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  1. If there are vehicle mods that you know of that an actor can be placed inside of, this would be ideal. Please let me know. I do have this line set to 2.000000. You better take cover when this ROT_Claymore explodes. The blast radius is also set to 30 Vs. 15. Now this, I have to look into. Migryder also suggested the teleporting once the actor was dead so you wouldn't see the blood stain. Isn't that what you meant Migryder? I didn't think he'd be able to be killed if he was invisible to game. I've actually found a bug in the original embassy map, where you can see the hidden tangos down at the bank vestibule, as well as up around the corner from the helicopter crash. What I've found is if you shoot at the tangos who are supposed to be invisible, the game crashes (multiplayer anyway). And yes, he's a hostage actor with a noweapon kit. I didn't know that could be done. I'll look into that. Now that is an excellent point, however, there are kit restrictions on this mission that only allow a machine gun and a modified claymore. The only way a frag would kill the invisible Forrest is if a tango shot it. Every one of the 50 tangos in the mission is an 'elite_ak47' actor with an 'ak47/gl' kit. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Anymore instructions on the teleporting of the actor into the tank would be very helpful. I have tried the 'entervehicle' command and no dice.
  2. I think one or more of the following commands help to keep the actor from being distracted by enemy fire: Alertness: Bored Combat ROE: Recon Movement ROE: Advance Pace: Walk I've tested it a few times, and the schmoe follows his tank no matter what else is going on. I think I've created a Forrest Gump of GR tangos ("Because you told me to, drill sar-geant!") As for the vehicle stopping, when it does, Forrest Gump does as well. And he always stays within a meter of the tank, whether he runs to one side or the other, or directly behind. I added details in the briefing indicating that the most succeptable part of the tank is the rear, so that is where the team should place the claymore. Not that I know anything about tanks, but it sounded good. As for the vehicle stopping and shooting the player with it's MG, that's the challenge. The tank does turn it's turret and try to shoot you, but if you move quickly enough, you can place the mine and get out of sight, and the tank will resume it's route. It's impossible to kill the invisible Forrest Gump with gunfire for whatever reason. Claymore's yes, bullets no. The bumping problem exists when you run through (over) the shadow of the invisible Forrest Gump. You think you're running straight, then you get diverted, as if you ran into the back of a team member and shucked to one side. In addition, Forrest is a chatterbox. It would be nice to shut him up. This part I do not understand. I thought about this, but I thought this might make it difficult for him to keep up with the tank with his little legs.
  3. DONE!!!!!! Okay, the invisible character worked! Thanks Niccola! I gave the actor the following attributes: Alertness: Bored Combat ROE: Recon Movement ROE: Advance Pace: Walk I don't know if these attributes were necessary, but I threw them in nonetheless. I gave the actor a FOLLOW command so he would walk 1 meter behind the tank as the tank followed a path. I created a "DEATH ACTOR" trigger which resulted in a "DESTROY VEHICLE" response. I walked between the tank and the actor, laid the claymore, took cover, and tripped the trigger. Boom! The tank was toast: There was a nasty blood spot where the actor used to be: Here's the only flaw I see: Now I know what GWRS meant when he said, "You can bump on him". I did bump into him. Plus as you can see in the picture, his shadow was plain as day. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While I'm here, any way to get rid of the shadow alltogether?
  4. Maybe an actor can be created that is not visible (and doesn't move). Either a friendly, a tango, or even a smaller vehicle. The demo being placed + the tank being in the zone, could trigger the existence of a hidden actor in the same spot as the tank unbeknownst to the players in the game. Claymore explodes, actor or vehicle killed, triggering "destoy vehicle" result. Your thoughts?
  5. I'm going to do everything you guys said, but with a demo charge. I'll see where that gets me. I'm under the impression that a claymore is not possible. But man, that would be a cool idea huh. Got the PMs. Thank you for the info.
  6. Okay I'll have to try to figure out how to do that when I get home. So in other words, the action of the tank explosion is dependent solely upon zones and triggers, correct? I should be able to figure out how to set that up. Maybe I'll set it up so you have to place the claymore while the tank is stopped (destroying map vehicles) or you don't have a chance. That will pinpoint the zones where a charge will trigger a "destroy vehicle" result, since I'll know where the tank is stopping. Example: Path 1. - Stop tank by red car and have tank destoy red car. This is player's opportunity to place claymore. - Boom zone exists directly in front of red car, where tank is slated to stop. Player places charge in zone and tank exists in zone, + time delay for player to make like a baby and head out.... boom. Is that what you're saying will work? That would limit the "peppering" of zones on the map anyway, right? Path 2. Stop tank by white van and have tank destoy white van. And so on. The problem I see will be keeping the player from placing the claymore outside of a zone, and then tripping the trigger when the tank rolls over the claymore. The exposion will occur, but the tank will just roll by saying, "neener neener". I mean these zones have to be small to be realistic. To eliminate this bug, there would have to be hundreds of zones so the player couldn't miss. I'd like to try to avoid that headache if there's a better way. Maybe a simple explanation in the briefing that the claymore's explosive capabilities only function on a target that is not moving? Does that sound realistic to you guys? 8| Wait a sec. I thought of a problem. The player goes into the zone, that the tank is in, and places the claymore. That I can do. Then there's a time delay while the player runs for cover, and boom. That I can do. All the while, the player is still holding the trigger for the claymore, and has yet to trip it. Tank blows up. Man in tank screams like a little girl, and the player squats there wondering who blew up his tank and stole his thunder. :| Guess it's demo charge or nothing using this scenario huh. Thanks Bueghler, Niccola, Migryder and all.
