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  1. right click on the desktop and you should have the option to access the controll pannel
  2. personally i think we should move to a higher caliber than 5.56, not as big as 7.62 but that new 6.odd round the US are looking at should be taken seriously far as the weapon goes i think the bulpup design has a lot of bonuses over the standard long rifle in terms of size, stability while firing, handling in the cqb envirnment that IMHO makes it the best option and right now the AUG is the best of the bunch. also having said that i feel the SA80 should be scrapped tomorrow and old stocks of the SLR be reissued to the troops in lieu of a new rifle being intorduced
  3. what most annoys me about DSL in the UK is the upload cap set by BT at 256k upload is one of the more important factors for online gaming but they cripple it also Fast TCP is coming in the next few years which will improve speeds massively
  4. if you've seen Layer Cake you'll see how he would work as bond
  5. yes but i was comparing normally aspirated V8's hence that model also bmw made the most powerful f1 engine ever they had to pull it when turbos were banned
  6. i'm totally with you on that Gav, and it's the same with the new mustang, the GT version only puts out 300bhp from a 4.6 liter v8 making 65.2bhp per liter compare that to the old model BMW M5's (old model as it has a v8 thus making it a fair comparison) 78.8bhp per liter or the Jaguar XKR's 95.3. and on the mustang's handling i have three words: live. rear. axle
  7. here's a link to the d-link one: http://www.viperlair.com/reviews/misc/net/...300/index.shtml
  8. it's not all cheap mate, i do most of my drinking in Yatess as it's just down the road from college and without student discount (oh the joys of 25% off ) it's £2.60 for pint of stella or bud
  9. holy crap dude, where do you drink? my normal watering hole charges £1.69
  10. A British soldier serving in Iraq who saved 30 members of his unit from an ambush has been awarded the first Victoria Cross for more than 20 years. Private Johnson Beharry, 25, from London, twice saved the lives of colleagues while under enemy fire. He is still recovering from head injuries caused in one attack by a rocket-propelled grenade round. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4358921.stm
  11. RIP it shows the true dedication to training when a 40 odd year old Lt-Col in doing mini-sub opps in norway. he'll be a great loss to the unit
  12. look at it on MS's site: http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/c...en/kidtalk.mspx
  13. John McAleese was one of the team that cleared the Iranian embasy in 1980
  14. two photos? where's the other one?!? also hell yes you/we want more
  15. yeah but you reformat nearly every week lol while this is useful for power users or people with many computers, most people won't have any real use for this as they only reformat once a year at most so it's not worth the time and effort to set it up
  16. is this gonna be Xbox only or multi platform ie the PC too?
  17. again, see the message but there's a distinct lack of humour in it though
  18. IIRC they already have 24 hour opening in some parts of Scotland and the world hasn't ended up there. and being a student 24 hour drinking can only bring more fun times sat in the pub. on the other hand it might make my mates and my goal of being the 1st into our main pub and last out having all 3 meals in there more difficult to pull off if it never closes
  19. it's worst when you get on a bus and there's a group of kids all with their mobile phones out playing it at the same time
  20. my collection of 27 suddenly seems really, really pathetic lol
  21. from the part about improving performance i think he might be refering to Phantom's thread about performance in win XP and thought you wrote it as your the admin. that the best and only explanation i can come up with and i'm not even going to start on the formatting other than to say
  22. not sure why it did that but going into BIOS and booting from the cd and trying to rapair the OS wasn't the best thing to have done. i would have booted into safe mode and then uninstall Panda and rebooted normally to see if that caused the problems
  23. i passed, over here the sound from that has been used too often in the past couple weeks for it to be funny, just really, really annoying
  24. what that article doesn't tell you about BT's upgrade is they they're also cutting the bandwidth to 15gb a month so you can get half at much, twice as fast http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/02/14/bt_upgrade/
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