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  1. I'm surprised that people here have only found out about the Metal Gear Solid series just recently. You guys might want to check out the 4th game if you have a PS3. It's a pretty good stealth game and is WAY better than Conviction as a stealth game. The game itself is quite heavy on the story segments though with cutscenes that can last for a little over 30 minutes and the story itself can get pretty crazy most of the time. It can also get very confusing if you haven't followed the story since MGS1. It's still a very fun game overall though and the online multiplayer can get pretty interesting at times because of the SOP system you can use to keep track of your teammates.

    If you guys are interested, MGS3 is a PS2 game set within the cold war and is basically a prelude to the series' entire story. A camouflage system is also used there in the form of different patterned BDUs and facepaints. Since the premise is a Solo Sneaking Mission within the Russian mountain wilderness, you also need to hunt down local flora and fauna for food to keep your stamina at peak condition. I suggest playing the "Subsistence" version of the game though because that one brought a lot of improvements to the original game as well as an adjustable third-person camera similar to MGS4. The story can get pretty crazy there too but not as frequent as 4 though.

    So yeah. If I'm being completely apathetic towards everything Ubisoft has pulled out of its sleeves about Future Soldier, that's because I know a ton of games that have done the same Sci-Fi features before but in a much MUCH better and more entertaining way. The Metal Gear Solid series are just some of those games.

    By the way, MGS also used to have a form of Optic Camouflage (aka invisibility gizmo) in the story but has just recently steered away from using them on living subjects by the 4th game because the technology apparently gave users a very small amount of radiation sickness. (You can still unlock it as a special item in-game though lol).

    And just to reiterate how crazy the story can get: The 'Mother of the US Special Forces' during the cold war uses a sawed-off M16 fitted with a drum magazine that never runs out of ammo and she fires it with only one hand.......... So yeah. That's crazy enough by itself and that's just the tip of the iceberg. :rofl:

  2. I wondered why the ghost is not fully cloaked. I read in CVG's feature:xbox article that the thermoptic camouflage only really aids the Ghosts to get close enough to unleash their new brand of physical hurt. However, when you fire your weapon, the camo switches off and you become detectable.

    It's called a bad/lazy/uncreative attempt at gameplay balancing. It makes as much sense as having to break someone's neck just to be given the liberty to shoot multiple targets in quick succession. :rocky:

  3. Optical camo – or the predator suit as it's known to anyone outside of Ubisoft - is the most instantly dazzling of the new tools...

    Which means that combat in Future Soldier will more often than not involve getting up close and personal, and that's where the new Exoskeleton comes in handy. Again, Ubisoft has run with existing technology and come up with an all-singing, all-dancing version that grants the wearer astounding agility even as they carry up to 300 lbs of equipment, and frees them up to engage in a little Krav Maga should things get too intimate.

    Looks like I'm gonna be that guy from Crysis again. I hope Jason Statham is in on the joke too.

    Favourites from Ghost Recons past also return. The cross-com is back, its primary purpose being the control of UAVs or to pilot the enhanced Drones.

    Will it come with the Narcom again? Because everyone suuuure loved that one! :thumbsup:

    Enough fooling around though. Seriously, how about if all of us here promised right now to expect nothing from this game but a cheesy and campy action flick? It'll definitely save us from a lot of headaches later on. Ok, maybe that's a bit too harsh. Who knows? Maybe the story, pacing, and atmosphere this time will actually be pretty good. I'm just saying that all of us here should finally realize right now that [GR] is in the past and there is no way in hell that Ubisoft can (or will) even attempt to recapture that magic from the old days. Let's just...take what we can get from this and find something fun about it (assuming that the game turns out to be good anyway).

    From a gameplay standpoint though, I'm still on the fence on what to expect from this game judging from past experiences from the most recent clancy games. GRAW2 was pretty fun (and it still is actually) but I always had to turn the volume down just to avoid any painful effects from the incredibly cheesy voice-acting. Rainbow Six Vegas on the other hand was nothing but a heavily scripted corridor shooter that was as bland as they could come and with the advent of COD4 which is basically within the same genre, I just couldn't find any more reason to play this game again. The fact that actual gameplay footage is non-existent yet doesn't help in formulating my expectations either.

    In conclusion, I'm just going to shrug this game off for the moment given the lack of information. However, I must say that the recent trailer looks nice in showing off the new features and if the dev team is sophisticated enough into weaving these things properly into the levels instead of blatantly shoehorning them in crappy scripted sequences that will do nothing but present them as useless gimmicks, we might actually end up with a pretty good game here. If the team that did Assassin's Creed 2 managed to learn from past experiences and actually IMPROVED the product by a pretty good margin, there's no reason why this team can't do the same thing.

  4. I was trying to address that. The modern snipers, have no need for these long range shots, hence the semi auto rifles.

    EDIT: They dont ALWAYS need long range shots.

    Thus, there's not need for rangefinders and range cards and the likes. Asking what snipers carry, is asking what they do these days, as they carry what the mission calls for.

    METT-TC Mission Enemy Terrain Troops Time Civilian considerations.

