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  1. Well mate, I don't like your odds. Weapons are notoriously difficult to add into GR:AW2, due to the fact that its impossible as yet to add custom animations. However, Brettzie has made a superb mod for this game which adds an M4, M16, M468 and a Mk12 Mod0. The other weapon mod out there is SnowFella's Masada mod, which adds a whole line of Magpul Masadas and a MEUSOC .45. The catch is that these two mods aren't compatible with each other, and I don't think that the Masadas are compatible with the latest patch. Archer.
  2. Thats not right. Mine runs fine on this: XFX 7900GS @ 590/700 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 1G GieL DDR @ 667 All that at 1440 x 900 Somethings not right there.
  3. The problem here is that your alpha channel is too light, or not there at all. The alpha channels in GRAW2 are really dark. Have a look at some existing textures to get an idea. Archer.
  4. Sorry, I thought you were talking about the sunglasses
  5. What I've done is replace the ghost head with <head_unit name="merc_head_01"/> And then add the glasses on top with: <gear_unit name="merc_head_gear_glasses"/> Make sure that you have all of the .diesel amd .xml files in your "local" directory, though. Archer
  6. seiken05, Ive made a woodland MARPAT from a photo if you want to use it. It can be found Here. Archer
  7. MrNothing, you may want to search for a thread called "switching out player models". What I've got is the mex_sf_heavy bodies on my Ghosts, with the headgear and most of the other kit from Brettzies pack. You wont have the black vest and gear anymore, however. Mine have a dark OD green vest with pouches the colour of the camo swatch. The other catch is that you will have them show up as enemies in the small cross-com window in the upper left, but not on the main screen. note that Brettzies boonie hat and ballcap are not re coloured by the swatch. Also, if anyone likes British desert DPM, give me a yell. Thats what I use as a skin. Hope I could be of some help. Archer.
  8. Sorry to bring up an old thread again, but I think we're forgetting something... Developer tools! One of the things that made GR1 so great was the mods. How can they expect decent mods without any tools? And for the love of god, less corny voice acting!
  9. Hear! Hear! Without the modders, I wouldn't be still playing this game!
  10. I don't rightly know, as I am only new to the GR:AW2 modding scene, and I don't own GR:AW1. Tyockell18, I'd suggest looking at Brettzie's weapon pack or SnowFella's Magpul Masadas if youre in the market for some decent weapons. Archer.
  11. Also being interested in this, I sent him an email, I'll let you know if I get a reply.
  12. Will you be making this compatible with Brettzies weapon pack? I dint know how popular it'll be if you don't, thats all. Archer
  13. Brettzies, excellent work on the mod, it looks great and ye olde boomstick is amusing as hell, not to mention nasty. However, I have a question. Is it possible to switch the bodies back to one which you can change the camo using the mul_camo_xy method? I know it can be done to say, the mex_sf body, but can you make it so the cross-com shows the rebodied ghosts as friends, not enemies? Also, I have found a way to add the M240 with your pack, but not the M1014 shotgun. I unbundled the patch.bundle and searched all of the .xmls for anything to do with it. such as in weapon_data.xml: <weapon_data unit="m240" name="m240" weapon_id="44" inventory_slot="primary" inventory_slot_id="1" gui_unit="m240" price="860" damage="1.75" selectable_weapon="0" player_weapon="1" grenade="0" cal="762" wizby="3"> <stats caliber="7.62 x 51 mm" rpm="850" velocity="920 m/s" firemodes="FA" capacity="100" info="weapon_m240_bio" clips="5" max_clips="10"/> <bar_stats accuracy="0.2" stability="0.3" weight="9" length="80" impact="0.6" slot_weight="7"/> <mods front="false" top="false" bottom="false"> </mods> <bio local="weapon_m240_bio"/> </weapon_data> I also added the m240 folder in objects/weapons. I think thats all I did, but I'm not sure (it was late last night). I'm still working on the M1014. Thanks in advance, Archer
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