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  1. The 'Leader' achievement requires me to finish the mission with all my teammates uninjured. With the current interface, I'm essentially wasting my time trying to finish a mission since I can never know whether my teammates are really injured or not.
  2. I'm actually quite the opposite. I'm almost always crouching throughout the mission unless a situation requires me to stand (usually only lasts for about a second or two though). But then again, I AM playing for score so meh. When I was talking about realism being logically possible, I meant it to be black and white as in realistic or unrealistic. Talking from personal experience, I've honestly yet to find anything realistic about this game besides the common knowledge that gunshots kill people. When I first played this game years ago, I've experienced so much frustrations that I eventually reached a point were 'realism' and real-world logic are the only things I never ever think about when playing this game. It's weird for me to say this but aside from the Solid Snake missions and Rail-shooter moments, the console version actually made a lot more sense than this game.....and that's just wrong. Anyway... Progress Update: I am currently grinding through mission 5 at the moment. While my stealth scores are WAAAAY better than they were in mission 4, my major problem right now is getting the 'Leader' achievement. There are just too many ambush scripts that require me to use my teammates, not to mention the big gunfight at the last part. I could possibly work my way through the last part by going at it solo to keep my teammates out of harm's way but I fear that doing that may kill other aspects of my score. Honestly though, I've had more trouble monitoring the status of my teammates than keeping them undamaged. I blame it mostly on the interface. While it does include a health bar of every teammate, that bar doesn't output the damage accurately enough. To put it simply, a single bullet that hits my guys will count towards my final score yet I won't have any way to know that until the end of the mission because all there health bars still appear to be full even though they've been damaged already. My point is if the game is gonna punish me for every single damn papercut that my teammates get, why can't I atleast know their status in a more detailed manner instead of just showing me a vaguely defined health bar? I honestly never had this kind of problem in the console version because any damage they take always turns them to a yellow status and they ALWAYS notify me when they get hit.
  3. Well, I'm only playing this game again just for the score so it's really disappointing that there are some areas that will never reward you with perfection simply because of how the mission was built. Mission 4 is one of those and I don't even know why. Maybe its the tank that can instantly detect your presence and constantly whale on you the second you expose a square inch of your body (i.e. thank god for smoke grenades). Or maybe it's the spawn script of the enemies themselves since I've noticed that majority of enemy spawns are ambushers that already know my position for some arbitrary reason. I don't know and I don't really care anymore. I'm moving on to mission 5 and the rest. I doubt playing this game realistically is even logically possible. Your teammate AI is already counterintuitive enough that applying real world logic to their performance will just give you a kick in the balls almost all the time. That's only in GRAW 1. Things work pretty differently in GRAW 2 (although they aren't any less unrealistic). The enemies in GRAW 2 have a disease that someone I know would call 'Metal Gear Solid Henchmen Syndrome'. It's a disease where opponents can't see anything past 30 meters in front of them. In GRAW 2, every human enemy, including snipers, have this disease. Therefore, as long as you are in a crouching position (the game apparently considers this as 'stealth mode') and is positioned beyond a 30 meter distance from an enemy, you can take your time to line up a shot and the sniper won't ever notice you. This logic doesn't seem to apply to the last mission though. Apparently, every enemy there has bionic cyber vision that can spot your exposed fingernail from behind a car 9000 yards away. I'm predicting that this will be the same as mission 4 in a way that it'll be impossible for me to achieve a perfect score.
  4. And now for an update Here are the missions I've done so far. I've honestly given up on mission 4. I just can't find a way to up my stealth rating. I don't even have a good idea on how it works, to be honest. Does switching your teammates to Assault affect the stealth rating?
  5. Playing lone wolf is definitely hard although the benefit of doing so leaves a lot to be desired. Like I said before, the score of your support crew influence your overall rank so ignoring them is simply not a good thing when going for perfection. I've yet to test whether or not this also applies when you start the mission solo though so I'll be doing that when I have time. SCAR-H Sniper-ad? What? Is that like a scope add-on for the SCAR-H? Does it also include all the other assault rifles? I've always been ######(<---- LOL ) at the fact that the PC GRAW was limited to dot sights even though the console version had magnified scopes so this interests me a bit.
  6. Stock campaign actually. I just thought that since I spent time racking up highscores in the console version that it would make sense for me to do the same here in the PC version. I've yet to encounter a mission where I received anything less than an S Ranking but since there are still those title achievements that I can't seem to light up, I've been thinking about finishing missions on the highest difficulty with an S rank as well as all achievements acquired. I'm not exactly sure how I'm suppose to do that though since even the instruction manual doesn't elaborate on how the achievements work so any information about that would be well appreciated. As for where mods are concerned...I'm not that eager to download some at the moment but I've already browsed the mods section in advanced and I'm thinking that I'll most likely be going for the OTS view mod and the custom SP missions (assuming those things allow me to use AI teammates) in the near future. I honestly don't have any reason to use custom weapons at the moment given the circumstances I've mentioned previously and anything regarding online is out of the question since lag is one hell of a killer for me. By the way, could anyone care to remind me how to unlock all the weapons for the early missions? I'm not too fond of riflemen but there's just no point in using a grenadier when the M32 isn't even available yet. UPDATE It's not the highest difficulty but its a start From what I experienced, it's very possible to get all achievements by doing the missions by yourself but the ranking seems to get hurt alot from this. I'm not sure if whether the mission time or support units score factor in on the results. If it's simply the later, then I guess it's a good thing the game is encouraging you to use your teammates instead of going in solo. Hopefully, the mission time doesn't count on the final grade because urgency is the very least thing I need in this game.
