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  1. I'm having enough trouble getting through the first Level. I'm begginning to think my computer is running slow also making it harder to live and it seems a bit jerky when I try to move around. ( I don't have the Gold Edition. There doesn't seem to be a quick save either when playing and I haven't been able to change which keys I want to use to do such things as move forward with up arrow rather than their allocated W. etc I'm sure if I can just get through the first level I will get into this game more.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I have a renewed enthusiasm. I'll try again now that I know that it is possible. It's hard to find a good games these days. I'll only play if I can find a good one. Call of Duty was too easy and I finished with a week and a half. What a joke. Took me months to get through Duke Nukem years ago and Will Rock, but anyway, we're not here to talk about those.
  3. Just bought Ghost Recon 1. I know it is old but for $10 I'm not complaining. Well, not complaining until I try to play the thing. What the Hell? Am I doing something wrong. I have it set to the easiest mode and after trudging what seems for ever along a hill and finally find some of the enemy I hardly get a chace to get a shot off and suddenly I am hit and dead! What the? I have tried over and over. No warning, just one shot and I am dead. I tired of this very quickly and don't want to play. I have never experoenced this in a game before.
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