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  1. whats the difference between a demolitions and rifleman? I know you did something to Hume that makes him a better shot than the others, hence the Sniper title, but what makes the demo different from all the others? Does he tend to use the grenade launcher more frequently or something?
  2. GR or not, if Clancy isnt doing the approval then I doubt itll be worth the wait. Things never seem to stay rational when hes not breathing down their necks. (sorry for the lack of certain punctuations. Im using a proxy right now since my ISP is kinda screwed up at the moment)
  3. I tried doing the xp_values thing from before. not sure about the other vars but when I set stealth to 16, all of us turn invisible to anyone more than 24 meters away from us when we are in recon mode(and that's only in daylight). I don't how far you are undetectable when using default values but I'm pretty certain it's not as close as when setting them to 16. I also tested Jonathan's AI_precision tweak for the weapons but, sadly, I never really found any noticeable difference between 1 and 10 even when using it on the enemy. Unless, of course, the G36K they are using isn't really the u_g36 or u_g36_compact from the 'weapons' folder inside 'units'. I would understand if it didn't work for my ghost team since the same thing happened in GRAW1 but when it doesn't work for the enemy, that's when I start to wonder about it. Well, at least, the damage points thing work and that was already enough to clear out the balancing issues between ghost and enemy AI, to say the least. @TRC got it. Thanks.
  4. FINALLY!! It worked!! I changed the language from 'English' to 'mymods' and copied the entire 'units' folder into that. I had to do all those just to make sure the problem won't be something apart from the xml itself. I edited the u_teammates again to increase damage points and BOOM! Teammates with heads as hard as tank armor! Now I can finally start tweaking this game again. And since I finally figured out the health bit, maybe I'll focus more on friendly and enemy accuracy this time. I took a look the 'cone for sight' vars. Since it's in the sb_global file, won't that also affect the enemy sight cone?
  5. This is driving me crazy. Things have been going fine while I was still tweaking stuff in GRAW1 but now that I'm using GRAW2, everything I do won't even work! I've even been doing everything the same way I did them in GRAW1. Now I can't even increase the health of my teammates! I seriously need help on this one. Maybe if someone could give me very specific step-by-step instructions on how to increase my team's health, I might find out what I've been doing wrong in the first place. Just to clarify something: I noticed that unlike GRAW1, GRAW2 already has an empty "English" folder inside the "Local" folder. I'm suppose to be adding my edited XMLs there along with all the subfolders right?
  6. @TRC lol. I was actually trying to figure out what the hell you were talking about when you mentioned something about Jonathan and then I found this while using google. Well....I guess that proves that weapon stats DO affect AI performance. The vars in group_manager probably also do but I found them to be not quite effective since I've set the skill_shooting of every enemy, from mercs to SFs, to 10 and they still hit me like mad though I have to admit that the larger spread is quite noticeable when compared to the default. There IS one problem about tweaking the weapon stats though: ...........it doesn't work on the ghosts... Seriously. I tried setting the scar H AI_precision value to 10 but my guys are still pot-shot champs with the damn gun. I'm gonna continue my testing using the enemy AI this time because I find tweaking my Ghost team a waste of time since nothing ever works. (just wanna remind everyone that I'm using GRAW1 so don't suddenly get confused as to why I'm praising the ghost AI accuracy so much. Main reason is because I couldn't get any of my tweaks to work for GRAW2 before though I think I know the problem now. I want to clear things up first with the tweakings before wasting my time installing that game again. It's the same engine anyway so what the hell. ) oh and TRC, please give thread links next time ok?
  7. could you please list down those weapon files you mentioned? I'm also starting to think that the default precision of each weapon are the ones that keep the AI from getting the biggest amount of spread no matter what value I put them in. Kinda strange that AI accuracy also rely on weapon accuracy though since I've never seen any other game that use that kind of policy.
