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  1. Called it to early, only a few can join, the rest can't. I have tried everything. I have an Actiontec router M1424WR. Dont know what else to do.
  2. Pre patch 1.05 I had no problems hosting. All members of the clan I am in could join no problems. After installing 1.05, now only a select few can join, and sometimes not at all. I am behind a router, I opened all the necessary ports, disabled anti-virus, turned off firewalls, and have tried everything. I tried to host on both computers and still have problems. The router is necessary since I have Verizon FIOS, any one have any suggestions or fixes? Everyone says they get to the connecting to server screen and then nothing....
  3. Sgt. Hoot, We had clan practice today and only about 2 out 14 could join any servers. I think it is a problem with Gamespy. Very frustrating.
  4. Actually the M240B is used with TAC-P, Green Berets, Rangers, and other small to medium sized units SF untis for suppresion and cover fire. The M240B replaced the older M-60 around 2005. Believe me it is heavy especially if you do not have an AG (assistant gunner) to assist with carrying the ammo. I know from expierence. If you utilize the weapon correctly it can be a powerful tool
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