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  1. Is this mod increase draw distance? It slows down my computer horribly. Is there any way to fix this?
  2. Just wondering, why the people here are rarely helping beginers?Sorry for bad english
  3. Can someone help me install it? I delete my entire local folder just to install this mod, and it crash RIGHT after i starting a mission. I think the crashlog its like this: cannot find _fire_team in type<groupunit> i forgot to backup my crashlog when i uninstall this game.(sorry for the poor English)
  4. Take a look at PSG1 topic, it should help you adding weapons(even thought it didnt work for me)
  5. Someone help me please?
  6. Can someone help me adding bipod to Barrett ? I changed few lines to add it to inventory but the game crash everytime i select "bipod"
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