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  1. Part 3 in the Cornholio series (we now have to do the first 3 episodes Star Wars-style, I suppose). This one is clearly the hardest map of the three. Again, we are after Cornholio who is hiding out in a heavily defended position. This time a church in the old city. Be prepared for very heavy resistance, especially if you start the map with a large team, as it is adaptive to the size of the ghost force. There are three levels of difficulty, all decided when the game starts and based on the count of ghosts in spawn (again, this only gets checked once, right when the game starts - if 10 people join mid game, the level won't change later). Below 9 players, the map is on "easy mode" with maybe 55 enemies to zulu. Start the map with 9 to 11 players and you'll see it at medium - perhaps 90 enemies, more vehicles, etc. 12 and more (we run a 16 player single death [GR] server, which is what the map is designed for), you are facing the full force, with perhaps up to 150 enemies. As usual for my recent maps, everything is highly random. There are 64 versions for each spawn zone, plus vehicles and other "trap" triggers spice it up even more. Basically, you will never know where the enemy is going to be when you come around that next corner. One thing is certain - you gotta get to the TOP of that Church tower to win the map. Download it from the first post on this thread: http://www.thegamerplanet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18530
  2. two more bugs found - plus those guys spawning in a building are moved into the street - final update (I hope) on 5-08-2008
  3. here are the maps we are still playing on our [GR] Coop server, full house with 10+ players every night. Always single death on our box - none of that arcade-respawn stuff http://www.thegamerplanet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16759 should be a good start for coop maps.
  4. Pull_my_Finger was updated again 5-07-2008 - there was a major bug that prevented 50 cals and mk19s from spawning with more than 7 players on the map. Should be fixed now. Links have all been updated on the other forum, so now the downloads should point at today's new version.
  5. link works again - also - all my maps are usually here http://didnt.doit.wisc.edu/graw/maps/
  6. This map is the first I've built with what I call adaptive AI - basically, the more people join the map on start, the harder it gets. This is to make it still playable with a small team, while the larger teams get more stuff to shoot at. As usual with my maps, this is all designed to be single death played - it's all really pointless if you respawn and magically come back to life. The map isn't very big - TDM 03 remade with few changes to the map (cut down some trees so you can see better, as the AI can always see perfectly) The map can have anywhere from 45 to 190 AI on it, theoretically even more, but the randomizers will never have everything spawn, even on the hardest setting. I want to keep the maps unpredictable, so there are many versions of AI in each spawn, combined now with up to three randomized groups per spawn area, giving each spawn 64 different outcomes. Add to that 96 different Panhard scenarios, 15 randomized heavy weapons, and you'll see that this map will never be the same. More info and download link here: http://www.thegamerplanet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18425 Known issue: there is one enemy that in one test run of the map spawned inside a static structure - he can be shot, but he also will try to shoot you through the doors/walls of the building. You just can't see him. Unlikely to happen very often, as this map allows many routes and this guy is just one of 5 spawn options in that corner of the map. I could not find anything in the editor in that area that was inside the building. About the adaptive stuff: 1-2 players - easiest setting, base AI, base chance on vehicles 3 players - heavy weapons are active, but lowest chance to spawn 7-10 players - about 50% more AI than below, chance of panhards and heavy weapons increases 11+ players - another 50% boost in AI, highest chance for vehicles and heavy weapon spawns. the player count is taken at game start - if people join later, there's no difference. You cannot adjust the AI difficulty - only more players on the server at game start will give you the higher difficulty.
  7. well, fine if you keep an eye on the forum then. I update my links - you update yours.
  8. Big [GR] map based on Grin's mission 9 "Guardrail IX" map highly random with millions of possible AI scenarios, and designed for single-death play with a coordinated large team (we run on 16-player server). Download version 4-19-2008
  9. note updated version in top post - if your file states an earlier date on the minimap, you should update it
  10. Please don't redistribute my maps without first asking! It is impossible for me to update files on your servers when they get updated. Actually, it's mirroring not redistributing. well, then your mirror will break when the file is updated. Note the date in the file name.
  11. Please don't redistribute my maps without first asking! It is impossible for me to update files on your servers when they get updated.
  12. another "known issue" most likely related to the memory footprint of this map is that if you host locally (LAN), the first round works fine, but when it reloads, the Game crashes. No problem on the dedicated server, but if you host this directly make sure you run only a single round.
