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  1. I just use X-Padder and an XBOX 360 Controller. Easy peasy.
  2. I typically try to complete each mission with the minimum number of personnel, but that's because I've played this game WAY too much. Before I had mastered it, I typically used a team of 3 riflemen, and then a team of 1 demo, 1 support, and 1 sniper (I first played this game for XBOX, so only 2 teams). Once I switched to PC, I typically did a 3-man team with 2 riflemen and 1 demo, a 2-man support team, and a 1-man sniper team.
  3. Hahahaha. Shows you why furniture businesses always have big "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" sales or fast-food "LIMITED TIME ONLY" special items. Glad to hear plenty of people still love this game. I wish there was something else like it, everything I've tried just comes up way too short, especially all the subsequent GR games. I've been playing Rainbow 6 Vegas recently, it's just OK. Nothing like this though, closer to an arcade shooter like COD.
  4. Just placed an order. Been thinking about it since I found this place, this motivated me to get it while I can. TIA.
  5. Thanks for all your help guys. I downloaded the ghost recon profile off of the wingman site, and from there was able to figure out how to make my own changes. All I have to do now is slow down or decrease the mouse sensitivity, I used the right analog joystick for looking and its way too fast, impossible to hit enemies. I also need to switch the movements from the traditional directional pad to the left analog joystick so it's just like my xbox. I have notice there are some slight level differences, the graphics aren't quite as good as playing on xbox 360 but close. and I love the ability to divide into 3 teams! Why they edited this out of xbox and allowed only 2 teams with up to 3 men is beyond me. I always thought it would be better if I could split off one sniper by himself, and low and behold now I can. As soon as I get the controls just right I can really dive in. Thanks guys for the help!!!
  6. Thanks for your help, I never pressed that thinking it was a button to choose what does what on the map screen. Now I have another problem though - the controller. I calibrated it and tested all the buttons when prompted after install so I know it is plugged in properly. It even has its own menu with a link in the logitech screen that shows the controller layout to start Ghost Recon. But once I do the controller does nothing. When I try to map keys, I can only do so on the keyboard. I tried unplugging and plugging back in the controller but it does not respond. The switch mode button on the controller lights up if I press it, so I know the connection is good. I'm sure this will be a simple solution too, but I am so lost with computers. I use it for work reports (office, excel, etc.) and surfing the web. The only other game I ever play on it is Sim City 2000. Thanks for the help, hopefully I'll get up and running soon.
  7. Well, I finally got [GR] in the mail. It's the gold set with IT and DS. After I installed it and started playing, I have 1 problem and 1 other minor issue of sorts. My problem is the controls. In the menu where you are supposed to be able to change them, it won't let me. I have a controller I want to use, but when nothing happens. It's not an issue with the controller, because it won't even let me change to different mouse/keyboard buttons. For instance, "w" is currently move foward. I highlight that with the mouse and click another key, but nothing changes. I've tried double clicking and that doesn't do anything either??? I am sure the answer is probably simple, but the game came with no instruction manual. Other than that, I noticed that there is only 1 mission map for quick mission, and only around 10 maps for firefight, recon, defend. Is this normal? On xbox every mission in [GR] and Island Thunder was available for quick mission and all the other modes. I installed everything in order as it was on the cd: Ghost Recon Patch 1.3 Patch 1.4 Island Thunder Patch 1.4 Desert Siege Patch Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Can't even think about downloading mods until I can even master getting the regular game to work!
  8. You might need to research the use of controller with GR. I tried to get it to work the other weekend and I couldn't get it to work. We had some youth over from church the other weekend and they wanted to try ghost recon but some had issues with the keyboard and mouse so I tried to set up a pc usb controller for them and I couldn't figure out how to remap the keys to the controller. Let me know though if you are able to get it to work. You'll also have to tell me how the set up with your HDTV looks as well. I'm trying to decide at the moment whether to get a nice 24" monitor or a 32" hd lcd tv that I can hook my pc to for only about an extra $100. I'd go for the TV because of its obvious other use - watching tv I am living in the caribbean right now (sint maarten) because my wife is going to med school. I bought a 32" lcd high-def Olevia tv because I didn't want to go overboard only being here ~2 years. I have been pleasantly surprised. 32" is actually a really good size for a wide screen high def tv. As for the controller, doing some research on here apparently the logitech wingman works, I bought a very similar logitech that is like a ps2 controller so I am hoping for the best. We'll see. I had the stuff shipped to my parents house, and then they have to FedEx it here, so it will probably be another 2 weeks or so. Until then, [Ghost Recon] on my xbox 360 Does anyone know of any major differences between xbox ghost recon and pc ghost recon?
