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  1. 1. Both of my children. Sorry but one of them plays minecraft, he cannot help it I have tried flogging torture starvation but he he will not stop. 2. The GB team, they rock. 3. Anyone with the gumption to wear a Uniform of the British Armed Forces. I could happily rearange the order.
  2. I was happily surprised it was better than the critics had me believe
  3. Voted definately not going to purchase, if in the future the DRM does get cracked I may buy the game from the bargain bin
  4. SP is awesome but unluckily the mp is still broke, Steam users and disc users cannot mp together without really silly graphic issues At our place some ppl put some proper time into this for £5 it's a steal
  5. On sound. I've given the game some time now and atmospheric sound is great but in MP directional sound is not a patch on GRAW, it makes sooo much diference being able to hear enemies reloading, kicking cans etc and using sound to zoom straight towards enemies completely missing in BF3. Its a pity cos it would add an enermous ammount to a very good game. Generally I've had a blast playing with our crowd and I would really recommend it just for MP and friends tell me COOP is very enjoyable as well.
  6. We have reduced the vehicles cos that was the majority view, this may not be permanent we will suk it and see I guess. We would welcome opinion on this from anyone here even if you don't post at our forums we read GR.NET. I am still not sure about this game, graphically it is just awesome but I'm having issues hearing ppl around me I'm not sure if the directional sound is as good as GRAW is and this bothers me. The coop bit surpisingly is my fav part so far.
  7. Pffft I played 20 mins of beta and it blew my socks off OK you will get the hackers and dolphin rubbish but not on well run servers, very very much lookin forward to some good games
  8. Is it about pricing? The last 18 months new games have been reasonably priced for PC, shift 2 £25 pre release etc etc (ok MP is broke but thats a different issue). Console gamers have crap tech and are being ripped off on prices of new games. PPL have said time and time again if the pricing is fair for music, films and games less ppl will be bothered downloading dodgy copies.
  9. The link is for the Armaholic post with decent instructions Tink just RTFM mate All of the Lingor related stuff is simple unRAR and open it up the @ folder (@lingor1.1 for example) place in the Arma root mate jobs a gud one. There is usually someone on our TS that could help like the lads have said. If you play coop properly on the Lingor Island you will need the Digital Compass and STHUD mods they rock, if you don't have them look on Armaholic or ask on our TS.
  10. Armaholic links for mods required to play Lightspeeds GR IT missions Lingor 1.1 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10792 African Foliage http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8523 Mbg Buildings http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11836 ibr plants http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=addons&id=1611 Lingor units http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13053&highlight=LINGOR+UNITS
  11. We had a bash at the first two yesterday, a lot of fun. There were spaces as not everyone turned up and there is already talk of another go this Wednesday UK time. Well made missions with more than a feel of GR accordinging to those that played both.
  12. FYI L4D2 is the latest fad at our place do drop in
  13. Halli means it never runs out of ammo I think it's called 'gibfest' mode/setting
  14. When they charge what they do for new games it's not surprising the lengths ppl will go to get around the security, I wouldn't be too sure this will never happen on xbox either lol
  15. Crouch Friday same password as COD4, who can remember it?
  16. Perhaps I shouldn't have been so flippant, I do think capital punishment should be acceptable for murder but stoning is abhorent to me. Some aspects of Sharia punishments don't upset me so much and I believe in deterrents, how many thieves would there be if the second conviction for theft was the removal of a hand? Soz for off topic
  17. It's nice to see young ppl so active about wearing the poppy, it will be interesting seeing my 12 year old daughters reaction to Hollister when seeing this
  18. They should be stoned, oops that's medieval right and doesn't happen in a civilised country hmmmm
  19. KRambo has a temp fix for lag stuff but I am loath to post link cos it's on the sweariest forum on planet I also miss crouch Friday There is a word at end of Mark's post I didn't steal
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