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  1. I have read on the forum about this campaign and it seems to be much liked by many, so I downloaded it home to try. Have lacked new campaigns like the one in the original game and now there is one, hope that there will be more to it, I would appreciate it very much! have re-installed GRAW2 to try this campaign. Let me know if there is more SP campaigns to come in the near future.. Boogie, Thanks for your great effort for the game!
  2. Hello all! I have a request or big wish and that is if somone here want to make a great SP campaign of the great mod called "Operation Blue Glow" ? I wanna also know what mods are the best for SP campaign?
  3. I bought the DVD collections for Ghost Recon for a year ago and it contains lots of mods and stuff for the game, but some mods are not included because they was released later that year. I'm still a bit surprised that the game is still so popular and there is more mods still made for old Ghost Recon. Ask Rocky if he still have this DVD collections for Ghost Recon to sale, it is a good buy !!
  4. I have downloaded many maps now for Singelplay marked for lonewolfs, gonna give them a try later and have a good time also. However, a question more.. GRIN map BEAR IT.. is it a lonewolf map also? if not then I hope some of you modders here makes a very good Singelplay map out of it to.. Thanks to all modders here.. keeping a great game alive long time!! Best regards// NoFears
  5. I would like to see the Singelplayer mods and Multiplayer mods in different Sections so it would be easier to find them by mod type. But you could help me some here already, I wanna play good Singelplayer mods for lonewolfs. Which mods do you recommend to download? Wish to see more mods here for Singelplayers, have seen some progress here by the good modders.. Appreciate your efforts you are making with the game for us players, so keep it going!! Best regards// NoFears
  6. I have had my Nokia 5800 since spring last year and i have had no issues at all with my mobil phone. Maybe Mrs Rocky got an bad example from the store and should replace it with new one from the store.
  7. I have downloaded the movie from Youtube and now it is in my cellular phone "Nokia 5800". Thanks to the clan "Outlawz" for a great movie .
  8. I would like to download this movie "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Multiplayer - MODS - New Maps (PC)", is it possible and can someone from the Clan "Outlawz" give me persmission to do it and a download link to use? Best regards and happy new year!! NoFears
  9. That was a very nicely done video I hope it inspire more people to play the game and create new mods
  10. I find it difficult to determine me which game I should buy so I was thinking about you here on the forum could explain to me what differences there are between these two games and what is good and bad about them them. > Flashpoint 2 > Arma 2
  11. For Ghost Recon I would say.. 1. Tactical 2. Unlineal 3. Team play 4. Realism Can also be said like this.. "Remake old "Ghost Recon" with new Technology that is available for modern day PC games and Game PC's. Big maps and big missions available in all gametypes in game, modern warefare Looking forward to see the next Ghost Recon
  12. That sounds just great to me! Where can i download it? I shall give it a try.
  13. Can it be played in SP mode aswell like a mission campaign?
  14. I think the game has lost its sparkle because any cheat that exist and all the players who choose to use them, instead of playing honestly and fair play on the servers. It is both unfortunate and sad because I think the game is so good. To all of you who choose to cheat in the game, I would say that you are killing the game and its game joy that we honest players have. And it only leads to empty servers and less players out there who choose to play the game online. Have also noticed that often there is the same person behind many user names, so they can also be member in many clans in order to hide his bad behavior with cheating and other things. Different username but often same cheater behind them all.
  15. One of the best made Ghost Recon movies is the one called "GR Forever"
  16. Do you have Windows XP or Windows Vista in your PC? What Firewall are you using?
  17. Do you mean re-encode with the software that comes with the cell phone or other software?
  18. Install CorePlayer in to your Nokia 5800 and you can play DivX movies from your cell phone. Link: Coreplayer
  19. I have plans to buy a new mobile phone this spring and i am very impressed how good Nokia 5800 looks and feels like. So there is a big chance that i gonna by myself Nokia 5800. Read somewhere on a other forum that the phone could play DivX, but you have to install a software first. My current mobile phone is SonyEricsson W810i.
  20. Has any reader here Cellphone called "Nokia 5800 XpressMusic" and have maybe something to say about it?
  21. You can use a software named 7-Zip and it is free.. http://www.7-zip.org/ Also do you have a program that can extract WinRar files? http://www.rarlab.com/ They have a free trial
  22. Since so many are working on more great custom maps for Ghost Recon, maybe someone could collect them all together and make good Custom expansion pack of it. Then it could be downloaded or purchased from this site, like Rocky did with the 6 DVD mods collection. We could then name it like †Ghost Recon custom 2009†or something else. How about that idea? I am astonished about that you guys still make good stuff for a good and old game like Ghost Recon .
  23. I use UBI Friendlist and the UBI lobby, sometimes Xfire to. Most when i play the old and good Ghost Recon.
  24. Do you use Xfire to play GR and mods like Heroes Unleashed or have you all abandon it to use GameRanger instead?
  25. I gave up to install GRAW in my PC, Now i only have old Ghost Recon and GRAW2 in my PC. I had to re-install my entire PC to make it back to normal, i don't have any clue how to fix the Issue. No big need to install GRAW anyway when the new Ghost Recon soon arrives.. Thanks for the all quick responses!
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