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  1. Thanks for the updates CR6 and mexicobob Yes, it seems that there is a "middle-mouse button" is an OS issue which arises from some "game-OS" incompatibilities. CoD 4 has the same problem on Vista 32 and GRAW 2 has it on Win 7 64 OS, though I notice JohnTC02 reports that his LX5 Logitech mouse retains its "middle mouse button" in GRAW 2 on Win7 64. Some "Windows Updates" and various combinations of drivers may play part in this, too, I'd speculate. Maybe some recent updates stopped GEAW 2 from recognizing the middle mouse button, so in order to check it, I'll uninstall and reinstall the GRAW 2 to see if the game will now see the function during the installation. I'll report back. (PS: in my case, GRAW 2 doesn't recognize any of the 3 mice I own. Logitech, HP and Sony. And, yes, all three mice perform perfectly on desktop and on any other applications.)
  2. Yes you're right. I looked at it more carefully, now they're offering only the 2010 versions. So, now as Sgt. Atoa said, it seems eBay, or getting the book -3ds max for dummies- might be the bests options for Max 3/4/5.
  3. The driver that the mouse uses is: SetPoint version: 5.20.40 (which installs a driver version: 4.82.12) downloaded from Logitech site for Win 7 64 bit applications (setup version code: SetPoint520_g9_x64) -- everything checks OK. The problem is not with the Logitech G500 mouse only, also a SONY and a HP mice is suffering from the same problem when trying to play GRAW 2. In any of the 3 mice, there's no middle click recognition from the the game. It now seems it is a GRAW 2 - Win7 64bit incompatibility at some level, because all other mice suffer the same. Hopefully some Microsoft patch comes with regular updates and solves the situation, or Ubisoft may offer an update for Win7 64, though I wouldn't find this quite likely. CR6, it'll be interesting to see how your Win7 64 rig would respond once you've started using it, I'll be definitely waiting for the answer. Thanks guys
  4. You can download Autodesk 3D Max or MAYA (much better, I use it on STALKER) for "30 days FREE Trial" and you can get the plug-ins, too. Before installing, though, go through the instructions and other support documentation, so that once you've installed it, you won't be losing time with the learning curve, so utilizing the most of the 30 days. Link: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/in...amp;id=13571450 =============
  5. Thanks guys for the replies @CR6 Yes, I've installed the logitech G500 driver. I don't think it's the driver issue, though, as the problem remain the same with the Logitech driver installed or not; as I uninstalled the driver to check the situation, then re-installed it again. @Buehgler_AS That's a good point to to check for, too. But, in my case, I've already done that as well. -- The problem, the non-recognition of the mouse middle button, happens also on other mice as well, one HP and one Sony mice are having the same problem with GRAW 2. As it seems GRAW 2 engine cannot communicate with mice fully under the 64 bit OS. So far, it increasingly looks like a 64-bit related problem. Old Ghost Recon play flawlessly, though, strangely -or funnily enough. Too bad for my rejuvenated enthusiasm to play GRAW 2 again. On this note , I can't help saying that there's a fundamental error on GRIN's part to tie the 'command menu call function' to the mouse middle-button permanently . This is rather a typical console-oriented approach in devices configuration path. Players should be allowed to change this configuration. (of course, unless there's way to achieve this and that I haven't found it yet, or forgot about it, then in that case I'd apologize, of course ) Thanks again guys.
  6. Hey guys, After upgrading my OS from Vista (64) to Windows 7 Ultimate -64 bit, I wanted to run GRAW 2 once again, it had been some time since the last run-through. The game had been working (technically) well on Vista. But this time around, I've noticed that the middle mouse button has become inactive/unresponsive in the game, which is by default assigned to call this command menu. I'm using a brand new Logitech G500 gaming mouse, and needless to say, it is flawless in any game or applications. Despite that, I've tried all available combinations from the mouse menu, ending up with the same result. Then, I've connected an older (non-Logitech) mouse which also works perfectly. No change, still no response from the game when the middle button is clicked. I can call the teams from the 1,2, 3, 4 keys, but whatever menu option is chosen they revert to "move" I think it's the default. So the game is not playable. Is there a work-around for this, if anyone has ever witnessed/lived such thing? Or, am I missing something? I'm giving my system specs as required: Windows 7 Ultimate -64 bit Logitech G500 mouse ASUS P5Q Pro mobo EVGA Nvidia 280 GTX Corsair 850 watt PSU ASUS Lion Square Cooling 8 Gig RAM -CORSAIR Dominator (cooled) 8500 1066 MHz 2 terabyte WD HDD SATA running ASUS Raid EZ system plays all games/runs all applications (Adobe CS4, MAYA, etc) perfectly I'd appreciate if any ideas are offered, thanks guys.