  13. made this one from TDM04 - modified the map a little, added the AI and made it all random. As usual, single death is the way to play this map for the real challenge. None of that silly 500AI against 10 guys scenario and you end up jogging around half the night to kill them all. Download Hunt_for_Cornholio 4-13-2008 version
  14. big map - may not run on somThe Last Castlee low-powered systems. Have had Vist users report it won't load under Vista64, but then other big maps don't load for those users either. The map is described pretty well in this long thread: http://www.thegamerplanet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18254 it is designed for single death servers as all my maps - if you go into all directions in separate teams as it usually happens on respawn servers, don't be surprised if you spawn all hell and get lag that's no fun. All spawns are random so each round should be unique. Expect respawns in the early phase. The key to remember is the enemy helicopter arriving after the first 50 odd guys are down - that is the time to look for C4 or other exits from the fortress to get going towards zulu. Until then, keep your heads down and kill whatever comes after you. Stick together, work as a team, pick a route to zulu and work for the win. That's when this map works well. Download latest version - The Last Castle 4-19-2008
  15. I gave up on it - random spawn failed every time, one vehicle or four in the trigger. Single vehicle spawn without random only worked sometimes, never on the full map on the dedicated server. It could be related to the custom landscape the vehicle graph runs over or the amount of memory the map takes. It may not be as big as yours, but it takes a ton or RAM to load. There are sewers under it, layers of terrain cover up the orginal mission 5 landscape in some areas to give you another elevation layer, and then it's rather loaded with buildings and detail. Bottom line - I just dumped all vehicles other than helis. Those work fine - so it's probably terrain or ai graph related after all. Final version of this one is coming Saturday when I'll have time to take another look at it
  16. world_151 here last night - probably a few more before it's done. what didn't work was this: <event name="activate_wave05"> <element type="TriggerRandomEvent" event1="northtank1" chance1="15" event2="northtank2" chance2="30" event3="northtank3" chance3="45" event4="panhard01" chance4="65" start_time="3"/> <element type="ActivateRandomGroup" group1="area05alpha" chance1="30" group2="area05beta" chance2="60" group3="area05charlie" chance3="80" group4="area05delta" chance4="95" start_time="1"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area05" state="deactivate" start_time="5"/> </event> <event name="northtank1"> <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="tank01" start_time="4.0"/> <element type="OrderTank" vehicle_id="tank01" order="move" ai="true" world_x="17931" world_y="7530" start_time="2.0"/> </event> <event name="northtank2"> <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="tank01" start_time="4.0"/> <element type="OrderTank" vehicle_id="tank01" order="move" ai="true" world_x="21447" world_y="8801" start_time="5.0"/> </event> <event name="northtank3"> <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="tank01" start_time="4.0"/> <element type="OrderTank" vehicle_id="tank01" order="move" ai="true" world_x="-17168" world_y="24729" start_time="1.0"/> </event> <event name="panhard01"> <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="panhard01" start_time="1.5"/> <element type="OrderCar" vehicle_id="panhard01" order="move" position="18276 6635 725" start_time="4.0"/> </event> this exact same method worked just fine in Quest_for_Peace, however, that's a much smaller map and takes 300mb less RAM to load. It also works on this map if I don't spawn the AI RandomGroup in the same event. good luck with that big map - my current project was very similar in terms of having to constantly remove layers from the world file to work on new stuff. Especially the random AI forced me to create about 10 batches of AI to keep the frame rate in the editor above 10 - below that it becomes a pain to work these things. There are about 800 soldiers configured on my map, even though you probably will only see 110-200, depending on route and game mode (respawn and going everywhere got me 196 kills during a test) I can't wait to start on my next "easy" map that recycles the Guardrail IX mission map- thin AI, very recon-like with random small contacts, highly unpredictable...
  17. lmao! 2 weeks is nothing m8, i m working on my 1 at least 2 month and now i might dump it, am just not in the mapmacking mood anymore. all depends on how many hours you put in during those two months... this map is easily a 100 hour project. Could have made 10 maps based on existing terrain in that time frame. Fixed the vehicle thing by brute force - they now all have their own trigger area and that works. Cannot use random events on those either - once any randomness is introduced, nothing moves. Guess the map is just too big for that. Whatever - testing it tonight - close to final. So I made them pseudo random by placing small trigger areas into some zones people may walk in, increased the triggr time required and in some cases require more than on ghost to be in the areas, as I really don't want all of them to appear each time the map is played. Rather none, then all, and if it's just 2 or 3, that's just fine.
