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  1. Hur går det med modden ,fixade ak47an drawdistansen ?
  2. If I remember right, the characters in mp don't rendering after 150m. If this is so, then it will be difficult with large open spaces as in old GR in Graw. But I could be wrong there.
  3. Nice work as usual from you Biro, looking forward to play your map. The picture gives the impression that the map is pretty big, will it work with graws bad draw distance?
  4. If anyone has good ideas on maps, so maybe someone here can make one. A good idea on a good map can be harder than modeling one in max.
  5. Meant how distance is perceived in Diesel, eg 50 meters is perceived as 25 meters, then the characters' movements when it runs must also become slower. Found something in the folder: sb_templates / sb_player_data.xml That may have something to do with it, but it does not seem to help and change the value ,by the way the modded file is in "Local / english / sb_templates" <var name="camera_fov" type="number" default="70"/>
  6. "He meant that the metric system in Graw2 is completely false, 10 meters in Graw is like 2-3 meters IRL." Thanks! That's what I meant. Have tried things in the editor, first thought I had done wrong in 3ds max, but tried the 18 meter wall for comparing and everything was ok. Too bad there is nothing to do about it because it is a point where the engine could be optimized better, and it explains why you moves so slowly when you run in GRAW.
  7. Is there a setting somewhere in the scripts or to change the FOV. Find 20meter away looks like 5meter, have tried with different screen res. but it does not help.
  8. Old ghost recon is dead and we cant do nothing about it =(
  9. How many think that GR FS are more successful when they went from the basics and compete with games such as BF 3 and COD. Times are changing for all companies. Once they were great and made great titles, but times change and others take over. that's exactly what we for example have seen with mobile phones or other electronics. And perhaps that is what we see right now in the gaming industry, companies that were major attempt to copy others in order to just survive the day because they do not have a better product at the moment.
  10. Monitors have delay or imput lag ,so its not always the best choose to take the largest monitor u can find. Google on it
  11. Är inte säker på vad du menar men har du kollat unit filen så att namnet på kartan är det du vill den ska heta.
  12. This game is dead. A player named "Winter" got 100-2 in K/D and the hacks got a face.
  13. When i got dark things in editor it has been faults in material script ,but its has been for me so hope this is so simple. this works for me <material name="U_MATERIAL_IN_MAX" src="bump_lightmap" decal_material="stone"> <diffuse_texture file="U_TEXTURE"/> <bump_normal_texture file="U_TEXTURE"/> </material> or its in units file what i have with maket when things go dark in multiplayer ,then u have to remove <network sync="bodies" /> if i remember right.
  14. Nice work John. 3ds Max is hard at first but continue u modeling and u found how powerfull max is. Market map was modeled with sketchup and exported to max where i do the uvw ,if i had to do all over again i do it with max and saved a lot off work.
  15. Think its what they say ,it would be to hard to players to modding the game.
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