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  1. Hey Man, you are awesome. Thanks a lot...
  2. Thanks. Where can I find 162.18 since laptopvideo driver website is down. I am going to look around for a little bit. right now I using 163.44 on xp withe graw2. The gameplay is fine, I can't find anything wrong graphic wise but what bothers me is that it take forever to boot up the game and to start the missions. Also, the game freezes after I complete a mission and in the menus at the begining of the game. Do you also have the problems. Do you think they are driver related. I am the running the game on a notebook with 4gb ram. 256mb nvidai 8600m gt, I can't think of any reason why I would be getting any other problems besides the nvidia drivers. Thanks aD
  3. Thanks for the reply... I got tired of vista and put xp on my system... Anyone know what the best XP nvidia driver for GRAW2. I have a mobile 8600M GT 256MB. Thanks
  4. Hey...This mission is hard as b*lls. I notice you guys keep making mention of give zeus to your teamates for the helis. How many AI teamates do you guys have. I went all the way to the heli on the dam with one AI teamte...How do I get more than one. Thanks AD
  5. what's the best nvidia driver for vista? I think these ones are for xp... Also does that fix the "vertex buffer lock returned null pointer. out of memory" Crash Thanks AD
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