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  1. let me to be the 1st to congratulate the aussie's on a stunning batting collapse in the 20-20 match today 79 all out after only 14.3 overs... truly england-esque lol http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/shared/fds/hi...l/scorecard.stm
  2. you wont have AA yet as it doesn't seem to be propperly implimented yet
  3. i'm running the new drivers, they seem nice and stable thus far back on topic though, the helo's in BF2 are LOADS easier to fly than in BFDC, also i like that they're tweaked it so you really do need a gunner in the attack chopper
  4. from the looks of it it's best not to take the list of supported vid cards as final, i've got an x800 xl and it runs fine even tho it's apparently unsupported
  5. it will as it should do... SATA drives are hot swapable so as long as they're deactivated you can take it out with no dammage to the data, the downside of this is that you can accidentally dissable it when you don't mean to, i've done it a couple times but luckily my SATA drive it just for games and media storage not OS's i've not sure if you can remove the icon from the tast bar, i'll have a look and see what i can find
  6. if it's what i think it is i've seen it before and i think i got somthing like 1000 but for those that haven't how bout a link? google for it and you'll find it tho i just had another go and got 1408 and maxed out at 196' after hitting a load of tnt and 95' just after hitting the ground
  7. some programs are best left running tho e.g. AV anf firewall
  8. is UBI run by a woman? *runs and hides before Zjj sees post*
  9. if they do go console only i won't be more UBI games that's not down to "they screw us over with this and i'll never buy from them again" it's cos i don't have any consoles and given my cash flow the odds of me getting one in the near-medium future are very slim
  10. i don't know if you can get them in the states but Orange make pretty sweet bikes. i've got the Gringo model but mine's a year - 18 months old, i'll get sum pics up later if you want a look. other than that i can't add to what has already been said and that specialized looks sweet
  11. it's called a "live disk" so you just boot to it and run the OS straight from it. they're REALLY useful for data recovery in that when your windoze install goes south just boot to the live disk, move your required data somewhere safe then you can flatten the system to your hearts content (i use knoppix rather than ubuntu but it does the same job) but as you work in a web cafe i guess all the machines are just installed from a ghost image and data will be backed up so this is redundant for your work
  12. i've heard of it, a few of the staff at the college i go to hand them out if you want them. odds on they got the same deal you did
  13. way to go mate hope you find your way into what ever MOS you'd like to end up in
  14. totally clean the old out, go into controll pannel > add/remove programs > find your current drivers > uninstall them though before doind this you might want to go to guru3d and find a driver cleaner and after the above steps run it to make sure there are no traces of the old ones left kicking about
  15. i've got a can of computer cleaning spray that i found in the garage a few months ago, works a treat and also cleans the desk, floor almost anything. given it's age (at least 9 years old) hate to think what chemicals are in it before i found that i just used normal window cleaning stuff
  16. AMD wins award at Intel sponsered show: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=22504
  17. damn thats pretty sweet, it goes well with the SAS and SBS unit insignias also it looks like the new unit will absorb the 14th Int: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...6/ixportal.html
  18. i think that what your thinking of is 14th Intelligence Department (14th Int or Det for short) they were drawn from pretty much all arms of the service especially from the SBS though
  19. i aggree with pretty much everything here but especially SG's idea of weapon customization a'la AA, this would be sweet with full supprot for everything like ANPEQ2, different scopes, ANPVS14, etc also make nearly every long weapon able to take the addons
  20. lets not forget that 'tackle' by vinnie jones on gazza:
  21. are they connected to the same power source and if so how many appliences do you have connected to it?
  22. plus you can get them cheap, never been fired, only dropped once
  23. @ cdnsniper you guys should set up basic rules for your parties, my mates and me only have one main one, all electrical goods should be treated like they are a small high voltage god lol
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