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  1. Actually guys, with the patch from what I have found, they corrected many issues. Im still wanting to try Sniper Ghost Warrior no matter how it turns up cause its probably the best we will get for a long time still yet. By the way, I am surprised there is no thread for Ghost Recon Alpha Trailer yet... Well, good night guys, its late and been looking at to many trailers tonight.
  2. Well after reading through these post, I thought to post my 2 cents as well. Now me, my brothers, and friends have always bought our games fair and square, but after the issues with EA's drm with Mirrors Edge, and the semi aggravating one for Mass Effect, as well as with my brother on his Mirrors Edge which frustrated him to get his key active cause he was having errors installing and needed his keys redeemed. And for myself with steams games, I wont leave them out since they as much a problem when i was on vacation with no access to log on. I would love to have fun with Ghost Recon Future Soldier no matter how it turns out.... But if there is any kind of drm with the way its getting, I honestly think its going to be my first ripped game cause Im tired of the ridiculous stupidity from publishers, sponsors, server base etc when good paying costumers has hassle like dealing with Microsoft. PIRACY will never stop no matter what those idiots think and all they do is anger the honest people when first mention of security being put in games is mentioned. I remember 10 years ago when there was no such thing as CD keys, then suddenly they appeared to stop piracy. OK, that made a big deal at the time like today with drm, but over time it just got normal and acceptable. Im fine with a key cause theres no hassle since we own that key. BUT being locked down to there servers with activations etc, they no better then Microsoft since an operating system is required to even make a computer functional and just sale upgrades. I remember when news first hit that Microsoft was considering then 4 months later they annouced that they wont due to failure of the idea and decline from there sales would increase. Theres my thoughts of the day and I think Ive already decided UBI wont get my money.
  3. Yeah, Im also very interested in this one, I just dont want DRM crap. BUT also am waiting for Ground Branch cause it will be worth the wait in the end. Blackfoot Studio's deserves great support if to achieve what we want. I saw that also on the Groza's, have not been able to get a good look at them, it appears to me that they have the grenade launcher inside with the box around it and grip, but I cant get a clear shot.
  5. Interesting topic that always catches my attention as well. Im a Linux user as well, I prefer it more then windows, I run two operating systems duel boot, Windows 7 and Linux. Now for those that reads my post see that, you already know why Windows - cause there is very few support for Linux and Mac. Now the way I see it, it should be PC multi platforms, cause look at games thats made for consoles and windows. those are multi platform as well so why scratch the Linux and Mac user's out. With OpenGL 4 on its way out that appears at the moment going to hold up against DirectX 11 or better is another opportunity to seize that much more sales base. It would be great to see developers to expand and capture more users from the Mac and Linux systems and they would get a lot more sales if doing so as the certain users that ONLY strictly uses the two OS's. This is what I like about ID Software, they give Linux full support(not sure about Mac cause I refuse to use it). But also for the few commercial games that has been ported over after years of release is just as great, though its ruined for multiplayer as times change and people moved on to other games. But I would love to see a true multiplatform game no matter what it is that supports Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Linux, Windows, and MAC. Hell, lets branch off to Solaris since its a widely used Unix.
  6. Is there any possible way to get GRAW2 map to play in GRAW? Would the models, statics, etc haveto be ported into GRAW's editor to make maps for GRAW that uses GRAW2's objects?
  7. that be good or CryEngine2, CryEngine3. I agree, CryEngine is much more powerful and very flexable!!! Now what I want in Future Soldier and someone already pointed out similar. I love the great urban of GRAW and GRAW2, also I love the beautiful open maps with forest of Ghost Recon and GRAW2. Have a good mix of maps for multiplayer with urban, forest, deserts, mountains, and rivers!!!! Such as - Ghost Recon - Embassy Ghost Recon - Railroad Bridge Ghost Recon - Red Square(Most likely already will have a similar map) Ghost Recon Island Thunder - Sierra Ghost Recon Island Thunder - Polling Center DIDNT REALLY LIKE DESERT SIEGE MAPS Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Mayday Mayday Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Coup D etait Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Avenues Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Downtown Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Mountain Ridge Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Dam Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Hacienda THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE OF MAPS NOW WHAT I DONT WANT IS DRM CRAP CAUSE WHEN I DONT HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION I WANT TO ENJOY SINGLEPLAYER EDIT: Also GRAW2's crap multiplayer ruined it for me so I prefer GRAW's multiplayer cause we can mod our weapons and such and is effected by a better weight system then GRAW2. Also to my opinion its the maps that keeps a game going so INCLUDE a map editor!!!! NO ONE likes seeing the same thing all the time and it annoys me in MW2 and I dont even like the COD games!!!! ALSO the lack of dedicated servers is just pathetic!!!!!!
