2. The gold edition i got is the one with 3 cds, not the 2 cd version with the 1.4 patch. I played a few times without the 1.4 patch before and it was fine. The version of the game is 1.3.5 with both expansion packs installed. I felt like I should update the game to 1.4 so I did and suddenly, it doesnt accept any of the CDs anymore. I'm using windows XP, btw. For now, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game again in this order: GR/DS/IT and havent installed the path 1.4 yet.
  3. I have the gold edition of Ghost Recon that has the 3CD set. I've installed ghost Recon, Island Thunder, Desert Siege, then patched it up to 1.4 respectively. Now everytime I try to play the game, it always asks me to insert the original CD even though I already have it. Any help would be nice.
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