  7. Ahhh, I see. Unfortunate for me. Regardless, thank you very much for your help. I will go back to the drawing board.
  8. I do actually have a version of 3DSM (3.0) but I have no idea how to use it. It seems to only want to allow me to open files with the .max extension.
  9. By the way, I haven't been able to get a tango to enter the tank (enter vehicle).
  10. Sounds like I need 3DS Max huh? Yeah I looked all through the vehicle editor in IGOR and there aren't many options for editing. Unless I'm missing something, that is. That pic is of a truck? It looks like a tank. Especially because it says, "Enemy Armor Eliminated" in the upper left. I guess you modified a tank to have truck attributes (armor?)? And you did this in 3DS Max? If so, would it be possible to send that modified model to me? Could it be as simple as that? I'm just reaching at this point. 1. I'm not really clear on how you destroyed that "tank" in your picture. And 2. I'm not sure how I'd be able to recreate what you were able to do. I appreciate your help and your time. That goes for the rest of you as well. D
  11. How do you "tag a vehicle as a truck"? This is as far as I've gotten. I know I'm close. Please help!
  12. Actually, in this mission, the player has the opportunity to place the claymore in front of the tank while the tank is distracted as it is "destroying actors", in this case, 2 map objects. The mission starts with the tank rolling around to the insertion zone. The players obviously run behind a short wall to get clear of the tank, then the tank destroys the green and red car one by one. This was done in an effort to give the impression that the tank is shooting at the hiding players. The players are stuck behind the short wall because to the right of them are 5 other tangos blocking their escape. It's hilarious to play, because when the tank shoots it's four shells at the 2 vehicles, the map rocks so violently, it's impossible to aim. Plus the noise is just really cool. This is the time delay necessary to get a claymore on the road in front of the tank. The object is to kill the five guys, then place the claymore and get out of the way. I've been run over a few times. The guys I play with get a kick out of me getting squashed. Or, you can wait until the tank goes around the block, as it is on a track path. In either case, you still have to place the mine, take cover, and trip the trigger when the tank is on top of the mine. My point is, you can place the mine without getting seen by the tank. I'll look at that URL when I get home from work. Thank you! I couldn't wait till I got home. I had to look. Okay, so how do you "tag a vehicle as a truck"? THANK YOU!
  13. The problem I see with this, is creating the demo zone, and then timing the placement just right ,to be able to place the charge in just the right spot. 1. It would be hard to explain, in a briefing, exactly where the player needs to place the charge. And 2. It doesn't seem very realistic to indicate that this would be the only way a player could kill the tank. I was thinking, as I was driving to work this morning, that I could command a tango to "Enter Vehicle" (the tank). Then I was thinking that the claymore explosion might kill the person inside the tank, especially if I set the parameters of the charge to "detonate through walls". Then, the "death actor" trigger could create a "destroy vehicle" result. I guess it's a matter of getting an actor inside the tank, since "death vehicle" isn't an option. I wonder if hand held items can kill smaller vehicles. Hmmm. I guess they do disable some vehicles, don't they. How would I go about modeling "a tank that is tagged as a truck"? I'm not sure what you mean. Thanks again for all of the replies. The information is very helpful. D
  14. Thank you to everyone for the replies. When I play the mission in co-op, I can place the mine (claymore) myself. The problem is, when I trip the trigger, the claymore explodes, but it does no damage to the tank.
  15. I guess my question is, can tanks be destroyed with the impact of an explosion casued by a hand held item (claymore)? I didn't think you could place a demo charge in front of a tank and then trigger it to explode like you can with a claymore.
  16. Hi all, I am trying to modify the original GR Embassy mission so co-op team members need to get a tank to roll over a claymore in order to destroy it (the player stands clear and trips the trigger). Does anyone know how to either make the claymore.itm as powerful as the missle.prj, or make any of the tank vehicles able to be destroyed by the claymore? Any help is greatly appreciated. I've spent quite a few hours trying different file modifications and I can't make the claymore have the same impact as the missle (rocket). At this point I'm under the impression that a tank can only be destroyed by a projectile (.prj) of some kind, and not an item (.itm). Then again, I thought one of you might be able to help me. Thanks, D
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