  8. I see. I seem to have them off so it only means that that isn't the problem here. Now would someone care to tell me why the hell is it impossible to mod the accuracy of both my teammates and enemy infantry in both games? Is there some sort of "min-to-max" value that those parameters affecting accuracy can only use? I'm just curious because I just set the spread of my teammates to 100 and they can still snipe 3 guys from 5 blocks away in under 3 seconds by using only a pistol. Now I'm starting to think that even the accuracy edits I did with the enemy never really had any effect at all in the first place.
  9. since I started using mods for GRAW1, I may have already found out why my xml edits haven't been working in GRAW2. I just need to clarify a few things before installing that game again though: Does that 'xmb compilation' thing also apply in GRAW1?
  10. personally, when the ###### hits the fan and I'm suddenly being forced to fight off waves of baddies, I'd rather have guys who can take care of themselves to fight alongside me. Either that or obedient dummies with godlike aim.
  11. yeah. That's probably how it happened. And soul-switching, like kris mentioned, would've probably made things a whole lot better to support the "now obedient" AI. The AI in AW2 is quite similar to the old AI in [GR] in the way that they're really incompetent when handling things by themselves but are very obedient to your orders so a little bit of freedom to give them your personal touch while on the spot would've been nice. Though the [GR] AI, unlike in AW2, could easily snipe guys from far away just by using the iron sights of an M16. (well, that's IF they actually spot the guy first which has been the source of an enormous amount of headaches for me) OR one would move around the cover, start firing at the enemy and just keep firing his gun until either one of them dies because he had somehow forgotten that there's a cover nearby he can use. I'm no stranger to the whole "firing AT cover" incident though. On those few moments where they'll actually duck down behind their cover, they'll immediately forget how to stand-up and keep firing at their cover the moment I give them an assault order.
  12. Yeah, I noticed that. Unfortunately, most of the missions in GRAW2 require less tactics and more in-your-face firefights, which I may add isn't as much of the AI's forte as compared to the first game. Also, It would've been better if they actually knew how to use the cover you give them instead of sticking out like a sore thumb and firing at a guy until they run out of bullets. Heck, they don't even duck while reloading. Although I guess when you look at it closer, it all still boils down to the level designs. To simplify things: it's either the maps need more of the GRAW1 AI OR the GRAW2 AI need more open spaced maps. Either way, one of those still would've been a better combination than the current game. Anyway, this is just a simple rant. I understand that no amount of bickering will ever change what's already been done. I suppose, in the end, I just have to choose if I either want to play GRAW1 that has the strangest PC-to-Engine relations outside ArmA but with AI that's more useful in combat OR GRAW2 with more PC-friendly specs but with AI as useful as bullet magnet gun turrets and linear maps on par with Call of Duty 4. I COULD also just install [GR] again but then I'd have to deal with AI that can't even see a guy in front of him just because a small bush is partially blocking the way. on a side-note: how large do suppressors affect the ghost AI's accuracy? I've never really tried observing them properly while they are not using suppressors but their accuracy is so bad that it's hard not to notice. =/
  13. issues? nothing really. I was just ranting about how stagnant the AI is in GRAW2 compared to the one in GRAW1. I don't even know why this was moved to Mods section....=/ not really necessary since I can run GRAW2 quite well in medium settings(except for low textures).
