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  1. no, but follow this link to get some good pics: http://www.hkpro.com/contents.htm
  2. when is the sniper cannon mod comming out?
  3. too right mate! the british have been at war some where around the globe at any given time since the middle ages also the SBS are slightly above the SAS in their own field as they do the same training a selection then go on to do thier own specialized training.
  4. any one know where i can D/L an app that will extract RARs coz all the ones i find you need to pay for. cheers
  5. simple - rip off his lower jaw then castrate hie with it!
  6. all too true. another exaple is that GHOTI kinda spells fish: GH=F enoGH O=I wOmen TI=SH natIOn.
  7. sounds great i'm downloading them now. Oh how I hate 56k modems!
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