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    Sig Awards #28

    Yeah, not lovin' the theme and I'm not picky. LOL
  2. Peoples choice poll is just a few threads below this one for #26.
  3. Catchup Ignore, to far behind and I still can't the size right. To use to working at 400x150 thought size was 110 in height . Back a later date.
  4. OK, my sig now fits within the limits.
  5. Plus you also have a second line of images at 31 pixels high and a line of text on top of your oversized sig The 111 height for the "Sig box area" is also meant to include total combined height of all images and text not an image of 111...... and then some other smaller images...... and some text as well some sites have a clearer sig area format, eg like this from a very popular site: ← Note according to Whiteknights post. Sig pics are creeping up in size again. Forum rules are 480x111 and 100KB or less. Staff can remove your sigs without warning after Feb 2
  6. Ronin. Here is one that I set the width based on the scaling from 150 vert to 111 so the start is 540x150. Once I was done I scale the image down to 400x111.
  7. Mind off her physical attributes ronin. lol What I'm showing is what I lost in the background. LOL
  8. I understand, there are still a suprisingly large number of dialup users out there still and big images with big file sizes can make paging thru the site a pain. It just seems that the file size of the image would be the biggest concern (which there already is, I think its 100k or less now and that is easy to work with). It just that the extra 39 pixels vertically while not sounding a lot is actually a lot of extra space to work in yet doesn't seem to be that much as far as scrolling thru a page. One thing that I have noticed in sites where they have sig comps, to reduce the image loading time
  9. Is there anything that can be done to change the current size? What drives the 480x111? Most every where else I visit/hangout the max size 400x150, almost seems to be a standard size. This size change was a suggestion that I had made in the SOTW forum months ago when asked what changes we would like to see. Thanks for any info/answers you can provide.
  10. Yeah, Firefox rules. When I first tried doing a transparent BG couldn't for the life of me figure out why the BG was white. lol
  11. It all seems to long IMHO. It seems we are going over a month now for each competition. Would also like to see just for the sig competition the size change to 400x150, thats pretty standard where I run around, like I said just for sig entries. Try to draw some interest, maybe add the entry/peoples choice poll annoucement to the front page.
  12. Any word yet, its now September.
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