  9. I am new here as well and looking forward to eventually getting online with GR. I am a console gamer, and Ghost Recon is without a doubt my favorite game of all time. I have mastered GR and GR:IT for my xbox (still play them on the 360), but I craved more missions, more tasks, more, more, more. Nothing compares, all the other games are arcade style compared to the brilliance of GR. I tried the sequels, and frankly they are utter garbage. I like the open nature, the ability to control any party member, the reticle-only view (no gun view), and everything else about GR. I finally took the plunge yesterday and ordered a cable to hook my laptop up to my hi-def lcd tv, a copy of GR Gold edition for the pc, and a logitech rumble-pad that looks exactly like a playstation 2 controller. I look forward to getting it installed and getting some mods for it, and I will most definitely need you guys' help with that as I am a computer dummy. And then hopefully I can join in with some online players and improve my skills even more. Playing elite is one thing, playing against another cunning, intelligent, experienced human being will be quite another I'm sure and I'm looking forward to being a noob again and taking some hard knocks. As to the op's question about sniping, I'm sure no one will have a problem with it. GR is not like other games, it is very tactical and realistic. Snipers are just as vulnerable as any one else. A little patience, watching for barrel-flash, and a well placed grenade or rocket will take a sniper out. Man I can't wait to get it and get some mods.
  10. I play on Elite, and this is the strategy I use: Team of silenced machine guns (Ramirez and Grey) and silenced sniper (Stone) Clear the closest entrance point, enter the compound with all the cabins and clear it. Then slowly sneak into the next compound, watching through the gate 1st and waiting until the closest 3-man patrol is moving to the left away from the inner guard tower. Sneak in behind them and quickly kill with silenced weapons. No one will hear if they don't get a shot off. Go to the far right and sneak around to where you can see the prisoners. Again, quickly kill the 2 guards. Run towards the prisoners and get on the other side of them, then lay down and be ready to take out a group of three in front or to the left of you, and then a group of 3 that patrols to the right of the buildings ahead, and then finally start sniping at the remaining troops at the far end near the hospital/optional target now that the pows are safe from imminent danger. Soon troops from the other outer entrance will pour in and can also be easily picked off as they only have 1 door to get in through at that tower. After all are dead and the inner compound is quiet, creep into the hospital and take out the 2 guards and get the optional hostage. All the while, the only thing I have my 2nd team do is go to the exit and take out the 3man patrol near it. Get the heck out of dodge! And save often! This level is definitely the hardest, always ###### me off in the beginning when I was a novice. If you can master this level and the tank defense level on Veteran, then you are well on your way to playing/beating the game on elite. Also I play on quick mission a lot, don't remember if Grey is available yet this mission in campaign, if not just use a 2 man silencer party of Ramirez and Stone. If you haven't unlocked Stone's Silenced sniper, just make him use a silenced pistol while Ramirez uses his silenced machine gun.
  11. I love making a party with the silenced machine guns and silenced sniper Also enjoy overkill with the rocket launcher/grenade launcher combo.
  12. I play on Elite on xbox, and this is the strategy I use, which makes this level VERY quick and easy. Party 1: Ramirez and Grey with the silenced machine guns, Stone with silenced sniper Party 2: Anything you want Sneak party 1 around towards the helipad, leaving party 2 alone for now. Take out troops and the 2 guard towers along the way. Position party around the chopper, and lay down on the ground and wait. Now send party 2 towards the compound on advance at all costs/supress to raise all sorts of general hell (last mission, so casualties don't matter. The chaos will send the target and a guard (sometimes 2) fleeing away from party 2's chaos and towards the helipad, where you are laying in wait with party 1, and easily snipe the guard(s) with stone and then pick up the target. I just played it today and my mission time today was 4:17 Happy Hunting! P.S. 1st post and glad I found this forum, I play GR and GR:Island Tunder on my xbox360 constantly. I hate all the newer ones, as "Recon" really isn't part of them. Love the classics though, and wear them out!
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