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  1. Steam username: mauticom Hopefully this sunday!
  2. Another week another try: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mauticom
  3. Tomorrow is sunday again so here we go: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mauticom Btw it would be useful to also post the winners at the first post of this thread to see who already won. Bye, Mauti
  4. Here we go again: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mauticom
  5. New week new luck. http://steamcommunity.com/id/mauticom
  6. Great idea Rocky and Apex!!!! steam username: mauticom http://steamcommunity.com/id/mauticom Btw although already more or less inactive *DAMN celebrated its 11th anniversary on 13th June ;-) Never played Ghost Recon on PC maybe now I have a chance to try it out on my bootcamp partition. Have a nice day, *DAMN Mauti
  7. From my Mac article here at GR.net: Regards, Mauti
  8. Zeko, I sent you an email with the crash logs to your team-srs.com address. Hope this helps although from my experience it hardly does. Bye, Mauti
  9. Bad news: I just tried to convert your mod, Zeko, but no chance. I have done over 150 PC -> Mac GR Conversions but here I don't have a clue, why it isn't running. I have shortened the too long filenames for Mac use. No problem at all, converted the sounds etc. One obvious thing, is that you would have to reexport the menu backgrounds, shell pics, briefing pic.... The Mac only allows rsb files with A1R5G5B5 (Alpha - Red - Green - Blue Channels) otherwise the textures are totaly screwed. But the biggest problem is that your maps don't run. Your maps won't load. I have tried to delete the sht files, removed the unlight.maps, removed the Main_Menu folder from the Maps folder, which caused a crash even if you only select a Wild SKull Valley map in the map selection, etc but no success. Maybe it is the gigantic filesize of your maps!? - That shouldn't matter but I noticed that you maps are almost twice as large as the original ones. Well, I don't know how different you have made your map than other modders have done them in the past, how close you kept with the GR 3DSM guidelines/polycount/lightning, whatever it is they don't work and unfortunaly I can't do anything at my end at the moment... @ Loto, just mail me your conversion if it is less than 5 MB otherwise host it somewhere for a short period and I gonna download it from there and then add it our Mac Downloads. Send me the link via email please. Regards, Mauti
  10. Zeko, I gonna do the Mac conversion. It should be online at *DAMN R6(http://www.planetrainbowsix.com/damnr6/ ) tomorrow or on wednesday. Bye, *DAMN Mauti
  11. Ok thanks Harntrox. Well may it came with Island Thunder which was also converted by few guys and me and may we have overseen to add the motion files as well. May this is the main reason why the chopper missions crash constantly. Nevertheless it would be great if you, Rocky or someone else could send me the RidingShotgunDeath1.bmf file to damnr6@planetrainbowsix.com so I can continue to work on the HX5 Mac conversion. thanks, Mauti
  12. Hi Harntrox, I know it has not been tested on the Mac - I'm one of the major mod converters for the Mac(click on my website link at the bottom) so I'm trying to bring your great mod to the mac. I think you misunderstood me - the problem is that your missions ask for the drag_v_cratepackd0.anm and ridingshotgundeath1.bmf file but when I ran your installer it didn't install these files. They aren't on my computer but they should be because some of your missions/models use them. So it would be great if you could send me these 2 files(I'm sure you have those ones because your files use them but they don't come with the [Ghost Recon] files) or provide me a link where I can get them to make the Mac mod a 1:1 conversion. Thank you very much, Mauti
  13. Hi, I already sent a mail to Harntrox but maybe someone of the HX5 DEv team can help me as well. I'm just trying to convert the HX5 mod for the Mac but few missions crash constantly because the game searches the "drag_v_cratepackd0.anm" file which wasn't included in the HX5 installer. So maybe you can send me this file or give me a link where I can download this file. Further I would like to know if the DAta/Motion folder can stay inside the HX5 folder or do I have to move the files into the Ghost REcon Data/Data folder!? Bye, Mauti
