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  1. nope, might have miss spelled them but they're all real, tho from the sound of it you've never been out for a good curry
  2. beef & tomato pot noodle (got to be with extra ketchup) and beer truly the meal of the gods but seriously it's gotta be some form of curry, with basmati rice, peshweri naan and a load of popadoms & mango chutney
  3. supasniper


    yeah, 160th are the BH and little bird crews
  4. lol, i got 27 only about 15 of those i ever see online and none i really talk to as i mostly use msn
  5. everyone i know is having the same prob, the service is just plain ######ed ATM
  6. i know, i just like playing devils advocate
  7. me too, and i've never come accross it either. but then i do backup my bookmarks every now and then so even if it did happen i wouldn't be too bothered
  8. you'd think that wouldn't you... but no i wouldn't cos i don't have the power an organization like that has. on the other hand in order for them to try that you'd need to be a member of their community and thus already partially indoctrinated into their ideals and ways of thinking.
  9. running directx 9.0 on a system that's not on win 2k/XP/2k3 is not usually recomended
  10. so, they're saying that this is in their opinion what we should (or rather shouldn't) do. it's like me saying "i think you should all go out, get wasted on random drugs and come home with a hooker" your not gonna do it just cos i say so and if you do you must already have the mentality do to it anyway
  11. why all the anger in this thread? all i see in it is that some people are very backward in their social beliefs. but that's what they think and it's their choice they're not forcing all of us to abide by it.
  12. i just got bored and priced up a puter on their site that cost just shy of $10,000 now if only i had the cash
  13. sounds like you had fun mate. i have to agree, germany rules! first i was there (school exchange) the guy i was staying didn't have a dad, just his mom and her girlfriend. plus where else in the world can a 15yo go into a shop on a bet and buy a load of porn without the shop keeper caring? "
  14. i got 23, i must be a follower of the and no i'm not at all goth
  15. nice pics. holy crap dude, you could have brought her home in that case, it's huge
  16. looks camera-like to me, especially given the wire running back towards the dude and the thing over his eye attached to the helmet
  17. i love those. best car i've ever driven is my uncle's BWM 850 CI, he let me have a go for my 18th nothing like scaring the ###### out of a grown man by hitting the 155mph limiter then having to slow down to 50 for a corner and i've not even passed my test yet (yes this was on private land, an old airfield to be exact)
  18. no bench mark, just comparing it to other cars that are about, a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti for example gets 540bhp from 5.75 liters (351 cu in for the yanks)
  19. no offence but only 500hp from over 8 liters? that's poor at best plus it can't go round corners to save it's life
  20. TOTS is a good film, even tho bruce's aimpoint is on backwards
  21. it comes from living in the UK, the guns laws are stupidly tight
  22. considering i've never even held a live gun nevermind fired one i really know too much about them
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