  14. Has anyone ever noticed that the ghost AI seem to act quite dumber than the last game? To me, it feels like whatever shred of will to live that was present in them in the first game is totally absent here. They still do a good job of covering my back but when things get dirty, they're pretty much useless. I admit that it's finally nice to see them run to cover you specifically assigned them to use but what's the point of doing all that when they don't even use the bloody things? Every time I ask them to fire at will, all they do is stay in one place the entire time and pull out crappy shots at their targets until they either eventually kill the guy or run out of bullets and die from sheer retardation(...and bullets). In the first game, they'll know when to take cover when a hail of bullets come flying at them or,at least, move around alot in order to avoid becoming easy targets. I find this rather disappointing considering the fact that GRAW2 is actually way more linear and action-oriented than the first game(which screams the need for a more reliable and dynamic AI). A fact obvious to anyone after the first 3 missions. Being more used to playing with AI than multiplayer in squad-based games, I actually find GRAW1 to be more enjoyable, performance instabilities aside. It's very straightforward but is, ironically, less linear than the sequel because I find myself in open spaces in GRAW1 alot more than in GRAW2 where you're mostly going through tight alleyways and roads with only the occasional forks to excuse itself as non-linear. The dynamic nature of the AI in the first game also means that all I need to do is point them at a general spot and they'll easily take care of themselves when dealing with infantry without the need of my help just as long as they're always close to each other and not fighting against tanks and MG placements. With the stagnant AI in GRAW2, it feels like I'm being forced to fight more bad guys by myself than I should and usually end up running out of bullets during moments when I need it the most because I can never rely on my team to do anything more than being movable gun placements to cover all sides. Even that one is pretty much useless because the only directions that need cover most of the time are Front and Back and back is already wiped out of enemies unless the developers felt like spawning a scripted group of bad guys to shove bullets up my ass just for giggles, which fortunately never happened when I ran through the campaign. To sum it up, I simply find GRAW2 to be less enjoying the the first game because of the said issues. Compared to GRAW2, the only problems I have with GRAW1 are the solo missions and performance instabilities(i had to set everything at low and off to simply play the game decently while, ironically, in GRAW2 everything is set at medium with only the textures at low and I can still play the game at above average FPS). to note: everything I've said are all based from my experiences with both games. Anyone can easily have a different and possibly polar opposite opinion about all that I have mentioned.
  15. ok. So the game wants to take the route Crysis took in terms of System Requirements. It could've been worse, right?
  16. just to make sure: Are you talking about the "sb_ai_data" and "sb_ghost_ai_data"? Also, how can I increase the accuracy of my teammates? and Is it possible to prevent my teammates from doing the 'diving' and 'sliding' animations?
  17. yeah. i also wanna know how to place the camera abit farther from the player.
  18. maybe someone should tell them that bridges aren't the only ones that the AI keep having pathfinding problems.
  19. oh good. they actually noticed that ArmA's vegetation was a big ###### for us and will try to improve it for the sake of performance.
  20. sorry for not being clear about that. I was actually talking about the setting, as in, the environment and world that the game's events take place. I've already had my fill of that sci-fi style universe with humans in bulky biosuits fighting against various types of alien races.
  21. yeah. DoW also caught my attention some time last year when I learned that it was very similar to CoH. The only thing that kept me from playing it though was the fact that I've somehow already grew tired of the setting the game used(most probably because of all the countless games of starcraft I've played until I eventually lost my interest).
  22. I wonder if Codemasters will even pull it off. Oh and for some reason, I think I've also read something similar for ArmA2. Hopefully, all this hype won't end becoming a competition on who can make the better graphics. (as what happens in most games ) One more thing: I applaud that website for actually giving the job of previewing the game to someone who is experienced on the genre. I've witnessed countless times when a major gaming website randomly chooses one of his employees to review delicate genres like tactical-shooters and end up submitting a review that does nothing but rant about every aspect of the game because he found it "too hard".
  23. yeah. It mostly depends on what kind of RTS game the person prefers. Personally, I suck at being a tactician so games like CoH where there's more focus on personally controlling units instead of finding out the best way to manage resources and build the right structures at the right time is a Godsend to me.
  24. I also suggest CoH since it's pretty easy to learn and the usual rigmarole present in other RTS games (i.e. resource hogging and structure building) are very simplified. There's so much more focus on micro-managing your units that it feels like playing point-click MMOs but with more guys under your control. Imagine "Full Spectrum Warrior" but in an even bigger scale. If you want to know how much focus this game has in micro more than anything else, let me just say that in most cases while fighting against AI, simply 1 or 2 tanks plus 5 or more squads of well upgraded and well micro-managed riflemen can easily win you the battle. oh and just a friendly thought, never expect to get in RTS games the same adrenaline rush you find in FPS games. no matter how exciting an RTS game like CoH can be, it's still a tactician's game, which means more braincells working and less blood pumping.
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