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  1. Right. I meant copy. I keep a pristine copy of everything I modify. I misused the term transfer. Using unbundled "data" files has not resulted in what I consider overly long load times. This was my concern, as I had read in other posts that this can happen. Thanks for your info and input.
  2. Gawd! You must be my age! I can beat your wings for a moldy oldy- EMPIRE!! I actually found it on the net last year and resumed playing it in W95 compatibility mode (DOS, ya know?) Amiga was my first comp (You never forget your first), $350, NO ram, NO HDD, ran everything off 3.5 floppies. Remember the old Cinemaware titles? A couple are actually still around! Anyhoo, my list: GRAW (I like to experiment with tactics)- ALL at least twice GRAW 2- about to start go-round #2 SWAT3 and 4- Try to NOT kill anybody (It's much harder now) System Shock 2 (4 times)- Still hoping for System Shock
  3. I was having the same problem. I would get into the training mission, and about the time I get to the tactical part, freezerino. I originally thought I have a ######-up in the game files I edited, so I uninstalled, deleted and reinstalled, with a pristine 1.04 install. Same thing happened. Then I came across this post, and downloaded nHancer http://www.nhancer.com/ , and edited the GRAW profile to include the executable for GRAW2, set the "Prerender" to "0," and vertical sync to "off." Then the game wouldn't load at all. So I went back in and changed prerender to "1," and also set the
  4. Yes, it works just as advertised. Alternately, if you don't want full invincibility, but you want a more balanced experience, you might try editing the same files, looking for the following line: <stats block="damage_data"> Change the value on these lines to something you feel gives a better survivability (120 or so?): <var name="damage_points" value="24"/> <var name="damage_points_max" value="24"/> There is no ui_player.xml as there was in GRAW 1, so I'm not exactly sure where to do this same edit for Mitchell. I think the ability of the enemy hombre
  5. Thanks. One further question, though. As I understand it, you unbundle and then transfer the resulting file structure into your GRAW2 root directory. When I did this before, nothing went into the local\English folder. Am I missing a step? TIA. Never mind! I edited the files and got them to work, no worries. Thanks for your input.
  6. After unpacking and editing the quick- and patch-bundles, would it be advisable to re-bundle them to cut down on load times? I am not speaking of a new mod, just an edit of the existing game files. Thanks to all the Mod Gods out there and their great info-sharing!
  7. Respectfully- Women are serving in frontline units, just not in combat arms MOSs. Women also serve as Apache pilots- hardly a safe place to be (although I'd rather fly than hump it). Anyway... GRAW is the military of the future, and the future WILL have female combat troops, especially if the services continue to struggle finding recruits. I always had a soft spot for the Israeli sniper-femme in RS, as well as Asian Recon Troop Tricia Takanawa (or whatever- I forget the names). Short answer for all those who are taking this too seriously, I think a tacced-up chick is uber-hot. Think Mi
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