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  1. You old git.... did the flying squad ever visit you for those copied games?

    Hope you are well.

  2. I think the achievement points for GRAW are messed up! stuff like world champion just shouldnt be in there because hardly any people will get it and even if you did you get measly points for it. theres too many achievements and not enough points to go round for each one. could smeone from RSE explain why 1-3 only gets 2 points? its bugging me. thanks
  3. i moved from pc to 360. i dont think 360 gr feels more like old gr but i just find it is more fun and more polished than the pc version of GRAW, and for a start it runs 100 times better!
  4. Did anyone else have any issues online with GRAW last night? I kept getting gropped from games and errors like "arbitaration failed" which i hadnt seen before, only managed to get a few games in, wasnt my connection as perfect dark worked fine.
  5. whats wrong with civics? the new civic is brilliant
  6. you can still play with your friends without DLC but the ones without DLC will have to host.
  7. but the original poster is right, the price of the DLC is 25% cost of the original game, yet you get maybe 5-10% worth of content compared to the original game. i like the new DLC but noone can deny that it is overpriced and i think they only got away with it this time because summer is a quiet time for games and there isnt much in the way of anticipated titles coming out and there isnt much other DLC available either. In future they will have to drop the price somewhat or make sure there is more content in the game to bein with otherwise a lot of people will just say no thanks and go buy gears of war, halo3 , forza 2, GTA4, sonic etc etc instead. and NYR is right think of the pc gamers that got given a completely unfinished game with 5 maps and one game mode and ###### poor peformance on most systems. yes they will get more stuff added for free but i suspect by the time the updating has finished the PC version will still be inferior to the 360 version in terms of content and completion. and it is an aggressive strategy by ubi, they know there are many people (like me and my 3 friends that own 360 graw) that will probably end up feeling forced into buying chapter 2 just because so many of the people hosting larger games have it and ther arent enough quality places to play with chapter 1. EDIT For the purpose of comparrison Perfect dark zero got 4 new maps and bots added for 500 points, i think this was a much better deal in terms of cost because yes GRAW got relit maps and new character heads (lol) but the relit maps really dont warrant doubling the price by themselves, yes they are really cool to play but the production costs werent great enough to warrant that much of a price increase. if the DLC had some new SP stuff in it then id say it was a fair price to pay.
  8. i think its a problem with live in general, i have the same issue with Perfect dark, regular kicking/dropping and when you search for a game but dont joib you have to go through the whole process of searching again, nowhere near as good as a PC. They could make it a lot easier.
  9. i agree that some of the stuff on marketplace is quite expensive but it is worth it. on the other hand think of GRAW PC owners who got given a half complete game to start with, at least the 360 version was more or less done, anything else is a bonus. hopefully prices will start to go down toward the end of the year.
  10. i agree with ya logos but i feel that when reviewing a game there are certain things that a game has to have nowadays, and in SP GRAW hits what it needs to get a good review but in MP there are minimum requirements for it to be considered good such as more than 1 game mode, kicking/banning issues etc etc
  11. the game is a work in progress and i dont get how the reviewers gave it such high scores, probably a mixture of anticipation and because the 360 version was so good, dont get me wrong the SP is a decent game and enjoyable but the Co-op and MP is poor. The most honest review i have seen is the gamespot one. SP Id give 8/10 but because the rest is a shambles and because of the graphics/optimization issues the game could only ever get a 6.5/10 for me as it is, hopefully the patch will improve that. anyone know if the charts take into account refunds? i.e if a copy gets taken back does it deduct one from the weekly total?
  12. yeah ram only makes a real difference if you already have a high end video card. i ditched the idea of upgrading my pc for GRAW, bought a new golf bag and a new 17" TFT screen instead. Happy days. As chiles4 says even if you do you will probably only get a 20fps increase which isnt awe inspiring. If GRAW becomes properly playable on mid range systems then good good i'll buy it but i got tired of waiting for a patch to fix very basic things that make a FPS (kicking/banning,co op issues and lack of MP)
  13. fair enough but i think he is pretty lucky to be getting that, GRAW doesnt even support 512MB RAM, 1GB is the minimum.
  14. acid can you please warn me before you post an ignorant post again, thanks. yep lightspeed its probably why we wont get them, you would just need too much power. pap6 i think you are right there will always be some people that want it to fail, but i saw the screenshots and i thought this looks like its gonna be a good game, everything was going well. then they said no AA and upped the system specs at the last minute. i bought my current card about 8 months ago to play GRAW when it was penciled in for release, cost me about £130, now i have a game i cant play at a realistic frame rate, i think on the system specs issue people complaints are justified. it would be stupid for the game to fail because of this but as i said previously 2 of my mates took GRAW back cos it ran so badly on the average system. plus people with acid's attitude make things worse, and make people complain more, it seems like there is a set of people on here (allbeit small) that think everyone has high end rigs and that all of our money should be put into gaming but its not gonna happen. lastly in viipers fps thread a large proportion are getting between 20 and 40, its not good enough for a first person shooter because it DOES affect gameplay in MP specifically badly
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