  7. It's been 2-3 years since I've touched this game. At best, it feels kind of refreshing after getting owned a lot on mission 1 on normal difficulty. I said "owned" instead of "killed" because my standards include teammate deaths as a sign of defeat. Anyway, the hard part for me wasn't really about the difficulty curve as much as it was remembering every darn limitation the team AI had. It wasn't long before I got used to the whole thing again though and I somehow even managed to enjoy myself more than when I used to play it back then. Most likely, few of my old as well as recent discoveries about this game had something to do with it. The reason I started playing this game again was that I just recently finished unlocking every SP campaign decoration of the PS3 version. That game was actually pretty fun and probably the only things I hated about it were the annoying Narcom videos, your even more annoying stereotypical general, and the even MORE annoying stereotypical mexican loyalists. So perhaps the single most reason that led me to play the PC version? 3 words: No Narcom Mod. that was pretty much it in a nutshell. After playing two very different version of a single game, it would be perfectly normal for any person to start making comparisons in their minds. In my case, the first thing I thought about was the team AI. The GRAW series in the consoles constantly shoved down our throats the concept that taking cover during a firefight is key to survival and your team really does a good job of utilizing that concept. While the concept still stays the same for your character in the PC version, it's surprisingly the complete opposite for your teammates. So much so that they actually reminded me of [GR]'s team AI. In fact, GRAW2 PC is almost like a miniature version of [GR] if only because two of the frustrations I experienced in this game bear much resemblance to the same ones I've had in [GR]. Any form of obstacle becomes a total hindrance to the team AI's attacking capabilities and once the opponents start shooting first, your team is practically screwed. I'm not saying that the AI completely sucks though. Unlike what most people think, your team actually have more uses than simply guys that cover your back. In my opinion, they are a very formidable bunch once you start pulling the right levers. With all that said though, the AI's backwards logic really gives an awkward feel to the game. Instead of normally trying to drop targets from concealment, the most effective way of fighting enemies using your team is by having them stationed right out in the open where the clearest trajectory between them and the enemy exists. I wish I was kidding but I swear, this really really works. Take for example the mission "The Price of Peace". Before the end is a church where you get bum rushed from two sides of the park. Right before the ambush starts, have your guys form at the center of the park where they can clearly see the streets that the bad guys are going to come out from and have them set to assault. Once all hell breaks lose, you can pretty much just hide behind a wall and constantly pick your nose while your team wipes out an entire battalion of mercenaries until the evac trucks roll in. It looks totally ridiculous but it works. One thing I've always wondered about GRAW 2 on both versions are the weapons. Both versions provide you with a great number of weapons to choose from yet I keep asking myself which one should I really be using, specifically the rifles. They all have different looks but the only way for me to differentiate them all in terms of functionality is a very brief description below them and these things don't even really say much about anything. When I used to be an avid Rainbow Six player, I could always pick out which gun I want to use because they all had numerical stats that clearly differentiate them from one another. From those graphs, I could easily figure out which gun was the most damaging, most accurate, or has the least recoil, etc. After trying out every weapon in GRAW 2 console, I just kept using the RX4 in the end simply because it was the first weapon on the selection screen. Even in the PC version today, I just pick the RX4 again simply because I'm used to how it looks and that's it. I just wish the interface actually explained to me more about each weapon so I would at least know what I'm getting myself into whenever I'm choosing a weapon layout for me and my crew. Nitpicking aside, I still think both games are fun. I really like playing a single mission over and over again until I start forming routines that go with the mission's flow. The console version kept score at every end of a mission and sometimes I would play a mission repeatedly simply to find out how high a score I can get. It's a shame that the PC version doesn't have something similar except for the achievement titles. It would've been nice to have something else contribute to replay value instead of just the fun factor but whatever. The game is fun and I'm gonna keep playing it until I grow tired of it.
  8. So.......sisnce it's been out for a good while now, I wanna know if anyone here has played it yet. What are your constructive thoughts about it?
  9. So how is the development going? Are things looking good? BTW, will this also come in the consoles? I'm excited about this game but I don't think I can afford buying a new rig just to play next-gen games. Off-topic: It's been a while since I posted in this forum. It feels nice visiting this place again.
