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  1. Thanks but did that. Stareted with default key setup and nothing, went to my custom key setup and nothing. Checked every single key command to make sure that key was not assigned to anything else and it is not. Just about ready to give up and just go single weapon all the time (which really sucks sometimes). thanks for all the help... I really appreciated it....
  2. cryptomorph; Are you still looking for the IT disk??? Knightdiscounts.com has it for $11.99. Used them before and they are pretty good to deal with. I have Vista HP and running dual core intel. I have problems with assigning the key commands and especially with the "`" key to change weapons.... If you get it to work, let us know
  3. Mods work ok, game is ok EXCEPT I can't change key commands and I can't change weapons from primary to secondary. All other commands work except this one (have set to the ` key). Still pulling hair from head
  4. Ok, I am officially pulling out my hair..... Uninstalled GR, re-installed GR and then NECESSARY PATCHES (1.4 patch and DT & IS disks - must have these for other mods to work). All other key commands work EXCEPT to change weapon. I cannot make any keyboard changes to the keyboard layout. Installed remaining mods and still nothing. Down to thinking that there may need to be a patch for Vista but unsure. Want to write Billy boy and tell him is new OS SUCKS!!! Still got 3 more days that I can take this junk computer back and still re-use my old one..... Just a thought. Thanks agai
  5. Thanks Roco but that didn't help. It did reset EVERYTHING I had set up in GR and I had to re-install all the mods again (not blaming you). Still banging head against wall. Thanks again
  6. ok, got new computer running Vista home premium. GR installed and works fine EXCEPT I cannot change weapons from primary to secondary. Tried the re-do my keyboard commands, but I canot change anything. Stuck with default or my husband's custom keyset over from his game. Either way, cannot change weapons. Looked all thru this forum and have not come across anything like this (117 pages takes quite a while to browse) thanks guys.......
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