    That one acronym will answer any and every question in regards to military equipment, think rhetorically about the situation, and you can gather equipment used.

    At what ranges are we talking about here approximately? 600-800 yards or closer?

  5. Thank you for the replies.

    I've been running my own little exercises using simulators these past few days and while I'm already used to the brute force number crunching, I'm slowly coming to realize that there's just no comparing to weather/ballistics software when it comes to pinpoint precision. Seriously... even just 50 feet of altitude difference can really screw up a good adjustment. Even mil-dot range estimating can be a real killer since I've had A LOT of experiences where I get errors by about 60 yards just because I screwed up my readings by 1/20th of an inch. 1/20th!! :wall:

    *sigh* All of that is just part of the job, I guess. I'm just worried that with all the extra ballistics software I've been adding to my exercises lately, I may already be relying way too much on technology without even realizing it so I just had to ask about this. I'm actually glad to hear that the extra gear is really worth carrying out in the field.

  6. I was wondering what are the more common practices that snipers/spotters do in the field these days when preparing for their shots.

    Do they carry range cards, memorize it all from the get-go, or are portable ballistics calculators more common in the field these days?

    Mil-dot ranging, scopes with ranging reticules, or laser rangefinders?

    Portable weather monitoring instruments, or the age old practice of personally getting in sync with mother nature?

    Calculators or mental number crunching? <-- (I just realized that this part alone is worth having an extra person around. :wall::rofl: )

  7. In the News Section, there used to be an article about a huge weapons mod compilation complete with a PDF file just below the article containing Rahnmans Weapons Mod for GRAW 2. Now I can't see it anywhere for some reason. Can anyone please confirm this?

    I'm sorry a can't give a specific name since I never really took interest in it until just recently after it disappeared.

  8. Parabellum's tutorial was really helpful in making me understand the game's damage model and velocity formulas but there are a few of his explanations that I could never understand on my own.


    Velocity at x range (in meters), where I use 100 for rifles, 200 for sniper rifles, 50 for sub-machine guns, and 25 for handguns

    Exactly what is the value being used in 'x range'? Is it the same value you put in the weapon's 'Max Range'?

    One other thing: How would you know what the actual velocity of the bullet at that given range is? Is there an existing real life document somewhere that has recorded the velocity of each and every ammo type at certain distances?


    Damage Table

    Find the appropriate chance of wounding from a center-mass hit at the muzzle on the left, and look to the total damage value on the right.

    I'm sorry if this may sound incredibly stupid but I just can't understand what the idea being expressed by the sentence above is. Would someone be so kind as to explain/rephrase it for me?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

  9. In all honesty, the one thing I like about the enemy AI in GR is that they don't have Quickdraw McGraw shooting reflexes that has plagued Rainbow Six since conception as well as most standard shooters these days (note: Modern Warfare 2 is titanically notorious for this). Even on Elite difficulty, I can still have a decent (and survivable) CQB scenario with or without the grenade launcher if only because the AI doesn't pop my head less than a split second after they spot me.

  10. i guess not all snipers wear ghillie suits - depends on the terrain - typically in afghanistan and iraq you prolly wouldnt need it to blend into the environment

    The thing is I'm also using the Centcom people when playing the original GR missions and in maps that normally give them ghillie suits, they only wear standard outfits with woodland camo.

    Although, it makes sense if the suit was thrown out completely since the mod is totally focused on Afghanistan anyway.

    in relation to Recon not working though - im not sure why that is failing - maybe someone else knows better

    When playing with regular GR without mods, AIs on recon tend to start shooting at anything that gets way too close for comfort regardless if the enemy has already fired or not (according to my experience anyway) so maybe increasing the spot distance might have increased that "danger" range too. This is just a hunch though.

  11. So the target just stays there for the rest of the mission right?

    Yeah, the mortar strikes were pretty cool. It's a great way to encourage stealthy playing IMO.

    I managed to accidentally figure out about the Max Spot Range thing. It's a pretty funny parameter because once two people get within spotting distance from each other, the AI's ROE programming gets thrown out the window regardless if the enemy has actually been alerted or not. Kinda reminds me of the guys from Predator that arbitrarily shoot wildly into the jungle for no apparent reason. :rofl:

    By the way, I noticed that the regular snipers for both Sniper Team and CentCom don't wear Ghillie Suits anymore. Any reason why that is?

  12. lol haha ok, sounds good :D , in fact i would never imagine that there were still 4:3 users in the world

    Yeah. Well...I only use one HDTV for all my display needs and my PS3 is already occupying the only HDMI slot so I still have to stick to 4:3 for my PC. :D

    yeh Mark although it may not be totally realistic the purpose of the tournament was to create the true sniper environment where he would use a spotter to assist.

    and being a 2 man tournament it was designed to be a true coop and team work experience - totally balanced. one with the cqb and wide peripheral vision but couldnt hit anything at range - relying on his sniper to protect him from long range threats - and vice-versa.

    we believe we succeeded in what we were aiming for and i think the players felt that too.

