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  1. Tinker, Very nice. Great help. Thank you very much for spending the time to make those doors, write the pre-action script, and make the files available to me. Your help is greatly appreciated, and the mission is infact a killer. It reminds me of the Mint map from R6 that someone modified with barrels (to block doors) to make a similar setting. I never get tired of this game. Maybe something's wrong with me? Thanks again. D
  2. Yeah, I want to block doors, so the team on the lower level can't go upstairs, or leave that general interior area. I also want to make it so the team on the upper level can't sneak into one of those open offices where the stationary guns are, or go downstairs. Doors to block upstairs: 1. Door to stationary gun 1 office 2. Door to stationary gun 2 office 3. Upper entrance to stairway going down Doors to block downstairs: 4. Front double doors 5. Door to rear vestibule (not rear exit door) 6. Lower entrance to stairway going up Thank you.
  3. Some of you might remember modding missions in Rogue Spear. If you do, you'll remember there were objects that could be added to, and manipulated throughout the map. If I remember correctly, there were items such as boxes, buttons, pieces of plywood, and barricades, to name a few. I am looking to use something like that in the modding of a GR mission. If anyone would be able to send me to a link where I could D/L a piece of plywood, or something else that I could put into a map to keep the players from being able to leave a building, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, D
  4. I did exactly as you 3 explained and it worked. Thank you for the clear instructions. The proximity actor - kill self response doesn't work so well, however. If you run quickly enough through the smoke effect you can avoid killing yourself. I will create a new thread asking for a piece of plywood. Makes the game play cleaner anyway. Thanks again. Once again, an excellent resource for assistance. D
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to make a TEAM / LAST MAN STANDING game on the Embassy map. I want to make one base on the upper floor of the bank, and another on the lower floor. This is a FRAG ONLY game. I've placed vehicles to block the doors so you can't get out of the bank. I've also placed vehicles in the hallway so you can't go up or down the stairs. 1. Is there a way to place plywood (or something else) on the door openings, or a way to lock the doors, like we used to be able to do in Rogue Spear mission modding? 2. Why do my vehicles show up in the game when it's in MISSION mode, but not in TEAM / LAST MAN STANDING mode? 3. How do I create only two bases and eliminate all of the other "map points"? If I delete even one, the game doesn't show up in the list of missions to play. Very odd. I'm confused. Thanks, D
  6. Very nice! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Anyway, yes, that worked. Thanks once again for the great support, as well as for putting up with the thick skull! I love it. Thanks guys, D
  7. Argggh. I have read everyone's responses, again and again, and it's just not sinking in to my thick skull. You know I have a launch and a landing zone. You know I have a PLAYERS PLATOON ACTOR tag. If you didn't know, this is a multiplayer co-op game. I just don't think I'm grasping the starting from scratch concept. Here's a picture of the block window. Maybe it would help if you'd be able to tell me what I've left out.
  8. How do I create the response: "continue if this actor is within 1 meter of teleport zone 1" Should the query be "ActorActive"? Or something else?
  9. I'm lost guys. Tinker, it sounds like your solution takes player platoon actors randomly somehow? I don't want to pick who is to be sent at a particular moment in the game. This is not a planned activity. I just want these small teleporting launching zones to exist in 4 locations in the map. Multiplayer players can use them to take themselves from one side of the map to another. The "other" being the 4 teleporting landing zones. Buehgler, I don't understand the timer aspect of the Rappeling. Nor do I understand the reason for making the members of player's platoon invincible while teleporting. The way it works now, is that I have it setup to teleport the entire platoon, if a member of the players platoon enters the zone. You can imagine this is less than ideal, seeing as the other players all get teleported at the same time the first gets teleported. An example is in the Embassy map, upstairs in the hotel, where the sniper shoots out of the window. When you run up the stairs, instead of going down the hallway to get to the sniper, you can run down the first hallway on that level, "through" the last door on your right, and "through" the first door on your left in the hallway where the sniper is standing. In essence taking a short cut. The problem so far is that while Tom and Dick are engaging the tangos in the helo park, Harry wants to go get the sniper upstairs, and takes this "shortcut". Once he goes through the last door on his left, and appears in the sniper hallway, Tom and Dick do as well. Kind of confusing for poor Tom and Dick.
  10. I am trying to teleport an ACTOR, from the "PLAYERS PLATOON", from one zone to another. I have no problem teleporting the entire platoon. I would like to be able to teleport just one player at a time. I have created a tag named PLAYER PLATOON ACTOR which references "THE PLAYER CONTROLLED ACTOR". I've created a PROXIMITY ACTOR trigger. The trigger is supposed to teleport the PLAYER CONTROLLED ACTOR from the TELEPORTING LAUNCHING ZONE to the TELEPORTING LANDING ZONE. I can't get it to work. Any ideas?
  11. So far, there's a problem with making the guy a captive. When you run behind the tank to place the mine, you hear, "Escorting precious cargo". I'll try hostage next.
  12. Not if he's invincible, no. Hmmm, so make him a captive huh? I'll have to look into how to do that. I'm guessing it's a <class> designation in the actor file. I'll confirm tonight. Thanks.
  13. Invisibility doesn't get rid of the shadow. Odd. Plus I can still shoot the guy when he's scripted as invisible. But then again, I could shoot him when he was just an invisible CHR and not scripted as invisible. Great idea about giving him hostage attributes. Hope that doesn't make the tangos kill him. I moved my plans to the trigger plan branch in the IGOR tree. That worked like a charm. Kept the tangos from all bum rushing my platoon as soon as the first shot rang out. Thanks guys.
  14. I would appreciate if someone would save me the carpel tunnel of trying to figure out how to do this on my own. I would like to set a trigger so when a member of Player's Platoon enters a zone, an invisible actor team spawns, and begins their patrol path. I know how to set the tag for Player's Platoon. I know how to create a zone. I just don't know how to "spawn" a team. When I choose "Spawn Team" from the trigger response list, I don't have any teams to choose to spawn. The drop down list is empty. The teams exist. They just don't show up as a choice. Thanks, D
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