  18. driver and crew stay in the panhard - crew even stays in it after a GL hit so you can walk up and chat with the card-playing crew in the back before you shoot them. I can move the graph to be right on the vehicles where that isn't the case already, but basically, it all works when I don't spawn any of the human AI other than the crews. Once the map is busy, the vehicles don't move. Helicopters work, though - so I am still hoping to find a problem with the AI graph (will redo the vehicle graph from scratch today - reduce it in size somewhat to what is needed and no more). My plan B is to use only helicopters in the map, except they are pretty harmless for the most part. It just won't be as random as I would like it if, plus without the panhard crews I will need to beef up some of the AI spawns to balance the zones on the map I can't wait to make a simple map again - this one has taken well over 2 weeks already...
  19. did it - makes no difference. If I remove all other stuff from the map and spawn just the vehicles they move. Spawning them in the proper map with all AI and they don't leave their spawn location. It may be because I trigger all vehicles as random events, rather than just with the AI - have to test that. It works on smaller maps to have vehicles spawn with random events, but this one may be too large.
  20. anyone know if the vehicle AI graph must be exported like the human AI graph? I know once exported, I can take the code for the human AI graph out of the world.xml, but the vehicle graph I usually keep in there. I have a new map where suddenly none of the vehicles move once triggered, and yesterday they still did move. Some changes were made to the AI graph for them, but I just keep rebundling the world file for that. Perhaps that's where th problem lies? Script can't be the issue - the part that worked last night is now not working - vehicle spawns, but does not move. the graph is in one piece - no interruptions, no orphaned links anywhere. All I did not do since modifying it last is export the AI graph from the editor ('cause I removed the human graph code from the world file after the final export of that). Guess I may have to add the human graph back in and re-export so I get a new AI graph binary - but I'd like to avoid that if the vehicle data is not part of that file.
  21. I finally got around to complete one of the unfiished maps RPG sent me - here's all you need to know about it: Quest for Peace version 3-16-2008
  22. this is a custom landscape, mostly based on the city set, but with some objects from the industrial set in it, too. The "Fishtrap" is a bottleneck you'll have to go through if you choose west and northwest routes towards zulu. You can also hang way east and bypass that area, if you want a slightly easier map. The place is highly random with generally 3 or 4 different AI options fro 30 different spawn zones. There are over 800 different AI options the map chooses from as you progress through the zones. Nothing serious, just variations to keep it interesting for the long term. Here a view at the AI in the Fishtrap bottleneck - be prepared for repeated spawns before you venture through this place... If you choose the easy slacker route east, you may have to kill between 75 and 90 enemies, going through the west and northern sections will spawn a few more. If you hit the spawns real bad and get the max number of AI in each zone, plus you walk all over the map before hitting zulu, you can run into up to 225 enemies... It is a big map so this isn't such a big deal as a small team will never be able to run into all these zones. The other thing to note is that whever you hit a debris field of a collapsed building, you will probably run into an invisible wall and won't be able to cross. Walk around it unless you want to use a position on the rubble pile to shoot from. Just don't expect to be able to traverse those places. Those barriers are part of the objects and the map is designed that you actually walk around these places anyway. download here Fishtrap version 3-13-2008
  23. all my maps and many other maps we play regularly run in 3 round rotation each on our server. None of them have a problem with the second or third round. No mods, play dedicated server setup under Windows XP, installed by copying over the game dir from my client machine. the only issues we see are some maps that use compositions (those that don't crash the server outright) do not work the second or third round.
  24. are you using any "compositions" on that map? If yes, ditch and see what happens. Those things don't work too well in [GR], and some will crash the map. I've seen some of them work the first round and then not in the second (but not crash, just not do what they are supposed to do).
  25. getting stuck is the risk you take when you go into any map - happens on Grin-made maps, too. I can't check every corner on a map to see if you can get back out. I'm sure you won't be making this move again Tare the guys coming from the gas station, and yes, one or two of them in one of the various spawns will have an RPG. They do spawn long before you can get there yourself, so they were just hiding before they nailed you. No bug.
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