  14. Indeed Rocky. Just forward them to me or send me the most common questions and I'll answer them in a general article or at our Mac forum. That's probably the easiest way because my website and forum visitors are 90percent Mac user. Greetz from Vienna, Mauti
  15. I don't want to burst your bubbles but screenshot is faked or stats are screwed... Screenshot says: total kills 61 and further you can't achieve 252 kills with 4 respawns: 3 red teams a 9 people = 27 * 4kills = 68kills at maximum However the screenshot looks nice Bye, Mauti
  16. Well did you find a solution to prevent such client modifications!? Bye, Mauti
  17. Hi guys I need your help, I have a problem with Ghost Recon and Night Vision on the Mac. There are some clientside mods that enable Night Vision full screen(also if a sniper uses nv and zooms in he can see full screen). How do you handle this problem on a PC, because nobody can proove that you have edited your night vision. If you get observed the observer sees his night vision normally! Is it generally accepted and everyone uses it or how do you manage this in mp games? Because all in all if you enable night vision full screen it gives you an advantage and could be considered as cheating. Have a nice day, Mauti
  18. Please add a feature that the game remembers your last weapon selection if you go through the soldier selection. Small issue but I find it very annoying always to reselect your weapon if you change soldier. If you make weapons visible: if you are looking through a scope please don't fade out the background. While I was in the army we learned to shoot always with both eyes open! One looking through the scope while the other eye observes the surroundings. After few weeks of hard training you can perfectly concentrate on both. So if you zoom in make the surroundings a bit blurry but don't fade it out. - Rekr. Mautner Markhof 1.Grp/1.Zg/1.Kp/ PzGrenB35 serving from 3.9.2001 - 29.4.2002 You can read about my Army experiences + tons of pictures @ http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~damnr6/tet/ful...044626699,41936, (the URL javascript doesn't allow that an URL ends with a "," so you have to copy and paste)! Have a nice day, Mauti *Update*: Please add a free floating camera if you are dead(as option so you can turn it of for clanbattles) or at least to replays. Also I would wish that everyone can record mp games not only the server.
  19. Wahrscheinlich hast du recht, aufgrund der Anzahl der Antennen. Gott sei dank ist meine Zeit als Panzergrenadier schon über 1 Jahr vorbei. Ciao, Mauti
  20. Wieso ist auf dem Panzer ein Panzergrenadierabzeichen!?? Und was für eine Funktion soll der Panzer haben(so einen Aufbau hab ich noch nie gesehen)? Unbewaffneter Schützenpanzer!??? Ciao, Mauti
  21. MYTOAN Sniper Mac version is available at *DAMN R6, Bye, Mauti
  22. I c. Well to make it available to lms I just had to add few lines of code so it is at least selectable in lms and other mp modes however if some of the modders here could add some real insertion zones and siege points!? PLEASE!!! This map deserves it! However K1ller outstanding map and I hope to see more of you in the future. Greetings from Vienna, Mauti
  23. Thanks K1ller works great now(the Tahomi banner is blue or? Not sure if it is a channel bug or not!?). Only the command map bug is annoying(I tried the command map suggestion above and it works fine but isn't there a way to make it larger?) and I noticed that you didn't add adversial missions!?? No insertion zones and siege points. Do you gonna add this K1ller!? This fantastic map earns to be played in lms, siege or hamburger hill. Bye, Mauti
  24. Hi K1ller, I sent you a mail 2 days ago but not sure if you check your account from time to time so I post it here. I would like to port your map to the Mac platform. Not a big deal I only have to shorten several texture names and that's it. - almost. The Mac Ghost Recon version doesn't support textures with Alpha1R5G5B5 channels. These textures appear pink and totaly screwed. Could you please reexport all your textures that uses transparency as A4R4G4B4 or A8R8G8B8 textures or something similiar and send me them to damnr6@planetrainbowsix.com. I would like to do it on my own but on the Mac we don't have a RSB plugin for Photoshop... Thank you very much and if I didn't mention it above fantastic work! Bye, Mauti @ *DAMN R6
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