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  1. This really is a peculiar way of looking at it! Until we have full body immersion suits, the best a computer game can do is be a simulation - unavoidable compromises in graphics, AI, sound and especially interface mean the game can never be anything other than an immitation of the real life events it portrays. Surely it would be less realistic than to have no way of communicating with your team mates than to have a translated immitation of communication? That is all the GRAW 2 communication functions serve to do - to replace the voice and hand commands that would be used in real life but which have no direct translation via a computer interface. In the end regardless of interface, what a designer has to do is come up with a control scheme that best translates the experience, thought processes and feedback that you might experience in real life, even if that means that the end result is an unavoidably large departure from its real life equivalent. After all, sitting at a desk with a mouse and keyboard is still as close as we can get to embodying another person be it running through Juarez with a semi-automatic weapon or jumping across large platforms in a land called "Xen".
  2. Yeah I use TS. "Hey Steven, you see the building to your left? No the other left. No the left when you were facing the other direction before you turned. No, before the lag. That left. Cool. Right look at the building to the north; it's north face, directly behind that, you see the tower? No? Oh yeah, it's occluded at your angle. Okay move to your left. No, wait the other... yeah. Keep going. Yep that one. Okay look at the west side of it, there is a guy up there, take him." versus *click*
  3. I really don't understand game developers. I mean I love single player games (and still love GRAW2 for that), I like multiplayer (played a lot of BF2) but of all the game types I hanker after, co-op is the one. My bro and I taking on the AI with teamwork; nothing better. We've tried so many games (practically anything that says it has a co-op mode) and not a single one has proven satisfactory. <rant>It's not a hard concept; make a game where you need to use team work to complete a task. Make it so that the team as a whole functions better than the sum of it's parts. It's why people have been playing team sports for 100s of years for goodness sake!</rant>
  4. Thanks a lot for the replies guys. What a shame though. If there was some way even to convey a location, stick a pin in the map - anything - I could live with it *sigh*
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It's either possible or it's not...
  6. Guys, before the question, an apology; my question is probably very obvious and known to most if not all on here and I am sorry for asking it if that is so but I spent a good 20 minutes searching for the answer and since it should be so easy to answer, I went right ahead and... Playing the campaign co-op, is there a way that I as the server host, can send commands to the human ghosts in my team? I can't select them in the top left menu and they don't see the general squad commands I make. I'm guessing it is just a feature that is not available in the game (shame) but is there a mod which helps with this or perhaps am I... doing it wrong? Thanks for your patience with a quite obvious noob. Squidy
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