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  1. What happened to Ghost Recon for Free? I just saw it started in September 2007. Am I too late? [Thread moved to correct forum for GR 1 (and merged with the existing thread)]
  2. Dannik, nah it was my fault for not speaking more detailed. I meant the 8800GT has directX10 & that is even more reason to have bought it... but then again I don't wanna spend even more $$$ for Vista, plus I hear people complaing about something or another about Vista concerns. _________________ Yes Cpl Ledanek, I too will one day own an 8800 yeeeeeehawwwww... happy gaming y'all
  3. Thanx for the reply GrimeyAK. I bought my 7950GT on 3/27/2007 cos that was the highest-level card for single-slot at the time (as far as I knew). I was trying to find an 8800 single-slot, but couldn’t. Do you know when the 8800 GT Superclocked single-slot hit the market? Thanx. Cpl Ledanek, I think I should join you with that headbanging too =( . I should’ve asked if they were making an 8800GT single-slot. I was told by an EVGA sales employee the 8800GTS would not fit my case. Should I blame him for not mentioning the upcoming 8800GT single-slot? Hmmm. Oh well these things happen. I definitely won’t be getting a new card until 3-5 years later when my card is not fast enough for future games. Currnetly I’m content. I still have a kick-azz card… *cough* damn you 8800GT*cough* … heh only kidding. _______________________________________ aww man, & the 8800GT is DirectX10. ARGGG Cpl Ledanek, lemme get a piece of that wall... _______________________________________ ... then again I would have needed to get Windows Vista to run DirectX10, which means more $$$ spent. Now I am even more content with my 7950GT.
  4. Where does my EVGA GEFORCE 7950GT KO SUPERCLOCKED 512MB DDR3 rank? Although I love this card, I was gonna get an 8800GTS, but my case only allows a single-slot card. Thanx y'all. Happy gaming!
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