  7. That was a very good surprise just before the Christmas Considering that my birthday is also approaching. Top news! (I hope suddenly someone doesn't say that they meant that GRAW3 would be named as GR4 or something...OK...banish the thought )
  8. I wonder, if it's normal and simple XML code, can this software be any use for you, at least for a starting point? EclipseColorer http://eclipse-plugins.info/eclipse/plugin...ails.jsp?id=266 quote from the site: "Version 0.8.0 This is the syntax highlighting plugin for Eclipse platform. It supports more than 100 languages, has many powerful features and great number of syntaxes. It allows to highlight languages with nested construction (jsp, asp, php), has powerful XML languages support. It validates and shows most XML syntax errors on the fly, allows to highlight and find errors in structured XML languages (XML Schema, XSLT, XSLFO, DocBook, RelaxNG and others). This edition includes new feature of paired syntax constructions highlighting (C/Java brackets, XML/HTML tags and so on...). Also now it works with JDK 1.3 and includes native library both for Windows and Linux platforms. Updated EclipseColorer to 0.8.0: New editing features supported: Folding, Annotations, line word wrapping, extended preferences and many other improvements." I hope I understood the question correctly.
  9. I totally agree with your assessment of the mod. I have played it many times, it's one of my most favorite mods; music is also awesome. A perfect choice with Jimi Hendrix' All Along the Watchtower. (just one of the scores)
  10. I received mine today, superb! Thanks Rocky for undertaking this work for us which I'm sure that will always be kept and remembered. It has helped all those great Ghost Recon Mods to become an easily reachable collection. Brilliant.
  11. Thank you for the answer. Allocating the PhysX ability to either one of two cards (when there are two cards on board of course) is a clever system actually, I agree. OK, I'll check the link you gave, thanks.
  12. No its not, after playing all campaign with GPU PhysX Extreme, i have to agree with the guru3d review, the experience is much richer than what we are used to. There's just much more happening on that screen. I wouldn't try to refute what you say, and I believe you're correct in your report; I'm merely talking on what I see on the videos. I guess, from what I heard on the post, you have a very powerful graphics card, am I correct? I'm not sure but I'd think it's above the 8800 series Nvidia ones. If so, it'd be quite natural for you to experience the best of the visuals that PhysX can offer with no loss of performance. But from I've read from the posts so far, people who don't have top cards are having some performance issues, and also because the cards are not top end, they don't see "all the godies" of PhysX either. So, I'd argue that this current driver (updates may be much better) does not look offering a lot for 8 series cards, while it certainly can offer more to top ones. More videos will definitely be needed of course.
  13. I have seen the videos, though seen a difference in visuals when PhysX enabled and not, I've also found the difference -based on those videos- quite minimal. But these are early days, anyway; and as far as I'm aware Nvidia hasn't even officially released this driver, isn't it still on Beta stage. So, it'll get much better in time. But, FPS drops (significant at times) experienced by non-SLI and non 260/280 systems while the driver is active does not offer good news for the majority of the systems around. Having said that, it's true that Nvidia is pushing mainly the 260/280 cards as "PhysX enabled" cards and would definitely recommend those cards for these drivers. And, though it's my opinion only, of course ,and only based on current data, but I guess for the majority of systems, 8 series, even 9 series, this driver may not offer a lot for now.
  14. Change Russian Border to Abkhazia and you've got to ask if RSE had some sort of inside info! The second mission is a search and rescue for a downed plane - again, this news story is about a downed place, although in this case it is a UAV. Mission2 briefing Yes, that's exactly the best word to desribe the whole current situation while we look at the [GR] playing on the monitor: "spooky." And this is, as Rocky rightfully points, "with an accuracy of less than 1 week" for a game story, written more than 5 years ago. It was exactly the same thing that came to my mind as soon as I heard the news. Well, maybe (and quite possibly) RSE had access to very good "Intelligence Analysts" at that time, those who -as it seems- knew their stuff very well, in fact maybe even better than some we have around today. Whatever the underlying cause of that assessment was for that [GR] story at that time, the fact in front of us is that it was a brilliant political assessment. Whoever provided that analysis then must now be very hot property(s) in the eyes of the decision makers in goverment circles, rightfully so. :thumbup: ---- ---- edit: typo
  15. Great Work Rocky. Thank you for providing this opportunity. I have of course almost all the mods (goes without saying) but they are scattered over a couple not-so-good organized sisks. Your work is a collection item and a must for every Ghost Recon fan.
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