    Yep. I definitely felt that too. :rofl:

    Anyway, I just finished playing Taipan Strike and here are my thoughts:

    First of all, I noticed the friendly AI to be more eager at shooting than they normally are. Perhaps a bit too eager actually. The cause of most of my game reloads came from one AI suddenly shooting someone even though it's out of his gun's accurate range and all hell broke loose. All of these also happened when that certain AI was suppose to be on recon mode. Regardless of how annoying that was, I'm still impressed that the AI can actually engage at longer ranges compared to the default ones that only shoot guys that are already at spitting distance to them. Is it part of the map configuration or something? because I'm actually trying to figure out how to make my guys detect hostiles from more than 100 meters. I need it when I have to kill 2-3 guys at the same time from extreme distances. I also noticed the lack of solid bushes so thanks to that. It helps with the AI's detection skills.

    As great as the mission was, there were two things I didn't like about it. For one, the starting zone is too awfully close to enemy patrol routes. In fact, the first fatal mistake I made was bringing more than one squad along. The story was that I left the demo team at the starting point while my sniper scouted ahead for enemy patrols. A few minutes later after my sniper reached Vantage Point A, I was suddenly notified that my demo team was getting hit with mortar fire and the guy carrying all the charges died. Game Over. For all I know, they probably got spotted by either some random patrol group or an armor moving down the road JUST A FEW FEET AWAY FROM US. It's the same problem I had with Sniper Team's first actual mission wherein an enemy jeep suddenly bursts from out of nowhere and tears me to shreds less than a minute after the mission had started. Maybe the next time they send guys behind enemy lines, High Command should probably think twice before dropping off their guys by the main highway where everyone passes by.

    My second problem is honestly more of a personal dilemma and it's quite possible that the mission scripting already balanced it out. Basically, the high-profile target arrives just too soon after the mission starts. Maybe he is already scripted to stay in the Mosque forever until I put a bullet to his head but from what I understood from the briefing, I was under the impression that his business inside there was going to be short and I would have to take him out quickly which was why I started feeling totally screwed from severe time pressure after the notice of his arrival appeared and I was still more than halfway from the nearest possible firing spot.

    Which reminds me....one puzzling thing that happened to me during the mission was that, when the target arrived at the Mosque, he simply hung out by his car which almost ###### me off because the spot he parked his car was completely out of view from both the two recommended sniping positions. I eventually got a good angle by the farm area soon after. I'm not sure if the mission was intentionally programmed that way and those two sniping positions were meant to be completely useless but I don't mind that much since an incident like that can actually happen in real life.

    Anyway, it's not exactly perfect but it's still a great mission nonetheless. Besides, it's an assassination mission and that's my most favorite part when playing as a sniper. I'm just grateful it didn't have a 'Stay Stealthy' requirement like the one from Sniper Team because my AI teammates sure have itchy trigger fingers regardless of the ROE.

    By the way. It seems that the scope masks went back to normal sizes once I placed Centcom as a higher priority. Awesome. Now I can use the M200 without having to switch to my binoculars every 2 seconds. (That Cheytac .408 IS an M200 right? Because it sure looks alot like one.)

    There's something that puzzles me about CentCom's Specialists. Why is it that the Splinter Cell clone with the lame M4 ACOG gets to be sniper while the guy with M14 EBR is only a rifleman thug? :(

  13. This mod was created as a "two man" tournament, so basically sniper shouldnt be able to do spotter`s work (very limited scope mask for all rifles then) and the spotter shouldnt be able to do sniper`s work (bad medium / long range accuracy for all his weapons then), so coop had to be used by all teams. The two participants of each team - playing as sniper and spotter, had to work as a real team to get the missions done - no shortcuts here. ;)

    So it's basically a handicap that forces snipers to rely on spotters then huh. That kind of sucks....but I guess I can't complain though since that's the purpose of the whole thing. :unsure:


    I just realized why my scope mask looks like a *Deleted. It seems that the textures were using widescreen versions by default. Switching it to 4:3 finally fixed my problem. It still looks forcefully handicapped IMO but at least it's a lot more bearable now.

    I'm also about to start fiddling with the centcom pack. I'll share my impressions after a few decent hours of playing.

    *Staff edit for content. This type of content is not appropriate in these forums. :nono:

  14. I've been trying to download centcom since yesterday actually but filefront keeps being stubborn and I just now managed to start the actual download process. By the way, if someone tells me that Centcom has an Mk14 SD and a Cheytac M200 SD, I'll be a very happy man. :D

    I got lucky finished downloading Sniper Team and while I like it even though I don't have a spotter, I still have to ask: What the hell is with the scopes? I admit I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure rifle scopes don't use tubes the size of a *Deleted. :blink:

    *Staff edit for content. This type of content is not appropriate in these forums. :nono:

  15. I'm looking for some dedicated single-player stalking/sniping but since this place has once again given me a really excellent case of an information overload headache, I'm here asking for help. The most I can get on my own are a few weapon mods containing rifles I like as well as The Longest Kill mission pack (I soon realized the later to be a no-brainer :rofl: ). I was wondering if anyone else who has had more experience in GR sniping mods could give me a few more recommendations to consider.

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