  10. Wow. You've totally missed the point of what I said. I never mentioned anything about "realism" in both setting and gameplay. All I said was that if this new crap turn out to have a better story than AC5 because AC5 had the best story of any fighter plane game I've ever played IMO, then all hats off to Ubisoft. In terms of actual gameplay realism though, I would expect them to give us the usual half-baked idea of the concept if I were you. I haven't seen any gimmicks being implemented yet though so maybe we'll be seeing a decent down-to-earth game this time......................hopefully......
  11. nice sniping + awesome looking takedown move = damn good TV
  12. air warrior? you mean this guy? not far from possibility i guess. but on a side-note, if ubi is planning on doing a Hollywood style aircraft game, then they're running into Ace Combat territory. If they can beat AC5 in terms of story then hats off to them.
  13. It's something I kinda noticed when I first played the game. In GRAW1, Scott had the impression of being the typical "down to earth SF dude just doing his job". It's something I already accepted and respected in all aspects but when GRAW2 arrived, he suddenly turned into Clint Eastwood (scruffy voice and all). Which is particularly strange because I honestly find no reason for such a drastic change in character personality. I guess the only possible logic I could conjure up is simple lack of sleep (or too much use of steroids) because story stated that the ghost team got deployed again right after their previous fanfare at Mexico City. just my 2 cents on the matter.
  14. that crap flash thingy looks like a hint of another GRAW game to me. I hope I'm wrong though since I don't think Ubi would be THAT stupid to go towards using the 'EA Strategy' of releasing the same game every bloody year. (though the current generations of GR and R6 games seem to draw out the impression )
  15. Great. Ubisoft finally has 100% rights to let all the franchises into a single universe for them to kill each other and suddenly join forces to defend earth from the incoming alien menace............ok wait. That's just my imagination running wild now. I don't think that's far from happening any time soon though. Anyway. I never really had any attachment to Ubisoft and the 2 series are just average shooters now. No biggie. There's still ArmA and GB (not to mention the old R6 and GR games) anyway. wait a minute. He never wanted to write the R6 book? Well that's pretty stupid of him. It was actually a breath of fresh air after all the repetitive stuff he had written before it. Personally, R6 is still my favorite book (except for the crappy ending). I never knew he had such poor foresight. I guess all he cares about are writing books that have good ol' America killing off bad Russians, Chinese, and Arab insurgents. That's just my opinion though.
  16. ooooh....thaaaat...... sorry. I was always under the impression that that mod was only for multiplayer.
  17. sorry I'm not updated with GR.net stuff. May I ask what mod is this you're doing?
  18. I never really considered [GR] or R6 to be the holy grail of tactical shooters and as long as other companies are still interested in that market, that's already enough to keep me satisfied. Though frankly, even if ditching [GR] for OFP and ArmA was easy, I honestly still can't find a good substitute for the old R6 games. SWAT was alright for a while but it never really had that sense of urgency that real SWAT operations have. About Ubisoft being a bad company or not, lemme first say that I judge games by either being a good tacsim or being ridiculously fun. While ubi has obviously ditched the former, I can safely say that they are still good at performing the later(most of the time anyway) so they're not exactly bad. Not great but good, at most. Anyways.... BOTTOM LINE: As long as a company is still interested with the hardcore tacsim market, anything Ubisoft says about the tacsim community won't worry me one bit.
  19. that is SWEET. it almost feels like cheating lol.
  20. this is why i'm always the M99 carrier of my team so whenever they dont feel like using their zeus, I'll just turn the bloody thing to swiss cheese with my trusty rifle. I DO have to admit that choppers in GRAW2 are kinda bit more tougher than they were in GRAW1. In graw1, firepower from both the ghost team and marines (thanks to Mirr's mod) brought down a chopper within seconds by only using small arms fire before i even noticed it while in graw2, the game tends to demand that you use high caliber rounds just to scratch the damn thing.
  21. I guess I'll just ask someone there how to isolate that part of the mod. well I tried changing the values of the u_g36 before but I never saw any difference in enemy precision.
  22. Sorry for being slow since I've just noticed this recently but I honestly want to know why everyone got so hyped up when both GRAW and GRAW2 got released and then talk about those like their the next big thing in innovation or something when all I see in those two games is Ghost Recon 2 but with better graphics and animation. I dunno. Just wondering about that.
  23. that'll help. Just to add to the mix: what about adding an RPG-7 to the selections for backpack? I think i'll just use the hud settings. thanks. sad I wonder how Jonathan managed to pull it off? just to verify: the weapons with 'ai_precision' var are all in the 'units/weapons' folder right? are there any other places with those vars? when I did my testing, I only changed the values in the g36 and g36c files. Do I have to change the values of all the weapons just to notice any effects?
  24. need someone to teach me how to: -allow all weapons to be available at every mission during weapon selection. -remove all blue and green diamond markers. -edit the ai_precision var on each weapon. (it doesn't seem to work so I may be doing something wrong) to mods: feel free to move this to the right mod section since I can't seem to figure out a proper place to put this.
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