  8. R6 and GR were marketed to us to begin with, it was Ubi that threw the baby out with the bath water. They threw away an already built in customer base for a new customer base. Think about this, MS's Flight Simulator did the same thing in it's 10th version as it did in it's first version, 20 years earlier and people still bought them up. FS is a classic example of adding to the game without removing features and taking it steps backwards. Ubi screwed up not one, but 2 GOTY franchises by trying to chase those who want typical fare. GR and R6 were not typical. The real irony is that Ubi has had some of the best niche market games ever and they all won GOTY awards in their respective categories. Go figure. I voted 1b. Have to Agree with both AlienShogun and Whiteknight Whiteknight is right when the games was getting GOTY, hell Ghost Recon got it for if memory recalls correctly 4 years straight. Comparing with today, GRAW has not got any that I know of or the fan base the [Ghost Recon] got, and it was really a game meant for all of us. Shogun, we were literally the fan base, I have been since I was 13 years old, got burned out since then and despise the Rainbow Six's(Lockdown to now) but Ghost Recon on the other hand is different. The original obviously but GRAW I wish I bought it on release and GRAW2. Now just last night, I counted 11 people. RAINBOW SIX 3 RAVEN SHIELD IS STILL HOLDING 300 STRONG. At the same time Shogun is right, times change Whiteknight and we got to give it a chance rather having to complain, I bet it will be dead game after the first year, but oh well. As times change we got to go with the flow. And I do hope there will be something good about this new one. But in the wraps of everything, we still have Ground Branch and hopefully ASAP. I know I will jump to it cause Blackfoot is doing it right and listening to us. Something UBI as ignored and I dont like RSE either, wish the old team was around though, would be different.
  9. For cloaking, I agree, with thermal sights becoming the size of an ACOG and so on, cloaking would only be useful for use in operations such as Afghanistan where they don't have the technology easily available in wide use to see through cloak. But cloaking a person is I would give about 100 years away still yet due to power requirements, frequency levels and several other factors needing development. Also Thermal Condition was being test about 4 years ago, but was not able to blend a soldier with an environment which was bending environmental colors to reflect on a soldier properly. For the OICW and XM8, I agree it was even in the first Ghost Recon so spices the game up just a little dont hurt, just not to much with so many prototypes thats questionable which will be issued. Actually the Land Warrior System did become operational and there are several Land Warrior units in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, what you meant to say was the Future Force Warrior program as shown in GRAW. The XM25(grenade launcher of the OICW) is still being developed and improved along with the 20mm and 25mm grenades and is expecting to see service as long its current rate of progress proves to be worth it. but the XM8(assault rifle of the OICW) was scrapped in 2005 and may not ever see use as new requirement were made for caseless ammo and polymer cased ammo weapons are demanded now. polymer cased has been used with the M249 SAW already and shown much more reliability just in prototype stages. Now if they were to put Laser's, Rail gun's, and Gauss gun's mounted on Humvee's and other vehicle's, I would not have any argue there as Laser's have already completed as far as its going to due as its technology came to late but is being used to shoot down missile's and such as on that USAF plane(forgot the model) and Rail and Gauss gun's are at usable technology as cannon's now that they could replace TOW launchers easy. EDIT: Forgot to mention Microwave guns and its research and development is achieving a lot and from the MSNBC article I read a couple years ago, it could see use in Iraq by 2012 for riot control. Doubt that though seeing that everyone's supposed to be "leaving".
  10. hey Scott, you saw the same date I did in the teaser, 2020 EDIT - Also I just want to point out that Crysis was also set in 2020 and that Crytek also went looking for real research and such of the next generation equipment. So any difference?
  11. Thank you Rocky ver very very much!!!!!
  12. Thanks Scott cause that corruption is annoying me all evening, been trying to get it or find a site that has it. Been waiting for Rocky also, but thought I ask since im getting very impatient cause I been on computer all days for this. LOL And you guys!!!! Lets give the new Ghost Recon a chance, even a small one from everyone whose so ###### off with the series now days. I share the same feelings about GR, but I am actually finally going to give it a fresh chance.
  13. Has anyone been able to download the 1080p trailer? i cant get it extracted from winrar without curruptions.
  14. LOL wooo!!! Brett, I like how you said!!!! wooohoooo feel like a genius, they got to much ego already, dont encourage more LOL
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